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Li Huidi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile: Digital infrastructure and smart creation will create a new chapter in high-quality development_Sina

Li Huidi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile: Digital infrastructure and smart creation will create a new chapter in high-quality development_Sina
Li Huidi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile: Digital infrastructure and smart creation will create a new chapter in high-quality development_Sina

On May 25, the 17th China Information Port Forum and the 1st Digital Transformation Summit Forum were held in Qingdao, Shandong. Li Huidi, deputy general manager of China Mobile, attended the main forum and gave a speech entitled “Digital Infrastructure, Smart Creation, and a New Chapter of High-quality Development”.

Li Huidi said that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made new arrangements, emphasizing the promotion of deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. Digitization, networking, and intelligence are constantly deepening from top-level planning to specific systems, and the construction of Digital China is advancing in depth, becoming an important engine for realizing Chinese-style modernization. The era has given greater missions to central enterprises in the field of network information, and vigorously promoting the construction of digital infrastructure is at the right time and at the right time.

Li Huidi believes that the new round of information technology revolution is accelerating, and the integration and innovation of information energy will breed broader opportunities for economic and social digital intelligence transformation. First, the energyization of information will build a new foundation for digital transformation and support the extensive and in-depth application of information technology and data elements. Second, energy informatization injects new vitality into the digital transformation of the industry, greatly improving total factor productivity. The third is that the integration of information energy has bred a new space for integration and innovation, and has given birth to a new format of the digital economy.

Li Huidi said that China Mobile has created a new type of information infrastructure focusing on “5G, computing power network, and capability middle platform”, and innovatively built a new information service system of “connection + computing power + capability”. infrastructure, collaborative intelligent computing power infrastructure, and intelligent multi-dimensional capability infrastructure”, continue to exert the power of key foundations, and support the digital and intelligent transformation of thousands of industries.

The first is to thoroughly implement the national “Double Gigabit” action plan, build a flexible and ubiquitous connection infrastructure, and unblock the information artery. The first is to build a 5G quality network. At present, the number of 5G base stations built by China Mobile has exceeded 1.62 million, and by actively embracing 5G new technologies such as RedCap and New Call, it provides more technical means and capability options for digital transformation. The second is to create a first-class gigabit optical network. At present, China Mobile’s Gigabit coverage has exceeded 300 million households. At the same time, it continues to promote the evolution and deployment of FTTR, 50G PON, and 400G OTN to further meet the needs of ultra-large capacity, ultra-low latency, and ultra-long-distance “transportation capacity”.

The second is to build a collaborative intelligent computing power infrastructure, leading the computing power network from a conceptual prototype to an industrial practice. In terms of computing network infrastructure construction, build a “hotspot intensive, cross-regional radiation, and edge coverage” data center echelon layout, speed up the creation of a “1-5-20” three-level delay circle, etc., and build cloud-side collaboration, training while pushing Diversified computing power resources; in terms of building the computing network brain, speed up the construction of network service capabilities to achieve rapid business distribution. At the same time, actively innovate computing power network applications such as East Data and West Rendering, East Data and West Storage, and explore new models of computing network services.

The third is to build an intelligent and multi-dimensional capability infrastructure to realize in-depth services and shape a prosperous ecology. China Mobile strives to build an open and shared capability middle platform, realizes the unified packaging and flexible deployment of high-quality capabilities, and concentrates on high-quality capabilities such as artificial intelligence and big data. In terms of artificial intelligence, build a nine-day platform that can independently control core technologies and provide one-stop cloud AI model training and deployment services. It supports more than 600 intelligent applications internally and externally, providing industry partners with AI technology and product scale. In terms of big data, build a Wutong big data platform with advanced structure and efficient operation, and inject data momentum into various industries such as finance, human resources and social security.

Li Huidi said that China Mobile has joined hands with partners from all walks of life to continuously tap needs, innovate and make breakthroughs, and has accumulated many excellent practices in the application of digital intelligence scenarios.The first is to promote the improvement of digital life and enhance the people’s sense of gain and happiness.Through more convenient online, intelligent, and cloud-based means, the efficiency and quality of people’s acquisition, use, and interaction of information will be improved.The second is to support the acceleration of digital production and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.Reshape the operation mode with people-oriented, and help the digital reconstruction, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.The third is to promote the efficiency of digital governance and help modernize the governance system and governance capabilities.The digital intelligence infrastructure helps to achieve data interoperability, online business, management visualization, and collaborative linkage, and is writing new changes in many social governance fields.

Li Huidi emphasized that as a basic telecom operator, China Mobile will bravely assume the responsibility of the “chain leader” of the modern mobile information industry chain, play a major investment role, support the whole society to “go to the cloud, use data, and empower intelligence”, and further release the “digital infrastructure”. The “multiplier effect” of “data elements” further stimulates the “flywheel effect” of “digital infrastructure, digital applications, and digital economy”, and actively contributes to mobile intelligence, mobile solutions, and mobile power for the construction of a powerful network country and digital China.

Li Huidi said that China Mobile will strive to advance along the “new track” of the digital economy, actively leverage the “shoulder pole effect” of information and communication operators, and join hands with all parties in the industry to share development opportunities, build service capabilities, shape the innovation ecosystem, and Win the smart future!

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