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The First JINGPHOTO Beijing Video Art Fair

The First JINGPHOTO Beijing Video Art Fair
The First JINGPHOTO Beijing Video Art Fair

Exhibition Name: The First JINGPHOTO Beijing Video Art Fair

Exhibition time: 2023/06/22~2023/06/25

Exhibition location:[北京]-B06, Road 797, 798 Art Zone, No. 2, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing-(Yue Art Museum)

Sponsor: Joy Art Museum

Participating Artists: Group Exhibition

VIP Preview Day 06.22- 06.23

Public Open Day 06.24-06.25

Full list of exhibitors:

ARTiX3, HART GALLERY, HdM, M97, Meet Camera, Shuguang Art Museum, peck sdition Project, TONG Gallery+Project Space, Powerlong Gallery, Bonian Art Space, Dongding Video Space, Nelson Gallery, Pintang Gallery, Quanshi Video Gallery, Quedao Art, Three Shadows+3 Gallery, Time Space Gallery, Sugar-Free Gallery, Imageless Imageless, May Park Gallery, West Gallery, Time Gallery, One Space Art Gallery, Yitian Video, Photography Office, Aunt Zhen’s Study Room, Zhongmao Shengjia

Special Invitational Exhibition

Curator: Feng Xi

Gallery/Institution Participating Artists

Amy Lee Gallery Xiao Ge

Don Gallery Wang Ningde

Li Weiyi, Hive Center for Contemporary Art

Helen Ma, Gaotai Center for Contemporary Art

HdM Gallery Hu Weiyi, Xue Ruozhe

Migratory Bird Space Gu You


Wang Guofeng of Jinge Space

Spurs Gallery Ji Zhou

see+ Angle Lesia, Luo Dan, Kabiela Morawitz

One hundred thousand space Liu Yazhou

Xunyishe Gallery Feng Yilun, Hirano Kosaku

New Oxygen Art 02art Yin Hang

Specially invited artists Bai Lei, Cai Dongdong, Ding Shiwei, Shi Xiaofan, Zong Ning, Zheng Wei

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