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Super many pictures to kill cats: Alan lp takes you to visit Berlin Superbooth 2023


FEZ Berlin (FEZ Berlin) is a very popular cultural and educational center for children and young people in Berlin. FEZ was founded in 1979 as a cultural and educational venue for children and young people in East Berlin. Today, FEZ has become one of the largest cultural and educational centers for children and young people in Berlin and even in Germany. FEZ is located in the Treptow-Köpenick district in the southeast of Berlin, covering an area of ​​about 80,000 square meters. There are a variety of venues and facilities for activities, including indoor and outdoor rides, theatres, concert halls, cinemas, libraries, science and technology museums, art studios, swimming pools, ice rinks, high-altitude rock climbing and more. FEZ also offers a wide variety of cultural, artistic and educational activities for children and young people, such as music and dance performances, painting and crafts, science experiments and workshops, environmental protection and social welfare activities, and more. FEZ is a very popular cultural and educational center for children and young people, attracting tens of thousands of children and young people every year to participate in various activities. It not only provides a variety of entertainment and cultural activities, but also an important educational and social place. FEZ’s mission is to promote the holistic development and growth of children and young people through a variety of activities and programs, fostering their creativity, social awareness and self-confidence.

The gate of FEZ, where Superbooth is held, is usually a place for families to hang out on weekends, and now it gathers synth enthusiasts from Berlin and different countries. FEZ provides a very chill environment for all participants.

The main building of FEZ, the three-day program was held under the blue sky and white clouds

Since 2016, Superbooth has become one of the most important electronic music exhibitions and exhibitions in Europe and the world, attracting many well-known musicians, artists, manufacturers, engineers and music technology experts to participate. Here are some notable players from the past few years:

  • Robert Henke: Also known as Monolake, he is one of the co-founders of Ableton Live music software and is a well-known musician and visual artist.
  • Suzanne Ciani: She is one of the legends in electronic music and a 5-time Grammy nominated musician and composer.
  • Richard Devine: He is a well-known electronic music producer and composer, as well as a well-known sound designer.
  • Keith McMillen: He is a music tech entrepreneur and inventor who has created many devices and tools related to music production.
  • KORG: As a well-known manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, KORG has been one of the exhibitors at Superbooth for the past few years, showcasing many of the latest electronic musical instruments and music production tools.
  • Moog Music: Moog is another well-known manufacturer of electronic instruments, and they showed off a lot of amazing analog synths and other electronic instruments at Superbooth.

The above are just a few examples of some of the key players and exhibitors at Superbooth over the past few years, there are many other famous musicians, artists and manufacturers who have also attended the event. Superbooth provides a platform for electronic music lovers to display and communicate, and also makes important contributions to the development of the electronic music industry.

Berlin Superbooth is a professional electronic music exhibition hosted by SchneidersLaden, an electronic music equipment manufacturer in Berlin, Germany, and held in Berlin every spring. The exhibition focuses on the fields of electronic music production, music performance and music technology, displaying various electronic music equipment, synthesizers, effectors, recording equipment, DJ equipment and software, etc.

Exhibitors include major brands from all over the world, such as Roland, Moog, Korg, Native Instruments, Ableton, Elektron, Teenage Engineering, etc. There will also be some niche brands and personal music production tools on display. In addition, Superbooth will hold a series of lectures, workshops and performances, attracting electronic music producers, musicians and music lovers from all over the world to visit and communicate. Superbooth aims to promote the development of electronic music production and music technology, providing a platform for exhibitors and visitors to showcase and learn about the latest music equipment, technology and trends. It has also become one of the most important exhibitions in the world of electronic music production.

A map of the Superbooth venue with outdoor and indoor exhibitors, different performance venues, and a conference center for large presentations and demonstrations. The list of exhibitors and program schedule, here is the opportunity for the inventors to release their products and communicate research to all parties. Big labels are not the focus of Superbooth.

Superbooth posters and signs are everywhere.

Superbooth is mainly for electronic music producers, musicians and music lovers, as well as practitioners and researchers of related music technology. These people are usually interested in areas such as electronic music production, synthesizers, effects, recording equipment, DJ equipment and software, and want to learn about the latest music equipment, technology and trends. Those attending Superbooth can learn about the latest music equipment, technology and trends through exhibitions, demos and lectures, exchange experiences and network with other electronic music producers and practitioners, get inspiration and ideas, and find business opportunities. For electronic music producers and music lovers, Superbooth provides an opportunity to showcase their creation and performance works, allowing them to showcase their musical talents and skills on a professional platform. For music technology practitioners and researchers, Superbooth provides an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technological developments in the industry, helping them better understand market demands and technological development directions. In a word, Superbooth is an important platform to promote the development of electronic music production and music technology, which has an important impact on exhibitors and visitors, and can promote their career development and technological innovation.

Japanese major label Korg showed the new concept Acoustic Synthesis instrument

An eye-catching blown showroom at Korg featuring products including the Korg ARP 2600M replica

The creator demonstrates this unplugged, novel instrument that produces sound purely by touch, with three uniquely designed acoustic speakers in front

Here and there you will find a variety of classic electronic instruments allowing various inventors to get creative. Pictured is a Roland Juno 106 synthesizer, a modified Roland TR 606 drum machine, and a 303/CR78 clone. Dinsync presents RE-909, RE-808, RE-101, RE-303, RE-606. Dinsync emphasizes that these are replicas that are 100% faithful to the original design, not clones.

Superbooth has become a gathering platform for inventors of electronic musical instruments from all over the world. Dinsync showcased a series of Roland replica products at one time, which are faithful to the original design regardless of material, appearance, tone, and size.

Many small companies in different countries often surprise the audience with their products

Under the sunny weather, the conference invited electronic musicians and bands of different styles from different countries to perform live

One of the live show schedules

The Silver Galaxy band from different countries performed, mixing modular synthesizers and traditional rock music

Maarten Vos & Jisoo Park’s wonderful techno music performance, a small stage with a big Funktion One speaker system, playing powerful Berlin Techno music

Superbooth is an amusement park in the electronic music industry. In addition to experiencing new products and technologies, everyone can exchange ideas and learn from each other. In addition to Superbooth, there are many similar electronic music exhibitions and showcases around the world including:
• NAMM Show: This is one of the world’s largest associations of music manufacturers and retailers of musical instruments, held annually in Anaheim, California. In addition to electronic music equipment, the fair also showcases a wide range of musical instruments and audio equipment.
• Musikmesse: This is one of the largest music industry exhibitions in the world, held annually in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to electronic music equipment, the fair also showcases a wide range of musical instruments and audio equipment.
• Ableton Loop: This is an annual music production conference hosted by Ableton, held in a different city each year. The conference includes a variety of music production and performance events designed to inspire and educate musicians and music producers.
• Moogfest: This is a music and technology festival hosted by Moog Music, held in different cities in the United States every year. The festival includes a variety of musical performances, lectures, workshops and showcases to celebrate innovation and development in electronic music.
• Sonar: This is an annual music festival in Barcelona, ​​Spain, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. The festival includes a variety of musical performances, lectures and presentations covering electronic and other musical genres.

These events provide a platform for music lovers and music industry professionals to showcase and communicate, and also make important contributions to the development of electronic music and other music styles.

In addition to innovative products, the author noticed many interesting display methods and DIY piano stands

In addition to playing with various musical instruments, there are also many studios where you can learn to make your own modules

Belgian Klavis modular synthesizer

Common XACO modules

All kinds of commemorative goods, books about modules can be seen everywhere, and I was lucky enough to meet the author’s autograph

Tiptop and Buchla cooperation series

The rare Schmidt and Lunar (Moon) Modular 5U large-scale modular synthesizer, the tone and control are loyal to the classic Moog Modular

A surprise presentation of the C15 synth from Non Linear Labs.

The small Moog module series can be seen everywhere, and Enjoy from Italy also uses the small Moog to demonstrate the performance based effect processor.

From Superbooth, we can often see the development of electronic instruments, including designs that are loyal to the original synthesizer, as well as unconventional and anti-traditional instruments, controllers, and multi-track recorders.

A rare, Schrittmacher sequencer modified with Doepfer MAQ16/3.

It is worth mentioning that the sequencer from Spain’s Oxi Instrument, a simple grid with Bluetooth and batteries, allows musicians to create complex electronic music anytime, anywhere. There is also Reliq, which claims to be the most powerful.

A surprise from Australia, a fully automatic motor-push knob synth.

Inspired by Roland SH101 Superlative Elekrofon for everyone to experience, also released the latest Monolab semi-modular synthesizer.

British Modal synthesizer series.

The only representative of Hong Kong, China, 1V/Oct, released an all-in-one modular synthesizer at the exhibition.

Professional recording equipment is indispensable.

For DIY and electronic musical instrument entrepreneurs, Superbooth provides an important business platform. In addition to contacting customers or partners, it is also an opportunity for suppliers of various parts and accessories to display their products.

Yamaha showed a German DIY developer working on the huge FS1R (FM Synthesis) controller, which has not yet been officially released.

Erica Synth, who has recently brought waves of surprises.

Berlin has a very important position in the field of electronic music and is considered to be one of the capitals of electronic music in the world, so Superbooth in Berlin, Germany plays a very important role in the music industry. Since the early 1990s, Berlin has become a city that attracts electronic music producers and musicians from all over the world to develop and perform. There are numerous electronic music nightclubs, music festivals, venues and music production companies, as well as some important manufacturers of electronic music equipment. Berlin’s electronic music scene is very diverse, ranging from classic disco and house to modern experimental electronic music and industrial music.

The author and Polish DJ An On Bast

Settled in Berlin, Italian electronic music influencer Oora

Duddie, a modular inventor from Poland, has lived in Hong Kong for many years

Toby, founder of Tubbutec in Berlin, Germany

Superbooth is a paradise for electronic music lovers, with common hobbies, everyone hits it off.

There are many electronic musicians and musicians here, including famous producers and DJs, such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Paul van Dyk, Ellen Allien, Modeselektor and many more. Berlin’s electronic music culture has had a very important influence on the development of electronic music all over the world. It is one of the most active and diverse electronic music venues in the world, attracting countless electronic music producers and musicians to develop and perform. Berlin’s electronic music culture has also injected new elements and styles into the development of world electronic music, and has become one of the important driving forces for the development of global electronic music. In addition, Berlin is also home to some important electronic music production companies and equipment manufacturers, such as Ableton, Native Instruments, SchneidersLaden, Doepfer, etc., which promote the development and innovation of electronic music equipment and software worldwide. Therefore, Berlin is not only an important birthplace of electronic music, but also one of the important research and development centers of electronic music equipment and technology in the world.

May is spring in Berlin, with pleasant weather for outdoor activities and travel. The May day in Berlin this year is particularly good, the sun is shining during the day, the temperature is as high as around 25 degrees Celsius, and there is no rain. At night, the temperature drops to between 5-10 degrees Celsius, but the body temperature is very comfortable. In the evening, run around, eat and eat, and watch the famous Techno sanctuary Tresor. There are so many exhibitors and wonderful programs at Superbooth this time that I can’t list them all. I spent three days busy and happy, but I still can’t finish it.

Photography, Text: Alan Ip

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