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The “hand in hand” incident fermented the split reality of Chinese society | Hu Jiyong | Dong Sijin

The “hand in hand” incident fermented the split reality of Chinese society | Hu Jiyong | Dong Sijin
The “hand in hand” incident fermented the split reality of Chinese society | Hu Jiyong | Dong Sijin

On June 7 (Wednesday), a street photographer in Chengdu photographed a middle-aged man and a young woman shopping hand in hand, behaving intimately. Started by netizens. (Internet screenshot)

[The Epoch Times, June 8, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Cheng Jing) After Hu Jiyong, the general manager of Huanqiu Engineering Project Management Company under PetroChina, was dismissed, Dong Sijin, the heroine of the “Hand in Hand” incident today (8th) was also dismissed. Suspended, his identity was revealed by netizens. Some analysts believe that this incident reveals the reality that Chinese society is increasingly divided.

The hero and heroine of “Holding Hands” were suspended, and Dong Sijin was kicked out

On Wednesday (7th), a street photography photographer took a photo of a middle-aged man and a young woman shopping hand in hand in Chengdu, in an intimate manner. The video was posted online, attracting the attention of netizens. Some netizens recognized Hu Jiyong, but the woman holding hands was neither his wife nor his daughter. “The leader of a state-owned enterprise dragged Xiao San to go shopping in a high profile” quickly became a hot topic on social media.

On Wednesday (7th), Huanqiu Engineering Project Company announced, “Hu Jiyong has been removed from the positions of executive director, secretary of the party committee, and general manager of Huanqiu Project Management Company, and is subject to inspection by the company’s Disciplinary Committee.”

On Thursday (8th), the company confirmed that the female victim was an employee Dong Sijin, who was also dismissed and under investigation.

Upstream news reporters searched the Internet and found that Dong Sizhen was picked up by netizens. She is a graduate student of China University of Petroleum.

Dong Sizhen went abroad to study in high school; in 2014, she entered China University of Petroleum with “curve to save the country”, and used her ethnic minority status to add points; in 2021, she graduated as a graduate student, and her tutor happened to be named Dong, and netizens speculated that it was her father.

However, on Thursday (8th), the official microblog of China University of Petroleum issued a statement, “On June 7, an online post about Dong Moumou, a graduate of the School of Safety and Ocean Engineering of the school appeared on the Internet. After investigation, Dong Moumou and There is no relative relationship between the postgraduate tutors at the school.”

Miss Dong shows off her wealth

According to the report, netizens also noticed that Dong Sizhen’s account posted content showing off his wealth:

On July 29, 2021, the microblog “Show Happiness” stated that “the person who will get off work at 4:30 in the future”; on August 9, 2022, he posted a photo of his new home, “After three weeks of packing, it is finally in order, the new home “;

On August 13, 2022, posted a photo of himself wearing a Tiffany ring, “Thank you Tiffany, the diamond ring has a new goal”, positioning it as “Beijing Wangfujing Mandarin Oriental Hotel”;

In March of this year, another photo of the jewelry box was posted, which was full of jewelry and famous watches. “I didn’t expect the box to be full so soon. It’s time to buy a safe for everyone to change to a new place”…

Netizens noticed that Dong Sijin’s account was suspected of showing off his wealth. (Internet screenshot)

Dong Sizhen’s account also posted a consumption record of 430,000 in 5 months; a Taobao consumption record of 1.06 million in “these years”; on April 16, 2022, a screenshot of points exchange in Beijing SKP was posted, and the screenshot showed that the points exceeded 2.4 million (One point is one yuan, equivalent to consumption of 2.4 million).

Upstream news said that after the “hand in hand door” incident was exposed, all the content in the account was quickly cleared, the account was also canceled, and it is no longer searchable.

With such spending power that spends a lot of money, coupled with the beautiful and beautiful melons holding hands, some netizens asked, “Where did all this money come from?” Is there a power-sex transaction?

Dong Sizhen’s official career “without any effort” explodes the reality of Chinese social division

However, netizens broke the news that Ms. Dong’s father was sent by the first batch of countries to study at Waseda University in Japan and returned. His family has money and his background is very strong.

A netizen posted a screenshot of Dong Sijin’s circle of friends on Weibo. She said, “The class reunion made me realize how envied I am. Everything is effortless, starting from the end of other people’s struggles.

“I suddenly understood that the main cause of my anxiety these days is not that I will be tied down by state-owned enterprises and not be free, but that no matter how hard I try, I can’t be as good as my parents. How can the younger generation rely on their laurels to move the family forward? Being shadowed by the mountains Everything that hangs over is eclipsed.”

She also envied other students and said, “I should congratulate you for surpassing your predecessors.”

Some netizens posted screenshots of suspected Dong Sijin’s circle of friends on Weibo. (Internet screenshot)

China Digital Times published a “Bright View” article saying that “excellent parents” gave birth to children who “stayed in Beijing and bought a house in Beijing” and were “tied by state-owned enterprises”. Joined PetroChina, and then came together with the leaders of state-owned enterprises. If they have “children who live on their laurels” in the future, it is estimated that they will be shrouded in the shadow of their parents.

“Isn’t this the story of three generations of greasy oil men?”

The article said, “There are not only three generations of oil people, but also three generations of railway people, three generations of water supply people, three generations of electricity people, three generations of tobacco people, three generations of bankers, three generations of postal people, three generations of tax people, and four generations of tax people…”

And these three generations of money, three generations of electricity, three generations of iron, three generations of oil, etc., as we all know, tobacco, electricity, railways, oil, and banking are industries with high national monopoly and high income. Generation after generation can go in.”

Bank of China, electric power, petroleum and other sectors are all industries monopolized by the CCP, and there has been a phenomenon of three generations, and others cannot enter. (Internet screenshot)

On the other hand, there are also “two generations of couriers” in this society. Recently, Qian Hao, a rider from Beipiao, worked hard for 20 years to support his son Qian Kun who graduated from university, but it was hard to find a job. In the end, the father and son became colleagues and worked together as a rider to deliver food.

The article said, “When Ms. Dong is powerless, she can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on buying and buying, and she can go back to her house in Beijing to lie down and take selfies; when the delivery man Qian Kun is powerless, he can only shout cheers to himself and send out the next one. A takeaway, in order to pray for a monthly salary of more than 10,000.”

The article also said that this is the reality of an increasingly divided society. Some people are carrying bags worth tens of thousands of dollars, appearing beautifully in front of the street photography cameras in Taikoo Li;

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