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Original title: Good news suddenly came from the Bahemut battlefield

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The Battle of Bakhmut was the bloodiest and cruelest battle on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield.Both Russia and Ukraine invested heavily, and both suffered at least tens of thousands of casualties. This humble Ukrainian town is truly a meat grinder.

The war is basically over, and Wagner paid a heavy price, but he should have the last laugh. But for the Ukrainian military, the pressure was especially great after Bakhmut’s fall.

On May 25, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suddenly announced:We have good news today.

What good news?

According to him, Russia and Ukraine have completed the latest large-scale exchange of prisoners of war.106 Ukrainian soldiers captured during the Bakhmut battle were released during the prisoner exchange.

A slightly haggard Zelensky said before the video:It is very important that these 106 Ukrainian soldiers lost contact for a while, and they were considered missing. In the end, we found them. There were 8 officers and 98 soldiers among them…

After watching the latest videos and pictures, this exchange of prisoners of war is quite unusual.

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Bakhmut Battlefield

1. The place of exchange should be the Bakhmut battlefield, with the Ukrainian military on one side and the Russian Wagner Group fighting in Bakhmut on the other.

2. Beside a long line of tanks, the prisoners of war lined up in several rows. After the counting, the prisoners climbed into their own tanks, and the tanks rumbled away from the scene.

3. In the video, a wounded Ukrainian soldier was helped back, and several people behind him carried a thin coffin.

4. All the soldiers who were exchanged this time were captured in Bakhmut. The Russian side did not disclose the specific number of people released. According to the information from the Uzbek side, among the 106 Ukrainian soldiers released, the youngest is 21 years old and the oldest is 59 years old.

5. Russia should have sent back multiple coffins. Watching the video, one was covered with the American flag, and the other was the Turkish flag. They should be Americans and Turks who participated in the war.

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Coffin covered with American flag

It was undoubtedly good news for the freed Ukrainians and their families, some weeping with joy. But after watching related videos and pictures, I am always a little bit embarrassed.

Immediately after the Battle of Bakhmut, the prisoners of war were exchanged. I believe it was beyond the expectations of many people. This also shows that the Wagner Group is rapidly withdrawing from the battlefield, so the prisoners of war were exchanged as soon as possible.

In addition, the exchange of prisoners of war and the use of tanks to transport the released prisoners of war also shows that although Russia and Ukraine are red-eyed, they still abide by the minimum rules of war.

For the released prisoners of war, there will certainly be screening, but at least in front of the camera, they are still regarded as heroes.

Some prisoners of war have gray beard and hair, and feel that they are already the age of grandfathers, but they are still fighting on the battlefield. Let’s change Du Fu’s poem:When I went, I was wrapping my head, and when I came back, I was in the coffin.

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Russia-Ukraine prisoner exchange

The coffins of the Americans also confirmed Wagner’s previous announcement: there were indeed American mercenaries who fought in Bahmut, but they finally returned in the coffins. Isn’t it a tragedy?

In “Soldiers and Chariots”, Du Fu also wrote:Believe that having a boy is evil, but having a daughter is good. If you give birth to a daughter, you have to marry your neighbor, and if you give birth to a boy, you will be buried with herbs…

But in Ukraine, in fact, a large number of women also took to the battlefield. Russia has released Ukrainian female prisoners of war many times before. Looking at the pictures, they are generally still very young. Although they are unkempt, many of them want to have a good figure and good looks.

If there is no war, they may be young mothers who accompany their children, or good daughters who accompany their parents.

But the flames of war did not let women go away. Many people had to pick up guns and go to the battlefield. Oh, after reading the report, the Ukrainian side also accused Russia of mistreating some Ukrainian female prisoners of war, such as forcibly shaving their heads.

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Russia-Ukraine prisoner exchange

butThey should still be lucky, they have experienced life and death, and they finally came back with a smile. It’s just that many, many people left this world forever. War buried not only a large number of men, but also many forgotten women.

It has been more than a year since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, and the most tragic battle of Bakhmut has basically ended. Is it really a good thing that the brutal killings have turned millions of people into refugees, turned fertile land into battlefields, and caused countless families to collapse in despair and hope?

Looking back after a few years, I believe many people will have similar questions:So many people died, what is it for? And what did you really get?

Alas, Moscow does not believe in tears, and the Ukrainian earth breaks hearts. I still say that:Cherish peace, peace is good.

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