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The strong team will come back to the Chinese Super League, and the good show is behind_Dongfang Sports

The strong team will come back to the Chinese Super League, and the good show is behind_Dongfang Sports
The strong team will come back to the Chinese Super League, and the good show is behind_Dongfang Sports

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On May 24, Shandong Taishan team player Cresan Barcelos (middle) shot in the game.Xinhua News Agency

As the league entered the middle stage, Shanghai Seaport continued to remain unbeaten, leading the standings with a 5-point advantage, Shenhua ranked second, Chengdu Rongcheng and Changchun Yatai ranked third and fourth respectively. However, several strong teams that were in a slump at the beginning of the season are recovering. In this round of the league, Shandong Taishan, Wuhan Three Towns and Beijing Guoan all beat their opponents and caught up quickly. The strong team is coming back, and the good show of the Chinese Super League is yet to come.

find the backbone

Shandong Taishan beat the Shenzhen team 3-0 and won the second victory since the new season. After changing the coach, Taishan won 1 and drew 1, scored 3 goals in two consecutive games, and recovered his state. In the game, foreign aid Cresan scored twice, scoring more than 2 goals in a single game in the Super League for the sixth time.

For a time, Taishan, who had a strong lineup, forgot the taste of winning. He was tied by the relegation team Nantong Zhiyun and Cangzhou Lions, lost to Meizhou Hakka, and hovered in the lower reaches of the standings. Such a performance, in addition to the factors of the player’s state, is mainly due to the lack of a backbone. In the past two seasons, Hao Wei led the team to win the league championship and the FA Cup, but in the new season he only led the team to play in the first round of the league and lost contact. Assistant coach Fabio had to temporarily fight the fire. That was the period when Taishan struggled the most, until the club finalized the famous Korean coach, 64-year-old Cui Kangxi, to take over.

In this round of competition, Taishan showed the true qualities of a strong team at home and won a hearty victory 3-0. Although affected by the suspension of foreign aid and the main injury, Taishan has a solid family background to meet the challenge. Cui Kangxi’s combination of side and center tactics stimulated the team’s offensive power, and Huang Zhengyu partnered with Moises in the midfield to win more offensive opportunities. It is worth mentioning that among the 7 new aids introduced by Taishan in the new season, 5 of them played in this round. Cui Kangxi is more bold in the use of new players.

efficiency is key

The defending champion Wuhan Three Towns scored 8 goals in the last 2 rounds, which is equivalent to the sum of the previous 7 rounds. This round was a guest at the newly promoted Nantong Zhiyun, and Sanzhen poured 5 goals into the opponent in one breath.

After many rounds of victories, Pedro, the coach of the three towns, was under a lot of pressure. Brazilian center Malcon left the team, and the offensive system needs to be reorganized. Pedro’s understanding is that the team’s ability to create opportunities is still very strong, but the conversion rate of goals is not high. For this reason, he tried to push Stan Hill to the 10th position, supplemented by Yan Dinghao and other new aids who are good at attacking. In the fierce battle with Chengdu Rongcheng, Stan Hill made a penalty kick to help the three towns overtake the score.

Against Nantong, the foreign aid Aziz who scored 2 goals in the last round was suspended, and Tao Qianglong became the new weapon of the three towns. He repeatedly took advantage of the gaps in the opponent’s defense to complete wonderful goals.

It is Beijing Guoan who has sorted out the offense as well as the three towns of Wuhan. In this round, in front of more than 30,000 fans of Gongti, the “Green Forest Army” beat the Cangzhou Lions 6-2. Jiang Xiangyou, Zhang Xizhe, Wang Ziming, Yang Liyu, and Gao Tianyi blossomed more, and Dutch foreign teacher Stanley revitalized the team’s offense.

In the last round against Shenhua, Stanley was still racking his brains for the team’s injuries. The main players such as Zhang Yuning, Wang Gang, and Li Ke were exempt from the game. For this reason, he hid Zhang Xizhe, Yang Liyu and others from the starting list and provided them with rest as much as possible. time. As a result, this trick of “Tian Ji horse racing” not only helped Guoan draw with Shenhua in the away game, but also paved the way for this round of victory over Nantong. With the recovery of several main players and the recovery of other players, Guoan contributed the most exciting game since the new season.

Wang Ziming, who scored 2 goals in a row, revealed after the game that Guoan was a bit back before, “We also created a lot of opportunities, but we lacked some luck. All these opportunities were converted into goals, and the two goals also helped the team. Find confidence and status with myself.”

Stanley, on the other hand, insisted on a “budget-only” strategy. In the second half, he replaced Zhang Xizhe, the “offensive brain” of Guoan, as well as Ademi and Yang Liyu, so that they could save energy for the next opponent.


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