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Guoman interprets Dongcheng Hutong story “Hutong Strange Story” theme exhibition reproduces the atmosphere of “Old Beijing”

--, Beijing, May 26th (Reporter Ying Ni) When Yinzha Hutong meets Guoman Qitan, it collides with different artistic tension and wonderful interpretation. Dongchengli’s “Hutong Tales” theme exhibition was officially opened at the Beijing Dongcheng Cultural Development Research Institute a few days ago.

At the beginning of the new year in 2023, the Chinese-style fantasy animation short film collection “Chinese Strange Tales” jointly launched by Shanghai Animation Film Studio and Station B has won great attention. This animation is famous for its beautiful painting style, interesting plots and Chinese philosophy. It has been played more than 300 million times on all platforms, and it has become a popular Chinese manga in the beginning of the year.

A recent photo of Yinzha Hutong in Dongcheng District Photo courtesy of Dongcheng Cultural Development Research Institute

This exhibition revolves around the anecdote of an old man in Yinzha Hutong, Dongcheng District in the “Small Shop” of the seventh episode of “China Strange Story”, restores the cultural connotation of Beijing’s ancient capital, tells the Beijing-style culture of Dongcheng, and shows the style of the core area in the new era. The content includes the posters and stills of the “Small Shop” of the animated short film “Chinese Strange Story”, as well as the “Hutong Universe” series of works created by the director. Among them, the “Hutong Universe” series of exhibits include paintings, trendy toys and art installations, etc., which interpret the diverse development of Dongcheng culture and the creation of the charm of Hutongs, forming an expression of unique oriental aesthetics and profound humanistic atmosphere.

Hutong is the most unique old city landscape in Dongcheng, and it is also the epitome of Dongcheng’s history and culture. Hutong culture is one of the most charming parts of traditional Beijing culture. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the official clip of “Small Shop” of “Chinese Strange Tan” was screened, and the director was invited to introduce the creative background, creative process and exhibition overview.

The audience took the children to visit the Dongcheng Cultural Development Research Institute. Photo courtesy

The audience took the children to visit the Dongcheng Cultural Development Research Institute. Photo courtesy

Many scenes and stories in the film “Small Shop” are based on Yinzha Hutong in Dongcheng District. Directors and screenwriters Gu Yang and Liu Kuang said that the “imagination” and “closeness” of the animation come from their observations and feelings after they moved into Yinzha Hutong. I hope to pass on the healing and happiness I experienced in the alley to the audience. The animation shows the human touch of old Beijing, reproduces the heart-warming old days, and can capture the atmosphere of “old Beijing” in every frame – stone lions, noodles with fried sauce, old Uncle, bright and delicious candied haws… At the end of the film, there are photos of real-life scenes in Beijing Hutongs, which contrast with the animation scenes and present the daily fireworks in Dongcheng District in more detail. Every scene and every detail strives to deeply restore the characteristics of old Beijing, presenting the original hutong stories, showing the profound historical and cultural characteristics of Dongcheng and the strong urban humanistic atmosphere.

In the posters and stills exhibited at the scene, you can see familiar old objects such as old Beijing hutongs, courtyards, and gate piers. At the same time, the animation combines the hutong culture full of Chinese colors with the gorgeous hand-painted style, incorporating many Chinese traditional culture has inspired more young people’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge about hutong culture. “The best way to inherit is the fusion of the old and the new, just like at the end of the film, the stone lions, doorknobs, and chairs on the side of the road that I lived with my uncle in the alley all ‘come to life’, telling the old man that the old and the new can coexist “, the main creator Gu Yang said.

As the area with the most historical and cultural blocks in Beijing, Dongcheng District has focused on giving full play to its advantages in historical and cultural resources in recent years, telling “Stories of Dongcheng” and “Stories of Beijing” well in the form of culture and art, and highlighting the style of the capital, the charm of the ancient capital and the style of the times. The “Hutong Strange Tales” themed exhibition in Dongcheng District this time brings out the big culture in the small alleys, injecting new vitality and impetus into the cultural inheritance and development of Dongcheng District.

It is reported that the exhibition will continue to be exhibited at the Beijing Dongcheng Cultural Development Research Institute until June 1. (over)


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