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The leaders of the special class of risk prevention and resolution in the real estate field of Chongqing and the work of maintaining stability and dealing with emergencies went to Jinke for investigation_Industry_Real Estate Channel Home_Financial Network- CAIJING.COM.CN


In order to further promote the theme education of the Chongqing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, on the afternoon of May 25th, Zhang Qiyue, the deputy team leader of the special team for risk prevention and resolution and stability maintenance in the city’s real estate field, and the first-level inspector of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, Chen Yongjun, deputy team leader of the special class and chief economist of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission, and his team went deep into Jinke Center for investigation, held discussions and exchanges on the work of “guaranteeing housing, people’s livelihood, and stability” in real estate, and listened to the current production and operation of Jinke shares. Handover work report and related opinions and suggestions. Yang Chengjun, President of Jinke Co., Ltd., Jiang Sihai, Honorary Chairman, and Yu Linqiang, Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Southwest Region, participated in the research discussion.

At the meeting, Yu Linqiang, senior vice president of Jinke Co., Ltd. and chairman of Southwest Region, reported on Jinke’s “three guarantees” work. In 2022, Jinke Group will deliver a total of 149 projects, 252 batches, 83,000 residential units, and a delivery area of ​​12.81 million square meters; from January to April 2023, the cumulative delivery area will be 3.66 million square meters, and the number of units will be 23,546. Yu Linqiang said that currently within the scope of Greater Chongqing, there are 42 Jinke guaranteed delivery projects and 63 batches. As of May 22, work has been fully resumed, and 13 delivery batches have actually been completed, with a total of 5,829 sets delivered. In the face of many uncertainties in the market, Jinke Southwest Region will resolutely implement the “Thirty Points” of the Group’s strategy of guaranteeing delivery of buildings, and make every effort to fight the tough battle of guaranteeing delivery of buildings.

Yang Chengjun, president of Jinke Co., Ltd., gave a comprehensive introduction to the current overall situation of Jinke and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions. He said that the situation of China’s real estate market is at a critical stage of stabilization and recovery. Jinke has also adopted “stabilizing production and operation to ensure delivery, taking multiple measures to boost sales quality, properly formulating debt resolution plans, protecting the safety of existing assets, and making good use of equity financing. Introducing strategic investment, focusing on promoting business transformation and upgrading” 6 key measures to improve the company’s sustainable operation capabilities. The company’s management is full of confidence in the company’s future development. At the same time, it also hopes that relevant municipal departments will give more help and support to Jinke’s development.

Zhang Qiyue, deputy team leader of the Chongqing Municipal Work Special Team and first-level inspector of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, and Chen Yongjun, deputy team leader of the Chongqing Municipal Work Special Team and chief economist of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, fully affirmed Jinke’s implementation of the national “three guarantees” work requirements , expressed recognition of Jinke’s achievements in the “three guarantees” work, and hoped that Jinke would earnestly fulfill its corporate responsibility, make every effort to raise project construction funds, and vigorously promote project construction delivery. At the same time, he said that the relevant opinions and suggestions put forward by Jinke will also fully support and promote the normal operation of Jinke under the premise of legal compliance.

Since the beginning of this year, the central government and relevant ministries and commissions have repeatedly emphasized the need to effectively and orderly promote the work of “guaranteeing the delivery of buildings, people’s livelihood, and stability” in real estate to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market. I believe that as the industry trend is getting better and the support of various policies is superimposed, Jinke will surely overcome difficulties, get out of the predicament, and be reborn from nirvana.

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