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Huawei Mate 60 series is an excellent alternative model, with many surprises in functional configurations! – OFweek display network


Since the Mate 60 series models went on sale, it has indeed brought unexpectedly high attention to Huawei mobile phones. Unfortunately, due to insufficient production capacity, it is still not available in stock. What is important is that the supply shortage in a short period of time has not been effective. Improvement, just having popularity but no products for sale, will not be an option over time. If the Mate 60 series is temporarily in short supply, Huawei will have to find other ways to remedy the situation.

A blogger on the Internet broke the news that Huawei will have a press conference in the near future, and its flagship new product will be unveiled at the press conference. Although it did not name the product, based on some previous news, the blogger said it was the “ace product”. “, if nothing else, it should be the Huawei nova 12 series.

So why can the nova 12 series become the “ace product”? Naturally, it is confident. First of all, there are major changes in the chip. The entire series of the previous generation nova 11 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 4G chips. For users, it is indeed It is not attractive enough. There is news that nova 12 will use Kirin 5G chip. If nothing else, it should be Kirin 9000S.

This is also in line with previous rumors on the Internet that Huawei mobile phones will gradually abandon Snapdragon chips and gradually switch to Kirin chips. This is also an important means for Huawei mobile phones to cope with the unknown situation, but the nova series has always been positioned as a mid-range mobile phone system in Huawei , why can we use high-end chips like Kirin 9000S?

Because another Huawei flagship technology will be transferred to the nova series for the first time, there is news that the nova 12 series is expected to be equipped with the same satellite call function as the Mate 60 Pro, so there is a high probability that the Kirin 9000S chip will be used.

But the nova 12 is a mid-range machine after all. Even the Mate 60 series cannot use the Kirin 9000S chip + satellite call. It is even more impossible for the nova 12 series to do so. Not only is the cost unsustainable, but the number of chips is also uncertain. Enough.

Referring to the previous generation of nova 11 series, only nova 11 Ultra supports satellite communications, so I personally think that the nova 12 series will most likely follow this approach and only allow nova 12 Ultra to support satellite calls. As for the selling points of the other models, Kirin chips are naturally one of them. As for whether it is the entire Kirin 9000S series, I am not sure yet, but it is just that it is more likely.

Of course, this is the positioning of the nova series. The price cannot be set too high. In terms of functional configuration, it can only be said that it uses some flagship-level technologies. There will definitely be a gap between it and its own high-end models.


But looking at it from another angle, to a certain extent, the nova 12 series is also qualified as a replacement for the Mate 60 series, especially the nova 12 Ultra. If you think it is stressful to buy the Mate 60 Pro, the lower-grade nova 12 Ultra is completely fine. as one of the options.

As for other highlights of the nova 12 series, they will naturally be announced at the press conference next week. Those who are interested can really pay attention.

Original title: The excellent replacement model of Huawei Mate 60 series is here, with many surprises in functional configurations!

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