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CCP Crime Record No. 173: A family of seven who died to protest their injustice | Torture | Beauty Trap

CCP Crime Record No. 173: A family of seven who died to protest their injustice | Torture | Beauty Trap
CCP Crime Record No. 173: A family of seven who died to protest their injustice | Torture | Beauty Trap

[The Epoch Times, November 21, 2023]In the rural countryside near Luda, a city in the north of the motherland, just after the spring of 1968, a conspiracy was brewing and took shape under the auspices of Wang Lilong, deputy political commissar of the County Armed Forces Department. While preparing for the “Learn and Apply” seminar to be held in July, his keen sense caught hold of an excellent material. On June 26, the deputy political commissar ordered: “Bring Mr. Xu here. Ask him to explain the problem.”

Xu Changjia is a loyal farmer who has been serving crops all his life. When he was called to explain the problem, he was still confused and said:

“I am a poor and lower-middle peasant, and I have no problem.”

Asked repeatedly, he still said these two words.

During the break, Deputy Political Commissar Wang “enlightened” all the participants: “We must have an attitude and a prestige. If we cannot defeat our attitude, we will not be able to explain the problem.”

So, old man Xu was tied up and forced to kneel on the ground. In an instant, sticks and strips fell like raindrops. He was in unbearable pain and kept wailing for help.

“Come on, tell me how your daughter Xu Lianrong used a ‘honey trap’ to hook up with the brigade secretary.”

Xu Changjia repeatedly complained about injustice, but in the end he was beaten severely. His children, Xu Lianqi and Xu Lianrong, knew that their father had been unfairly wronged, so they appealed everywhere until they reached Beijing to complain. But the answer I got was: “We must believe in the new Revolutionary Committee.” They were also often beaten severely. It took a while. Xu Lianrong’s handsome face became very thin.

The persecution continues. Xu’s family could not withstand forced confessions, decoy confessions and constant beatings. He confessed to those people’s accusations against his will and poured dirty water on his daughter. The interrogator finally obtained the “results”, but old man Xu fell into deep pain and screamed injustice in his heart. How should I express myself?

It was time for interrogation again. Mr. Xu covered his stomach with both hands, bowed his waist and said tremblingly:

“What I confessed yesterday was all false. This was my disloyalty to Chairman Mao. I have no evil intentions. I want to pay my respects to the party, to Chairman Mao, and to the poor and lower-middle peasants…”

He couldn’t speak anymore, the pain made all his features move.

I saw him using both hands to lift up the hem of his clothes, revealing his bloody belly!

It turned out that he used glass to cut a ten centimeter gash in his heart and abdomen to show his loyalty.

This has not touched the cold hearts of the interrogators. They sneered: “You want to put pressure on us and threaten us, don’t you?!”

They wrapped the old man’s injuries with red cloth and tied him to a big stake. While beating him, they asked, “Are you trying to threaten us?”

Xu Changjia soon became unconscious. The group of people who tortured him made a new decision: “Hurry up and sort out the materials and let the sentence be final. As long as the sentence is pronounced, you will die.” So, a sentencing meeting was held the next day, and the words of the “Luan Family Brigade Peasant Representative Meeting” were read out. The signed verdict: “Counterrevolutionary Xu Changjia was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment in accordance with the law, to be served outside prison and handed over to the masses to control production and labor.”

The evil has not ended yet. Xu Lianrong, the daughter of the Xu family, was falsely accused of a “beauty trap.” The conspirators decided to attack her directly.

Xu Lianrong was brought into the venue without saying a word. Sudden. This group of people first shouted slogans: “I wish Chairman Mao a long life”, and then asked the girl: “Can you speak?”

When the slogan was shouted for the second time, Xu Lianrong raised his hand and followed suit. This elicited a burst of laughter.

“Haha! Please open your mouth this time!”

“What do you want me to explain?” Xu Lianrong asked.

“Your relationship with the brigade party secretary!” Then there was a burst of lustful laughter. Seeing that Xu Lianrong refused to confess, they swarmed her, knocked her to the ground, held down her struggling arms, and beat her hard with sticks and strips… In the end, the girl couldn’t survive and had to give in.

After returning home, the mother cried bitterly when she saw that her daughter was covered with injuries.

But Xu Lianrong said, “Mom, don’t worry about it. Anyway, I admit everything.” The whole family immediately burst into tears.

Where can justice be redressed in the dark night?

Xu Lianrong said to the project team, “I have a lot to say. Let me think about it. I will come whenever you call me tomorrow.” Her heart was full of grief and indignation, and her mother was speechless. Come.

Xu Lianrong hugged his two nephews, kissed them face to face, and said with tears: “You will never see your grandparents, uncles and aunts again.”

This day is July 15, 1968.

The next morning, when several militiamen came to interrogate Xu Lianrong, they screamed: “Oh my God! They are all dead!”

I saw four people standing side by side on the beam. They were Xu Changjia (57 years old), Xu Lianfu (26 years old), Xu Lianqi (28 years old), and Xu Lianrong (23 years old). There was also a body lying on the ground, which was Xu Lianling (20 years old). Because the hanging rope broke and fell to the ground, there were also two corpses on the kang, Wang Chaochen (Xu’s wife, 57 years old) and Xu Lianqing (18 years old).

On the two doors inside the house are written:

“Long live Chairman Mao!” “Long live the Communist Party!”

There were two big characters written in pen on the wall:


A set of “Selected Works of Mao Zedong” was neatly placed on the counter, covered with red paper. A suicide note was found on Xu Lianrong’s waist:

“I demand that my body be sent to the hospital for examination… Our whole family is desperate! Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao, our whole family is wronged, wronged! wronged! wronged! wronged!”

A family of seven signed their names and stamped their fingerprints one by one, blood red.

In 1980, the Xu family case was vindicated.

Editor in charge: Gao Yi

The article is in Chinese

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