Are you looking down on the combination of blue and white? BBC: Taiwan’s opposition “shotgun wedding” is doomed to fail – News – Rti China Central Radio

Are you looking down on the combination of blue and white? BBC: Taiwan’s opposition “shotgun wedding” is doomed to fail – News – Rti China Central Radio
Are you looking down on the combination of blue and white? BBC: Taiwan’s opposition “shotgun wedding” is doomed to fail – News – Rti China Central Radio
The opposition parties are in a deadlock in the 2024 presidential election, and foreign media are also paying attention to the success of integration. From left are Kuomintang candidate Hou Youyi, People’s Party candidate Ke Wenzhe, and independent presidential candidate Terry Gou. (Information composite photo/Rti)

The Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin have officially registered to run on the 21st. However, the opposition Kuomintang and People’s Party are still struggling to extricate themselves from the quagmire of “Blue and White”. Even foreign media are paying attention to the deadlock between the opposition parties. U.K.“BBC”On the 21st, a special article pointed out that differences between the Blue and White pairs on the way to determine the outcome through public opinion polls led to the collapse of the cooperation, describing the cooperation between the two parties as a “shotgun wedding” (a wedding with a son), but it was over before it even started. Now the three opposition parties are back to compete for the same group of voters, and the Democratic Progressive Party has launched its electoral weapon “Battle Cat” Xiao Meiqin, thinking it will be interesting to observe the polls again.

On the 21st, the “BBC” published a special article titled “Taiwan opposition’s doomed shotgun wedding” (Taiwan opposition party’s doomed shotgun wedding) to report on the situation of Taiwan’s opposition party Blue and White. It announced a “shotgun wedding” (shotgun wedding, USA) last weekend. A slang term used to describe the father of a pregnant bride threatening the reluctant groom with a shotgun to ensure that the wedding goes smoothly. It is also used to describe the marriage of a child.) Later, due to one party (the Popular Party) suddenly retreating, the “wedding” had not even begun. End, because there was never any love between the old Kuomintang (KMT) and the new Taiwan People’s Party (TPP).

Blue and White only share similarities in being pro-Beijing

The report pointed out that both the Kuomintang and the People’s Party have promised to establish good relations with an increasingly aggressive Beijing and reduce the risk of war, which distinguishes the two parties from the current Democratic Progressive Party, despite the DPP’s views on Taiwan independence. The rhetoric is getting louder, but it’s getting closer to America, but the similarities between the two parties end there.

“BBC” stated that the leaders of the Kuomintang believe that if it were not for the factor of Ke Wenzhe, a political upstart in their eyes, they would return to power next year. The report pointed out that the 64-year-old surgeon received surprising support in this election, especially among young people who value residential justice. But critics believe that Ko is an opportunistic populist with no real and consistent policies, and point out that he has always wavered across the political spectrum.

The report also pointed out that Ke Wenzhe performed quite well during the campaign. Throughout the summer and autumn, he had been leading the KMT candidate Hou Youyi in the polls. This also angered the old KMT elites and forced them to consider forming an alliance with Ke Wenzhe to fight against the people they did not like. The candidate of the Progressive Party, Lai Ching-te, a soft-spoken doctor. Although Lai Ching-te’s polls have dropped from 40% in the summer to more than 30% now, under Taiwan’s “winner-takes-all” election system, only about 30% is possible. Become President.

The report stated that although Ke Wenzhe is known for his grumpy temper and has repeatedly stated that he hates the KMT, which may make it unlikely that Blue and White will have a chance, what is surprising is that last weekend, the two parties announced that they would jointly run for president and The interpretation of polling experts will determine who will run for president and who will run for vice president. But by the evening of Friday (17th), there was a dispute over the polling data. By the morning of the 18th, everything was over.

Lan Bai and Guo Dong are caught up in chasing the same group of voters at the same time.

In response, a rather chagrined Ko told a room full of reporters that he had been tricked into reaching an agreement and that he should not have negotiated alone with the KMT without any staff present.

Although time is running out, presidential candidates must register before November 24, but now the Kuomintang and the People’s Party are back to the starting point. At the same time, the opposition includes the Kuomintang, the People’s Party, and the rich man Terry Gou who is preparing to run as an independent. They are all chasing the same voters, hoping to topple the Democratic Progressive Party, which has been in power for eight years.

However, the report also analyzed that the Democratic Progressive Party has now revealed its electoral weapon, that is, Vice Presidential candidate Hsiao Meiqin. Since Hsiao Meiqin has always been Taiwan’s active and communicative representative in the United States, she is called Taiwan’s “battle cat” by her supporters. (cat warrior), as a diplomat who mocked China’s aggressiveness as a “wolf warrior”.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the polls when Taiwan’s charismatic Battle Cat, popular with young voters, starts campaigning.

The article is in Chinese

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