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COP28 will be held on the 30th.Ministry of EnvironmentlongXue FushengToday, he said that he has not received any news about whether the representative will attend, but he is ready at any time; Taiwan is inclimate changeEnvironmental protection technology research and development has achieved good results, and I hope to share them at COP28.

The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will be held on the 30th. Governments from various countries will gather together to discuss how to curb warming and respond to climate change.

As for who will represent Taiwan at the meeting, Xue Fusheng said that he has not received any information yet and that relevant matters will be arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; but he said that he is ready at any time. When the media asked whose name would be on the departure ticket, Xue Fusheng only said that he was not sure and would be arranged by his staff.

The Ministry of Environment held a joint award ceremony for the “5th National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award and the 112th Annual Model Environmental Protection Responsible and Technical Personnel”. Xue Fusheng accepted a joint interview with the media after the meeting.

Xue Fusheng pointed out that Taiwan’s scientific and technological research and development results are quite good. During the past use of COP, whether it was R&D, enterprises, or academic units, sharing the results with the international community received positive responses. He believes that this part can continue to be promoted this year.

Xue Fusheng also called for Taiwan to participate in COP28. Taiwan has achieved very good results in net-zero emissions and climate change, and hopes to participate in international conferences and share them.

Xue Fusheng said that Pacific island countries, which are the countries most seriously injured by climate change, also care about transitional justice, which happens to be one of the main keys in Taiwan’s net-zero promotion process.

He said that many friendly or non-friendly countries have recently visited Taiwan. These countries have been very surprised by Taiwan’s achievements in energy conservation, carbon reduction, and environmental protection during this period, and are willing to support Taiwan in sharing its experience at COP28.

Attending COP28? Xue Fusheng: ready at any time

COP28 will be held on the 30th. Environment Minister Xue Fusheng said today that he has not yet received news about whether representatives will attend, but he is ready at any time; Taiwan’s climate change, environmental…

2023-11-21 14:02

Japanese cannabis gummies are planned to be listed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges not to buy or eat them

In response to recent reports in Tokyo, Osaka and other places that many Japanese people were rushed to the hospital due to physical discomfort caused by eating “marijuana gummies”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it has received reports from the Chinese Embassy in Japan…

2023-11-21 13:58

Hong Mengkai and Qiu Chenyuan were asked about the awkward scene when they registered for the Blue and White Team. Both sides supported their own hens.

The Blue and White alliance is on the verge of collapse. KMT legislator Hong Mengkai and KMT legislative candidate Qiu Chenyuan coincidentally went to the New Taipei City Election Committee to register today. They were asked about the Blue and White alliance respectively. Hong said that the KMT has its own…

2023-11-21 12:33

In the 2024 election, many parties are competing. Ma Ying 90% affects the mainland’s view of the key people in Taiwan’s election?

The 2024 Taiwan general election is about to take place, and the Blue and White alliance is like riding a roller coaster from pessimism to optimism and back to pessimism again. However, how does mainland China view the Taiwan election? Is it possible that in the future, due to the results of Taiwan’s general election, the path will be corrected or the policy of reunification with Taiwan will be completely implemented? Some scholars say that it is not the Blue and White parties or the Democratic Progressive Party, but former President Ma Ying-jeou that affects the mainland’s view of Taiwan’s election. Mainland people are also paying close attention to the movements of the Kuomintang and the People’s Party, and hope to see a “blue and white alliance”.

2023-11-21 12:19

Wang Hongwei exposed Pan Meng’an for smoking illegal heated cigarettes and demanded to reveal the source.

Kuomintang Legislator Wang Hongwei held a press conference today to reveal that Pan Meng’an, the director-general of the office of DPP presidential candidate Lai Qingde, and several new trendsetters of the DPP, smoked hot pot in front of a seafood restaurant…

2023-11-21 10:26

[Expert Eyes]Can expanding the scale of unified funds solve local financial difficulties?

Every September, the Ministry of Finance and the General Accounting Office will announce the overall allocation of taxes and general subsidy allocation amounts for the next year to facilitate local government preparation of the next year’s budget. One at a time…

2023-11-21 07:49

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