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Taiwanese female college student wins Miss Asia USA title Zhang Fangyu: Taiwan is a country

Taiwanese female college student wins Miss Asia USA title Zhang Fangyu: Taiwan is a country
Taiwanese female college student wins Miss Asia USA title Zhang Fangyu: Taiwan is a country
Zhang Fangyu won the title of Miss Asia USA. (Photo taken from Tiffany Chang Facebook)

Tiffany Chang, who is studying at Stanford University in the United States, just stepped down from the title of “Miss Taiwan America” ​​in August. In the witness and cheering of hundreds of overseas Chinese, she won the crown of the 35th Miss Asia America. She is a gifted student in science. Zhang Fangyu participated in the beauty pageant. She said that she wanted to tell everyone that Taiwan is an independent country.

20-year-old Zhang Fangyu is a second-generation Taiwanese immigrant. She is studying in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University and is about to be a sophomore. This year, she just stepped down as the “Miss Taiwan Beauty” queen selected by the Taiwanese community in Los Angeles, and immediately used her spare time to sign up for the Miss Asia USA beauty pageant.

On the day of the finals (18th), thousands of spectators poured into the Redondo Beach Performing Art Center, holding slogans and national flags to cheer for the contestants from all over the world. Hundreds of Taiwanese compatriots came to the scene, enthusiastically waving the flag of the Republic of China. Zhang Fangyu shouted “Representing Taiwan” at the beginning. In the end, she not only won the most important title of the show, “Miss Asia USA”, but also won the Most Popularity Award, Audience Choice Award, Best Swimsuit, Best Evening Gown, etc. 4 awards. The emcee repeatedly called out Taiwan, and the Taiwanese overseas Chinese in the audience cheered endlessly.

During her tenure as Miss Taiwan America, Zhang Fangyu represented Taiwanese Americans at many events, including participating in the Fourth of July Parade in Huntington Beach. President Tsai Ing-wen passed through the United States in April, and Zhang Fangyu served as the host of a 700-person overseas Chinese banquet in Los Angeles.

According to the “Central News Agency” report, Yang Yueying, the general organizer of Miss Taiwan Beauty, said that Zhang Fangyu is an out-and-out “scientific girl”. The Miss Taiwan Beauty talent show involves walking on the catwalk with a robot developed by herself. “Modeling is not her ambition. She participated in The beauty pageant is to promote Taiwan.” During her tenure as Miss Taiwan Beauty, Zhang Fangyu deeply understood Taiwan’s international situation. Her beauty pageant not only represented the Taiwanese community, but also represented Taiwan as a country, allowing more people to know Taiwan.

After winning the championship, Zhang Fangyu also said that she did not want to see Taiwan often calling itself “Chinese Taipei” on international occasions. Taiwan has its own name and is an independent country. “Taiwan is often called Taipei on some occasions. I hope to use By winning this title, I can tell everyone that Taiwan is an independent country and we deserve to be represented on international occasions.”

For the first time in 35 years, Miss Asia USA has a contestant representing Taiwan. Coincidentally, when the host announced that the top two contestants were about to announce the winner, it was the contestant representing China who entered the finals with Zhang Fangyu. The beauties formed a rare scene of representatives from Taiwan and China holding hands and embracing.

Sissi Lin, Miss Taiwan America selected in 2019, Lea Dumortier, the “first princess” of Miss Taiwan America 2023, and Zhang Fangyu’s Stanford University classmates were all cheering in the audience. A group of hundreds of relatives and friends. Lin Yixin said: “Tiffany is the glory of Taiwan. She has led Taiwan step by step to participate in competitions at different levels. Taiwan is proud of her.” Du Ruowei said that because of Zhang Fangyu, “This year’s Miss Asia USA has a Taiwanese representative for the first time.” “It’s really inspiring to see her on such a big stage. She has inspired many young girls around the world to support Taiwan and cheer for Taiwan.”

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