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Calling blue and white combined in Ke Wenzhe’s thoughts Hou Youyi: I will wait for you until the last moment | 2024 election outpost | Important news


blue and whiteStill deadlocked, KMT presidential candidatesHou YouyiAn interviewer in the morning said that the presidential candidate of the Popular PartyKe WenzheIt is often said that 30 seconds make the final decision, “But he decides the life and death of others, and I decide my own life and death in one second.” He said that Ke Wenzhe knew that 60% of the people wanted Blue and White to cooperate, “I will wait for you, wait until you At the last moment. You figured it out, all in one thought.”

When will the Banqiao campaign headquarters be established and who will be the deputy? Hou Youyi said that the campaign headquarters will be established according to the schedule. He said that now the candidates are only president and not vice president. “I have not set a candidate. The most important thing is to hope that everyone will work together.”

Hou Youyi said that recently, all parties sincerely signed a cooperation direction under the witness of former President Ma Ying-jeou. Since there is such a direction, we must show integrity and face the expectations of the people. He hopes that everyone can work together to achieve political party rotation. Let Taiwan continue to be prosperous, sustainable, and stable.

He said that he also held this belief. Although he personally received a lot of bad words and criticism, “but I don’t think that is important. What is important is the people’s expectations, and they want peace on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and the sustainability of the land.”

Hou said that since the people expect political party rotation, it should meet the people’s expectations. “I am waiting for Chairman Ke’s last thoughts on whether Blue and White will continue to cooperate. I am still waiting for a word from Ke Wenzhe.”

It is reported that Ke Wenzhe will register, and the Kuomintang will nominate the deputy candidate tomorrow. Does this mean that the blue and white alliance will break the tie? Hou Youyi said that at present, we are still moving in the direction of a blue-white alliance that meets the expectations of the people and hopes for political party rotation.

There is a mystery in what Ke Wenzhe shouted at the swearing-in meeting, “Fight to the end.” Shen Fuxiong said directly: Ke’s mother is very pitiful

The Taiwan People’s Party held a “Team KP swearing-in meeting” in Banqiao on the afternoon of the 19th, attracting tens of thousands of supporters. Ko Wenzhe’s parents, wife and sister Ke Meilan all showed up to support. Even the former legislator who had just announced that he had joined the People’s Party Huang Guochang also attended.

2023-11-21 12:27

Ke asked Guo to supplement statistics? Hou Youyi: Chairman Ke knows a lot about statistics, right?

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If the blue and white combination fails, Han Guoyu is named as Hou Youyi’s strongest deputy candidate

The Blue and White coalition is on the rocks. A KMT legislator pointed out that many grassroots people now believe that if the Blue and White coalition fails, the strongest deputy candidate in the party is the former mayor of Kaohsiung City, Han Kuo-yu. Kuomintang legislator Lai Shibao expressed…

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Calling Blue and White Together in Ke Wenzhe’s thoughts Hou Youyi: I will wait for you until the last moment

Blue and White are still locked in a stalemate. Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi said in an interview in the morning that Kuomintang presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe often said that he makes the final decision in 30 seconds, “But he decides other people’s life and death,…

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Can Blue and White support each other?Cai Biru reveals Ke Wenzhe’s intention: the Kuomintang wants to remove party discipline clauses

The local regional legislators in Taichung, led by Mayor Lu Xiuyan, have a clear “blue and white cooperation” trend. However, the “blue and white cooperation” in the presidential election has not yet been successful. Will it indirectly affect local cooperation? The Central Committee of the People’s Party Taiwan…

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Xiao Meiqin resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the representative in the United States: there is no window period for work in the United States

Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde and our representative in the United States Xiao Meiqin went to the Central Election Commission to formally register to run. As for who will take over as the future representative in the United States, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today that Xiao Meiqin received…

2023-11-21 12:17

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