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Only using the most avant-garde technology to design haute couture clothing, Iris van Herpen’s muse is always the body and nature – HEAVEN RAVEN


There are so many geniuses and talents in the fashion design world. It is not easy to stand out, but if you want to make people think of an adjective, only your name will appear in their minds. That requires Perhaps it is some kind of obsession with aesthetics – when it comes to minimalist fashion, we think of Phoebe Philo; when it comes to brutal beauty, we think of Alexander McQueen, then when it comes to clothing that is full of life and breathing, in our hearts The answer is none other than Iris van Herpen.

A designer, a scientist, and an artist

Although fashion is subjective, there is no doubt that Iris van Herpen is unique in the fashion industry – she is from the Netherlands and is one of the few in the fashion industry who has completely abandoned the ready-to-wear collection and instead specializes in creating haute couture. She is also one of the first fashion designers to start using 3D printing for creation (her 3D printing work was listed as one of the 50 best inventions of the year by Time Magazine in 2011).

In addition to being good at combining innovative technology and traditional crafts, her creations are one of the few examples that are first regarded as “artworks” rather than “costume works”. Many of them have been exhibited by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the United States and the V&A in the United Kingdom. Museum and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris are listed as collections. In November this year, she will hold a solo exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris to review her works in the past 20 years.

It is this kind of production technology that breaks through the framework that makes Iris van Herpen attract the attention of girls from all walks of life who break through the framework, from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bjork, to Stars such as Tilda Swinton have worn her haute couture uniforms. In van Herpen’s case, it is not clear who is delaying the other between fashion design and scientific invention, but the collaboration presents the final dream-like appearance.

Use technology to create a stage for nature

Iris van Herpen was born in Wamel, a small town in the Netherlands in 1984. She was not accompanied by TV or computers in her childhood, but was surrounded by an artistic atmosphere. She loved painting, dancing and violin since she was a child. It was not until high school that she became interested in fashion. Although she did not eventually become a classical ballerina as originally planned, van Herpen’s deep understanding of the female body is now clearly demonstrated in her works. For her, her muse has never been a popular star or model, but the infinite possibilities between the body and clothing.

The reason why van Herpen’s works are unforgettable is not only because they bring full visual shock, but also show the sensibility and imperfection of human beings, like some kind of future organism. She founded her personal brand in 2007, became a member of the Haute Couture Guild in 2011, and won the ANDAM Design Award in 2014.Zeng He “The Talks“explain: “When I design clothes, I try to stretch the boundaries we set for ourselves—even our perception of boundaries.”

You might think she’s referring to technology—isn’t it a fascination with technology that makes the fabrics and silhouettes in Iris van Herpen’s creations so dazzling? However, she herself only regards it as a carrier to drive the creative process and help her realize her ideas. At the core of her works, she will always return to the relationship between the body and nature.

Meet on the road to pursuing sustainability

Not only does she inject the spirit of advocating nature into her design concept, Iris van Herpen has also used technological materials to create haute couture clothing on many occasions. For example, her 2021 haute couture series is made of waste plastic recovered from the ocean. Material, the 15th anniversary of the following year

The big show turned cocoa shells into fully organic fabrics to create the world’s first “vegan haute couture” – proving that as long as you are willing to create a stage for environmental awareness, the possibilities of the fashion universe will be greater than yours. What I imagined was still broad.

In addition, Iris van Herpen’s runway looks are renowned for their extremely complete look, a major focus of which lies in the exquisite makeup and hairstyle paired with a variety of bizarre looks. What many people don’t know is that the most reliable makeup and hair team behind the van Herpen Fashion Week show has always been AVEDA, which insists on zero animal testing, zero animal ingredients, and 100% recyclable packaging.

This time, Iris van Herpen herself became the muse

Iris van Herpen and AVEDA have been collaborating for many years due to their common philosophy and goal of building a sustainable relationship with the earth. Now, AVEDA has become the first co-branded beauty and care brand since the founding of IVH. What’s even more special is that AVEDA launched 16 sets of limited edition gift boxes at once based on the designer’s life experience and inspiration. The packaging design inspiration reflects the Iris van Herpen brand concept, and various AVEDA products are included inside. Star products, as well as the limited-time “stress-fix Ning·Relief Series” (the care essence oil and pure essence are only sold in gift boxes).

Among the 16 limited-edition gift boxes, noteworthy ones include the “Bionic Rhythm” gift box that pays tribute to Iris van Herpen’s use of technology to depict the laws of nature. One box contains the key essences of AVEDA’s floral structure series, Shampoo, conditioner and hair mask can make damaged hair strong again; in addition, “Fashion Hyperlink” is inspired by Iris van Herpen’s collaboration with dancers, scientists, architects and other cross-disciplinary creators. The gift box is composed of the key essence, hair mask and follow-up milk from the floral structure series, which opens a new chapter in hair care with exclusive technology.

Finally, a must-collect is the “IVH Future Art Clutch” that embodies both brands’ hopes for a prosperous symbiosis of technology, art and nature. Let the high-end and sustainable spirit of Iris van Herpen and AVEDA accompany you wherever you go. OK.

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