Chen Jianren visits Miaoli Tongluo Hang Jupan to build Taiwan’s new agriculture | Industrial Economics | Central News Agency CNA

Chen Jianren visits Miaoli Tongluo Hang Jupan to build Taiwan’s new agriculture | Industrial Economics | Central News Agency CNA
Chen Jianren visits Miaoli Tongluo Hang Jupan to build Taiwan’s new agriculture | Industrial Economics | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Guan Ruiping, Miaoli County on the 20th) Tongluo Township in Miaoli County is the main production area of ​​Hangzhou chrysanthemum in China. Executive Director Chen Jianren visited the Hangzhou chrysanthemum industry today and affirmed that the county government, farmers’ association and the central government have carefully cooperated with the management and will continue to Through human resources, technology, and capital, we will build Taiwan’s new agriculture.

It is currently the chrysanthemum blooming season in Tongluohang. Executive President Chen Jianren, accompanied by Chen Tianshou, deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Deng Guiju, deputy head of Miaoli County and others, visited Qiu Meiren Farm in Tongluo Township and listened to a briefing by Zeng Yixiao, director-general of the Tongluo Township Farmers Association. Understand the development of local Hangju industry.

Zeng Yixiao pointed out that the area currently planted with Hangzhou chrysanthemums in Tongluo Township is about 40 hectares. The Farmers Association has comprehensively promoted the verification of production and marketing resumes, and established a Hangju specialty crop group production area. More than 20 hectares of Hangju fields have been added, which is different from the previous individual farmers. Fighting alone, the group’s production areas have implemented educational guidance on safe use of pesticides in the fields for contracted farmers and established an enterprise management model. They have integrated operations in harvesting, production, storage and sales, fought collectively, and created brand characteristics. In addition to the prototype Hangju, it has also continued to Develop various additional products.

Chen Jianren walked into the Hangzhou chrysanthemum field, experienced picking Hangzhou chrysanthemums, visited the Hangzhou chrysanthemum drying tunnel, and tasted the Hangzhou chrysanthemum tea jelly developed by the Farmers Association. He praised the fragrance of Tongluo Hangzhou chrysanthemums, and was oriented towards organic, non-toxic, production and marketing methods, and practiced food The spirit of the Agricultural Education Act has even attracted international buyers to purchase, allowing Taiwan to be seen by the world and allowing Taiwan to be introduced to the world. This is Taiwan’s glory and pride.

Chen Jianren said that the government is very concerned about the livelihood and welfare of farmers, and protects the rights and interests of farmers through the “three guarantees and one fund” measures of agricultural insurance, farmers’ health insurance, farmers’ occupational disaster insurance and farmers’ retirement funds; during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) ) The post-epidemic special budget also allocates NT$26.8 billion to actively build agricultural cold chain logistics systems, water conservancy and farmland irrigation infrastructure projects to strengthen the social, economic and environmental resilience of agriculture and rural areas.

Regarding the shortage of workers in agriculture, Chen Jianren said that the government has increased the total amount of agricultural migrant workers and has also relaxed relevant regulations on the qualifications for applying for migrant workers in the agricultural and food industry, including farmers’ associations and farmers themselves.

Chen Jianren said that the Ministry of Agriculture and the county government subsidized farmers to introduce new electric heat pump drying equipment, which has minimized the impact of labor shortages in the Hangju industry chain and increased the drying capacity in a single day by four times, while achieving carbon reduction and energy saving. , taking into account environmental protection and sustainable development.

He emphasized that after the Ministry of Agriculture was upgraded in August this year, the budget has been significantly increased by 11.5 billion yuan. He hopes to work with everyone from human resources, resources, technology, capital and other aspects to build Taiwan’s agriculture into Taiwan’s new agriculture. (Editor: Li Xizhang) 1121120


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