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Big news comes from the RMB. A-shares are booming today!Sectors such as brain-computer interface are among the top gainers_Oriental Fortune Network


On November 20, the market fluctuated and rebounded throughout the day, with all three major indexes rising slightly. As of closing,Shanghai Stock Exchange Indexrose 0.46%, and the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.43%.GEM indexrose 0.32%.

The Beijing Stock Exchange 50 Index rose by more than 3%, and 10 North Securities Exchange stocks rose by more than 10%.

In terms of sectors, brain-computer interface, automation equipment, pork, space and timeBig DataWait for the sector to be among the top gainers,precious metalse-commerce,securitiesOther sectors were among the top losers.

Generally speaking, individual stocks rose more than they fell, with more than 3,900 stocks rising in the market. The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets today was 927.3 billion, which was 100.6 billion higher than the previous trading day. Northbound funds bought a net 1.373 billion yuan throughout the day, and sold nearly 4 billion yuan in net sales at one point in early trading.

Let’s talk about the conclusion first. Today’s bottoming out of the major A-share indexes has a strong correlation with the trend of the RMB exchange rate.

Judging from the time-sharing chart, around 10 a.m., the RMB exchange rate surged, from 7.21 to 7.17.

At the same time, A-shares (taking the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index as an example) rose steadily without any significant increase in volume.


The exchange rate rebounded in the afternoon, while the market also fluctuated sideways, falling slightly by the close.

Why is it that A-shares, which have not paid much attention to exchange rates recently, have become increasingly interconnected today?

Mainly there is some good news coming from the RMB.

Since November, the offshore RMB has surged 1,400 points against the U.S. dollar.At this critical moment, with the recovery of Sino-US relations, the market value of nearly 2.7 trillion yuanMasterCardIt has also begun to deploy in China.

According to reports, after obtaining the Chinese people’sbankissuedbankAfter receiving the card clearing business license, Wanshiwanglian Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. stated that the Chinese peoplebankTogether with the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, it has reviewed and approved the application for opening of a bank card clearing institution submitted by Wanshiwanglian.The company will launch it to the market as soon as possibleMasterCardThe branded RMB bank card has established an omni-channel acquiring network and supports cardholders to make purchases at more than 100 million merchants at home and abroad. Wanshiwanglian will actively build a safe, convenient and digitally intelligent new payment ecosystem and become a new force in the high-quality development of the Chinese market.

According to regulations, within 6 months after obtaining the license, Wanshiwanglian will expand its member institutions in China and authorize issuance and acceptanceMasterCardCard brand bank card. It is understood that before the joint venture is approved, MasterCard can only issue dual-currency cards or single-label U.S. dollar cards, euro cards and other foreign currency bank cards domestically. After being approved, MasterCard can cooperate with banks to issue MasterCard RMB bank cards with a single logo to enable domestic and overseas settlement in RMB. Mastercard is the world’s second largest payment organization, with more than 3.3 billion bank cards issued and more than 100 million acceptance points around the world.

Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach said: “China is one of Mastercard’s most important markets, and we are encouraged to be able to launch local business in China with our Chinese partner Netlink Clearing Company. Mastercard goes deeper Participating in the Chinese market will help China’s high-quality development and further promote inclusivenessdigital economyReaching everyone and unlocking more ‘priceless’ opportunities. “

In addition, UBS also stated that it continues to be optimistic about the Chinese stock market and expects that next yearMSCI ChinaThe index will have room for growth of 15%.UBS said that it continues to be optimistic about the Chinese stock market due to its low valuation, light investor positions, accelerated implementation of policy support, and improving corporate profit momentum; the U.S. economy is likely to experience a fairly mild recession in 2024, and the globalinterest rateIt is expected to decline, which will also provide support for the reasonable performance of the Chinese stock market. The Internet is UBS’s most optimistic industry because of its low valuations, improving ROE and solid earnings prospects.

In this way,RMB assets are expected to appreciate further.So we can see on the market that northbound funds turned from a net outflow of 4 billion before the close of the morning and bought heavily, which contributed to this wave of rising stock indexes.


During the weekend review, we were actually optimistic about this week’s market. We mainly believed that the current position does not have much risk and the adjustment is most likely to be benign. Today, there are more positive expectations for the RMB exchange rate, and the feeling of optimism is even more optimistic.

But back on the market, it seems that the sectors leading the gains today are not those that fermented the most over the weekend.


Fortunately, the sectors that were discussed most over the weekend (advanced packaging, short dramas, etc.) still rose a bit in line with the trend of the market today.

Does this contain any signals of changes in wind direction? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

The sector with the biggest gains today isLab-grown diamonds, although it has rebounded a lot recently, it is obviously at a low level from the weekly and monthly lines. To be honest, it hasn’t received much attention recently.

There is a good news that is not very new – with theLab-grown diamondsIts popularity continues to expand, and internationally renowned high-end luxury brands such as LVMH, Prada, and DeBeers have also begun to adopt it.Lab-grown diamondsproducts, leading the development of the blue ocean market for cultivated diamonds.

second in linebrain computer interfacethere are also new catalysts.

According to the Brain-Computer Interface Industry Alliance, the third-party evaluation of brain-computer interface products has been officially launched. Currently, brain-computer interface technology has been widely used in medical,educate, health care, safety production, entertainment and other scenarios, the industry is in a stage of rapid development. However, brain-computer interface technology still faces problems such as how to combine with other technical specifications in different application scenarios and how to standardize technology development and use. In order to meet the needs of the brain-computer interface industry and carry out related work, and further promote product standardization and high-quality development, the Brain-Computer Interface Industry Alliance and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology organized extensive technical research and industrial exchanges, and now launch the first batch of brain-computer interface products. Three-party evaluation work. The evaluation items are brain signal acquisition technology, brain state monitoring feedback application, and brain intention recognition feedback application.

According to Mckinseyresearch reportit is estimated that the market size related to brain-computer interfaces will reach US$70 billion-200 billion during 2030-2040.

HuaxinsecuritiesHe said that there is an urgent need for brain-computer interfaces in medical applications and the market has broad prospects. Considering that brain-computer interface product development is still in its early stages, and technology iterations and technology trends are still uncertain, it is recommended to pay attention to brain-computer interface surgical service providers. The industry is still in its early stages and uncertainties are high.

In terms of capacity,new industrialization(includeIndustrial mother machineautomation equipment,robotetc.) are the protagonists leading the gains today, and they are also beneficial and exciting.

According to reports, the 25th China International High-tech Fair concluded on the 19th. The Chinese Academy of Sciences debuted a domestically produced five-axis high-end CNC system. It has the characteristics of fast response speed and high precision, breaking the long-term foreign technology monopoly and realizing With micron-level precision motion control, it can provide our country’s aerospace,new energyStrategic emerging industries such as automobile manufacturing provide reliable technical support.

Soochow Securitiesexpress,Industrial mother machineIt is a symbol of the level of the country’s manufacturing industry. The domestic market space is nearly 200 billion yuan, but the level of localization in the high-end field is still low, and domestic companies are gradually penetrating into the high-end. Against the background of foreign investment restricting the export of high-end machine tools, machine tool support policies have been frequently introduced in recent years to assist the development of domestic machine tools.In addition, under the background of short-term pressure on the traditional manufacturing industry, domestic machine tool companies are actively laying out the boom track, such as innew energyIn the context of vehicles replacing traditional fuel vehicles, domestic machine tool companies are given opportunities to overtake in corners.

at last,In the short term, today is another day of excitement. The board height has been strengthened, and only one stock in the market has fallen below its limit.


seven-link boardSanbaishuoComplete the “floor and ceiling”;Yinbaoshan newIt is the superposition of multiple popular concepts that starts to accelerate.

Another thing worth noting is the five-link board today.Nanjing Panda.

Judging from the concept of ownership, this stock seems to be a panacea (satellite, brain-computer interface,new industrialization(Both have some points), but which sector will follow or lead the rise in the future requires more observation or research during review.

(Source of article: Daily Economic News)

Article source: Daily Economic News

Original title: Big news comes from the RMB, and A-shares are on edge today

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