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The number of roguinea fever cases increased by 180% year-on-year, with a total of 19 deaths – Local – Greater Johor Focus


Posted: 5:57pm 20/11/2023

Lim Thiam Soon: The cumulative number of dengue cases in Johor this year has reached 9,258 as of the 46th epidemiological week, an increase of 5,952 cases or 180% compared to 3,306 cases last year.

(Johor Bahru News on the 17th) This year, JohorDengueThe cumulative number of cases in the 46th epidemiological week has reached 9,258, an increase of 5,952 cases or 180% compared with 3,306 cases last year.

Johor State Health and Solidarity Committee Chairman Lim Thiam Soon disclosed in a statement that there were no deaths in the 46th epidemiological week, but the cumulative number of deaths in the state this year was 19, an increase of 850% from the two deaths last year.

He said that from this year to the 46th epidemiological week, there have been 9,258 cumulative cases of dengue fever, 3,717 cases or 40.1% occurred in epidemic areas, and 5,541 cases or 59.9% occurred in non-endemic areas.

Lim Thiam Soon said that in the 46th epidemiological week, the state received 183 dengue cases, a decrease of 1.1% from the 185 cases in the 45th epidemiological week.

“Among the 183 cases, 35 occurred in epidemic areas and 148 cases occurred in non-infectious areas.”

He pointed out that among them, Johor Bahru district has the highest number of cases, with 132 cases. The other districts are, in order, Kluang (16 cases), Kulai (10 cases), Kota Tinggi and Segamat (6 cases each), and Batu Pahat (5 cases). , Pontian and Muar (3 cases each), Tangkak (2 cases each), and Mersing has no cases.

He said that compared with the 45th epidemiological week, the number of cases in Johor Bahru and Kluang districts increased in the 46th epidemiological week.

He said that in the 46th epidemiological week, 18 new epidemic areas were added in the state, namely 16 in Johor Bahru District, one each in Kluang and Batu Pahat districts, and the cumulative number of epidemic areas this year has reached 1,188, which is 1,188 compared with the same period last year. of 375, an increase of 813 or 217%.

He said that since the beginning of this year, law enforcement officers have issued 4,955 tickets to people whose houses are infested with mosquitoes, and the amount of fines is RM2.451,600, of which 66% have been cleared.

On the other hand, Lim Thiam Soon revealed that Johor had 1,804 cases in the 46th epidemiological weekinfluenza illness(ILI) cases, compared with 2,322 cases in the 45th epidemiological week, a decrease of 518 cases or 22.3%.

He said that as of the 46th epidemiological week this year, there are 32 cumulative infection clusters in the state, 25 in educational institutions, 3 in hospitals, and 4 others; no new cases have emerged in the 46th epidemiological week. Infection cluster.

In addition, he said that the cumulative number of coronavirus cases in the state is 401,047, of which 397,977 are local cases and 3,070 are imported cases from abroad.

He pointed out that there are still 24 patients in the hospital and 2 patients have been sent to the intensive care unit.

Lin Tianshun also said that as of November 18 this year, the state had received 497 cases.COVID-19 XBB variant virusAmong the reported cases, Johor Bahru County had the most, with 274 cases.

He said that the other districts in order are Muar (59 cases), Kulai (41 cases), Batu Pahat (35 cases), Kluang (25 cases), Kota Tinggi (25 cases), Pontian (18 cases), Tangkak ( 16 cases), Segamat (3 cases), Mersing (1 case).

He said that although there were reports of the XBB variant virus in the state, the situation was still under control.

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