OpenAI’s new CEO! Who is Emmett Shear? What are your thoughts on AI?

OpenAI’s new CEO! Who is Emmett Shear? What are your thoughts on AI?
OpenAI’s new CEO! Who is Emmett Shear? What are your thoughts on AI?

OpenAI’s internal negotiations are reported to have ended. The result of the court battle is that OpenAI will not re-hire Altman as the company’s CEO, but will instead offer an olive branch to Twitch’s former CEO Emmett Shear.

Who is Emmett Shear?

Twitch was formerly American technology entrepreneur Justin Kan uses the website to live broadcast his life around the clock, bringing the platform into the public eye. In 2004, changed its name to Twitch and began to shift to live streaming of popular games. Three years later, the video site was acquired by Amazon (AMZN-US) for nearly $1 billion.

Shear served as Twitch’s CEO until March of this year. Over the past period of time, Twitch has been losing content creators due to changes in its subscription policy, which has made many loyal fans of the site angry.

When some former Twitch users learned that Shear’s next destination might be OpenAI, they couldn’t help but sympathize on X and said that they were worried about OpenAI.

Emmett Shear’s opinion on AI?

In addition to his work at Twitch, Shear is also one of the part-time partners of the famous American technology venture capital Y Combinator. He has been working at Y Combinator since June 2011.

Fortunately, Altman, the former CEO of OpenAI, served as the president of Y Combinator from 2014 to 2019, and the establishment of OpenAI itself also received funding from Y Combinator.

From this perspective, Shear may be no stranger to OpenAI. But on the other hand, Shear himself is not special in technology. He received a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Yale University in 2005. He does not have any reputation in the field of artificial intelligence expertise.

For the technology community, this is enough to be unforgettable. If the OpenAI senior researcher really leaves the company with Ultraman as promised, then the technical staff in OpenAI will most likely be headed by Chief Technology Officer Sutskever, one of the initiators of this “coup”, plus a person who doesn’t know much about AI technology. Shear, OpenAI is likely to be completely surrounded by holders of “doomsday” views.

What’s even more interesting is that Shear’s own speech on the X platform was also quite pessimistic. In a tweet last year, Shear publicly called for regulation of dangerous and wrong ideas.

In addition, he also has his own opinions on the regulatory framework of artificial intelligence, and he also ridicules the monopoly of large models by large companies.

In a tweet on Sunday, Shear seemed to be taking advantage of the situation online, posting a four-dimensional path map for the development of artificial intelligence, dividing artificial intelligence camps according to development speed and influence. He wrote in the caption: Wake up, the AI ​​faction compass has become more important.

When Shear posted, he didn’t know if he had received an invitation from OpenAI, but his picture seemed to explain something. Sutskever, now in the green zone, has apparently found a new CEO who seems like-minded.

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