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Wu Peiyi, No. 1 in Korean Yu regardless of division: If you become the dean, your image will be damaged

▲Legislator Lin Changzuo accompanied Chiang Kai-shek Wanhua Legislator candidate Wu Peiyi and Daan District Legislator candidate Miao Boya to register at the Taipei City Election Committee. (Photo/Provided by Lin Changzuo’s office)

[NOWnews今日新聞] The KMT’s list of non-district legislators was released on the 19th, with former Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu ranking first among the non-district legislators. Non-party legislator Lin Changzuo said in an interview on the 20th that he was “very surprised”. When Han Guoyu served as a legislator 30 years ago, there were no questions during 4 sessions, and he was actually regarded as the best by the Kuomintang; he registered to run for the Legislative Council today. Taipei City Councilor Wu Peiyi said that Hanguo-yu has made many gaffes in the past. If he serves as the legislative president in the future, it will be very harmful to the country’s image.


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