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Want to buy an electric SUV?The six best models to meet different needs | Electric vehicles | The Epoch Times

Want to buy an electric SUV?The six best models to meet different needs | Electric vehicles | The Epoch Times
Want to buy an electric SUV?The six best models to meet different needs | Electric vehicles | The Epoch Times

The picture shows a Tesla Model X car unveiled in Goyang, South Korea on March 30, 2023. (Jung Yeon-je/AFP)

[The Epoch Times, November 20, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Xia Yu) SUVs are favored by consumers in the current automobile market. Similar to the fuel-powered vehicle market, electric SUVs also occupy a dominant position in the electric vehicle market. So what are the best electric SUVs on the market?

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) has become a force that cannot be ignored in the automotive field. Currently, nearly 70% of the more than 40 electric vehicle models on the market in the United States are SUVs. Modern automotive design has transformed today’s SUVs from truck-like off-roaders to more on-road utility vehicles. SUVs have a high seating position and a spacious, family-friendly cabin that drivers love.

In addition, the SUV’s taller body proportions leave just enough space. The space under the chassis accommodates a large, flat battery pack to meet the driver’s range needs. Since most drivers care more about an SUV’s visibility than ground clearance, this is a win-win for consumers and automotive engineers.

In such a fast-growing and highly competitive market, there are so many SUVs to choose from that it’s dizzying. CNET published an article introducing the 6 best electric SUVs.

The best electric SUV for most people: 2023 Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y earns top status with a killer combination of best-in-class range and performance, then beats the competition with unmatched value. It’s not a perfect electric car for everyone, but no car is perfect, and the Tesla Model Y’s core performance, specs, and value make it an easy and smart electric SUV choice for most people.

Tesla’s small SUV can travel 330 miles per charge, far more than other models in its class. Like all Tesla vehicles, Model Y is served by the extensive and reliable Supercharger public charging network, making it ideal for zero-emission road trips.

Perhaps most importantly, the Model Y is one of the most affordable electric vehicles in its class, even before factoring in the $7,500 federal EV tax credit, and is the most fuel-efficient SUV in this ranking, achieving 3.85 miles per kilowatt-hour. mile.

The car’s downside is the controversial Enhanced Autopilot, and expensive FSD (“Full Self-Driving Capability” suite) driver-assistance technology upgrades.

Model Y can carry 5 or 7 people and has a cargo capacity of 34.3/76.2 cubic feet; starting price: $51,880.

The picture shows a Tesla Model Y car in the Tesla parking lot in Austin, Texas, USA. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Best three-row electric SUV: 2023 Rivian R1S

Rivian’s R1S takes all the great qualities of the electric pickup truck R1T and repackages it into a more practical, family-friendly SUV.

This year, Rivian is also introducing a new dual-motor electric powertrain option that’s down on power from the four-motor setup, but it’s also a big improvement in range, efficiency, and economy, making the 533-horsepower model with a large battery pack , the R1S dual motor with a range of 352 miles has become the best choice.

The vehicle’s strengths include a bold, eye-catching design and a new dual-motor powertrain that delivers greater range and greater efficiency at less cost. The downside is that touch-screen-heavy dashboards may put off traditional truck and SUV drivers, and driver-assistance technology will take more time to perfect.

This vehicle can carry seven people, has a maximum cargo volume of 28.7/104 cubic feet, and has a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds. Starting price: $84,000.

Rivian R1S SUV (Ben Moon/RIVIAN/AFP)

The most luxurious three-row electric SUV: 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 (Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 SUV)

Electric utility vehicles don’t get much more luxurious and gorgeous than the hybrid version of the Maybach EQS SUV. The Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 features a retuned suspension for maximum comfort and a first-class interior with upgraded sound insulation, ultra-luxurious leather upholstery and reclining rear seats , making passengers feel like they are flying on a private jet.

The car even has an optional refrigerator with a champagne flute cooler. The extra luxury and 22-inch wheels add weight to the already heavy SUV, so Mercedes boosts the electric motor to 649 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque to make up for the shortfall.

The pluses of this luxury SUV are its quiet cabin and plush interior, with the most luxurious back seat of any electric SUV. The downside is that the huge ultra-screen infotainment suite isn’t for everyone.

The Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 has a range of 280 miles (manufacturer estimate), can carry four or five people, has a maximum cargo capacity of 31/74.2 cubic feet, and can tow 3,500 pounds. Starting price: $181,050.

Electric SUV with the longest range: Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model

The Model

This electric SUV can accommodate up to seven passengers and features wild Falcon doors.

Starting price: $81,380.

Tesla Model X car. (Axel Schmidt/Getty Images for Greentech Festival)

Cheapest Electric SUV: Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Starting at just $28,795, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV is one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the road today. This humble subcompact crossover is larger than its Bolt EV sibling, has more interior space than other subcompact rivals, and is better suited for city parking.

Bot EUV’s trump card is GM Super Cruise, giving this basic budget electric car a surprising amount of high-tech features to make long commutes easier.

Although the EPA estimates the vehicle can travel 247 miles per charge, the relatively slow 55kW DC fast charging limits the EUV’s usefulness for long-distance road trips. Suburban commuting and running errands provide plenty of wiggle room.

But the automaker has announced it will stop producing the affordable electric SUV later this year.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV. (Leo Ao/The Epoch Times)

2024 Kia ​​EV6 (Kia EV6)

The vehicle’s V2L adapter allows a parked EV6 to output approximately 1.6 kilowatts of power through a standard AC outlet (NEMA 5-15), which can be used to power campsites, tailgating parties, and more. With the help of an extension cord, it can keep your refrigerator and some appliances running. In an emergency, you can even charge another electric car, but very slowly.

Additionally, the EV6 is a great electric car for small families, with a range of up to 310 miles and fast charging, making it perfect for road trips.

The downside is that there is no trunk (front trunk) storage space under the hood.

This car can carry five people, and the starting price is: $43,925.

On October 5, 2023, a Kia EV6 five-seater electric car was displayed during the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) in Doha, Qatar. (Elie Bekhazi/Gimsqat)

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