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2023 Los Angeles Auto Show Live: Full-size seven-passenger SUV fighter, Lexus TX500h Performance compared with Toyota Grand Highlander


Written by: Jason Hu

The Lexus TX, which debuted together with the GX in June this year, is the twin model of the Grand Highlander that was just launched. It is also a new premium three-row, seven-passenger SUV that replaces the previous RX L positioning. Currently, the TX is positioned as a model specifically developed and launched in North America to meet the strong demand for three-row seat models in North America. Its interior space has been carefully designed to allow all passengers to move comfortably.

This time at the scene can be regarded as the “first public display” of TX’s official release, so naturally, of course, I have to come and experience it!


The exterior design of the TX is quite similar to the new LBX car. The spindle-shaped water tank cover on the front continues the NX, RX and LBX and evolved into a frameless design. The through-shaped trim strip above connects the sharp LED headlights on both sides. As for the daytime running lights and the water tank cover It echoes and deliberately exceeds the frame of the headlights, so the front of the car looks very sharp.


Since it is “redesigned” based on the Grand Highlander, the TX’s body structure is quite similar to it. Not only does it have expanded fenders, but the D-pillars are also blackened to create the feeling of a floating roof. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height are 5159mm


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