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Jie Lijian has not yet been released, Chen Chuangchuang: At least 40 people were attacked (multiple videos) | San Francisco | APEC Summit | CCP thugs

Jie Lijian has not yet been released, Chen Chuangchuang: At least 40 people were attacked (multiple videos) | San Francisco | APEC Summit | CCP thugs
Jie Lijian has not yet been released, Chen Chuangchuang: At least 40 people were attacked (multiple videos) | San Francisco | APEC Summit | CCP thugs

[NTDNewsBeijingtimeNovember192023]Outside the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) venue in San Francisco, thugs hired by the Chinese Communist Party continued to attack protest groups, and many people were injured. Lawyer Chen Chuangchuang said that at least 40 people were attacked by CCP thugs. In addition, China Democracy Party member Jie Lijian, who was previously taken away by the police for self-defense, has not been released on bail.

The CCP hires prostitutes to “welcome” Xi

When Xi Jinping, the leader of the Communist Party of China, attended the APEC Summit in San Francisco, overseas protest groups from all walks of life gathered outside the APEC venue and the hotel where the leader of the Communist Party of China stayed to protest against the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party, constantly shouting slogans of “Down with the Communist Party” and “Down with Xi Jinping.”

The CCP spent money to hire a large number of thugs, pro-communist people and even prostitutes to welcome the CCP leader and constantly harassed and attacked the protestors.

Hu Liren, a former Shanghai entrepreneur, disclosed on the The guest’s prostitute.

In an interview with The Epoch Times on November 18, Hu Liren said that Chen Shanzhuang, an overseas Chinese leader in New York, recruited some people to go to San Francisco to welcome the leader of the Communist Party of China: “Each person is paid two hundred yuan per day, and then the air tickets, accommodation, and meals are all covered by them.”

Chen Chuangchuang: At least 40 protesters were attacked

In the past few days, multiple videos have been posted online showing thugs hired by the Chinese Communist Party constantly attacking protesters, injuring many. Chen Chuangchuang, executive director of the National Committee of the China Democratic Party, was sprayed with pepper spray by CCP thugs on November 16 and suffered an eye injury.

In an interview with The Epoch Times on the 17th, Chen Chuangchuang said that as far as he knows, at least 40 anti-communist protesters from different groups have been attacked by CCP thugs in the past three days, but the San Francisco police did not arrest these CCP thugs.

Zheng Cunzhu, the head of the China Democratic Party in Los Angeles, told The Epoch Times on the 18th that he found it unbelievable that such an incident would happen in the free United States. He believed that the Chinese consulate was behind these CCP thugs’ attacks on protesters.

He said that in mainland China and Hong Kong, the CCP used violence against ordinary people and beat protesters. “But we never imagined that they would use this gangster method to the United States. Such things have been happening continuously in the past two or three years, whether on the streets or on the streets.” When there was a confrontation on the street, it was still like this, with members of the underworld following the scene, and then the majority besieged the minority. This is completely the consistent method of the Communist Party.”

Jie Lijian was falsely accused by the CCP

The CCP not only hired thugs to attack protesters, but also falsely accused them. On the 16th, Jie Lijian, CEO of the Youth Department of the China Democracy Party, was falsely accused by CCP thugs while defending himself on the street and was taken away by the San Francisco police.

Zheng Cunzhu said that Jie Lijian was actually under surveillance before the protest and was put under special precautions. “(The Chinese Communist Party) took the form of false accusations and told the relevant US departments that the border establishment was preparing weapons and so on. But in fact they went to search a day in advance and there was no such thing. As a result, when we fought back, the police He was arrested afterwards.”

Lawyer Chen Chuangchuang also revealed to The Epoch Times that the San Francisco police even asked Jie Lijian if he had any plans to assassinate Xi Jinping and wanted to search Jie Lijian’s residence. “This is completely ridiculous.”

Chen Chuangchuang said that the China Democrats will sue the San Francisco City Government and the San Francisco Police Department in the San Francisco Federal Court. “The San Francisco California authorities completely compromised with the Chinese Communist Party, protected the Communist bandits, condoned the Communist bandits, shielded the Communist bandits, and committed crimes wantonly. It left us with a really bad impression.”

Zheng Cunzhu said that Jie Lijian has not yet arranged to go to court. They will have lawyers come forward to strive for early bail. At the same time, they are also collecting relevant evidence of CCP thugs attacking protesters and submitting it to the police.

Protesters: Three fights broke out outside the APEC venue

A young protester said that on the 16th, Chinese Communist thugs attacked their protest group outside the APEC venue, and three fights broke out between the two sides. It can be seen in the video that he was injured by the CCP thugs and his eyes were swollen.

He said that the first conflict was when they were hanging a banner. The CCP thugs thought the banner was very explosive because it was aimed at Xi Jinping, so they wanted to grab it.

“We were about to protect the banner, and there were physical conflicts during the process. We also fought back. We won the first battle and we protected the banner,” he said. “There was an American among us who was used by them (the Chinese Communist thugs). The bottle broke his head and he bled a lot.”

Then, he pointed to his injured eye and said it was from the second fight. The CCP thugs wanted to plant the CCP bandit flag in the area where they were protesting, but of course they would not allow it, and the two sides clashed again.

Another injured protester, Li Delong, posted videos and photos on the X platform, saying, “CCP thugs beat the protesters in front of the police.”

He also said that several of the people in the photo were Chinese Communist thugs who attacked him and two other protesters on November 17. These people usually lurked in parking lots and roadsides, waiting for opportunities to attack lone anti-Communist people. He exposed the true face of these people, hoping to let more protesters know and take precautions.

(Comprehensive reporting by reporter Luo Tingting/Editor in charge: Wen Hui)

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