2023 Los Angeles Auto Show Live: Full-size seven-passenger SUV fighter, Lexus TX500h Performance compared with Toyota Grand Highlander


The Lexus TX, which debuted together with the GX in June this year, is the twin model of the Grand Highlander that was just launched. It is also a new premium three-row, seven-passenger SUV that replaces the previous RX L positioning. Currently, the TX is positioned as a model specifically developed and launched in North America to meet the strong demand for three-row seat models in North America. Its interior space has been carefully designed to allow all passengers to move comfortably.

This time at the scene can be regarded as the “first public display” of TX’s official release, so naturally, of course, I have to come and experience it!

The exterior design of the TX is quite similar to the new LBX car. The spindle-shaped water tank cover on the front continues the NX, RX and LBX and evolved into a frameless design. The through-shaped trim strip above connects the sharp LED headlights on both sides. As for the daytime running lights and the water tank cover It echoes and deliberately exceeds the frame of the headlights, so the front of the car looks very sharp.



Since it is “redesigned” based on the Grand Highlander, the TX’s body structure is quite similar to it. Not only does it have expanded fenders, but the D-pillars are also blackened to create the feeling of a floating roof. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height are 5159mm




The interior is clearly different from the Grand Highlander. The Tazuna architecture is equipped with a 12.3-inch instrument panel + 14-inch floating central control screen and retains physical buttons. Others include a HUD head-up display, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android AUTO compatibility. The 21-speaker Mark Levinson Premium surround-sound system, available on all powertrains and tuned specifically for the TX cabin, delivers high-quality sound!




In addition, the seat layout maintains two layouts: 2+2+2 and 2+3+2, and is equipped with independent air conditioning and manual adjustment for the rear seats. When the second-row seats are folded down, the backs of the third-row seats can remain flush, and the storage space after folding is up to 2775 liters. The TX has a total of 13 cup holders and 7 Type C charging ports, which fully meets the needs of the whole family when traveling. The third row of seats has a very considerable seating space, even adults can stretch out freely.

After actually experiencing these two cars, you will find that Lexus is still superior in the use of details. In terms of texture, it uses a large amount of synthetic leather and Alcantara materials to pave it. When you sit in, you will not associate it with the Grand Highlander. association.






To differentiate itself from the Grand Highlander, the Lexus TX uses extensive sound-deadening materials such as high-damping door and roof seals, and additional sound-deadening material under the trunk and floor areas to reduce vibration-related rear-seat noise. The frame section consists of welds and adhesives that add rigidity to the vehicle’s connections to the main frame components of the chassis. In addition, the steering system and rear-wheel suspension system have also been strengthened. With the introduction of a rear multi-link suspension design and a widened front and rear track, these improvements allow the vehicle to be directly connected to the road through the tires, resulting in better handling. feel.


Lexus Safety Sense+ 3.0 is also standard on TX models, including collision warning, full-speed active cruise, lane keeping, and automatic lane changing. It is also worth mentioning that it also supports NFC car keys, as well as the latest Advanced Park System automatic parking function and Lexus Drive Connect. When activated, the system includes Traffic Jam Assist, which allows full control of stop-and-go, while using full-speed radar cruise control.


In terms of power, it is divided into various power forms such as TX 350, TX 500h and TX 550h+. The TX 500h “F SPORT PERFROMANCE” on display at the scene adopts the exclusive 2.4 Turbo Hybrid turbo hybrid system specifications and also introduces “DIRECT4” four-wheel In terms of driving technology, the combined system horsepower is 371hp and the maximum torque is 555Nm; finally, the TX 550h+ uses a PHEV system composed of a 3.5L V6 engine and an electric motor, with a maximum power of 412hp and a pure electric range of about 55km.

The TX 500h “F SPORT PERFROMANCE” also has a DRS rear-wheel dynamic steering system. This rear steering system causes the rear wheels to turn in the same direction as the front wheels for stable steering response at high speeds, but at slower speeds the rear wheels will turn in the opposite direction for better steering response. Control.

Facing the demand for third rows required by the North American market, Lexus has always had only the GX model to compete, and the RX L is more of a “hurry-up” product. Now the addition of Lexus TX has corrected the shortcomings of RX L in the past, and will greatly increase its voice in the luxury mid-to-large SUV market in the future. The question of whether the Taiwanese market will be introduced is because for Lexus, the TX is a model exclusively for the North American market and is also the first Lexus model produced at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI) in Indiana. It will only be supplied to North America in the early stage. The market situation and even the Chinese market are not visible, so the chances of introduction into the Taiwan market are naturally not that high.














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