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Tang Qi’s Life Scenery Photos | PeoPo Citizen News

Tang Qi’s Life Scenery Photos | PeoPo Citizen News
Tang Qi’s Life Scenery Photos | PeoPo Citizen News

A leisurely autumn afternoon in 2023
In an outdoor cafe next to a park in Taipei City
It’s very rare for us to meet together
Being able to chat with each other in gratitude for safety and health
Enjoy the beauty this autumn brings

The song “The Older I Get” comes to my ears
When you get older
Listening to this song, I feel more and more deeply
Shih Hsin University USR Program
“Life Scenery Photo Group” led by Teacher Xiao Huang
Today’s protagonist is Tang Qi
A “rich life” where drama and cake intertwine
Everyone is writing their own story
You and I can both be storytellers.

I just saw this little book
what do you think
I’m really touched
Saw this one
You are so thoughtful
thanks, thanks

life is like a journey
The scenery revealed by the challenging experiences
It’s also quite impressive.
by chatting
We gave the first draft to Tang Qi
And asked her to talk about the past
Tang Qi has a kind and kind heart
Plus he has a pair of big talking eyes
Smart and agile
The Making of Her was a smash hit.
The heroine of the movie “The Blue and the Black”
He is a representative character in the idol drama “Grandma Professional”
He achieved great success in the entertainment industry at that time
Later in the baking world
She also established her own exclusive kingdom
She is a pioneer in Taiwan’s artistic cake industry
Talking about “Citizen Cake”
Everyone gave a thumbs up
Tang Qi’s life is full of dramatic romance
The creative happiness cake she weaves with heart
It also warms more than 50 directly-operated stores at home and abroad.
Sweetened everyone’s mouth

What kind of sesame paste is this?
Is this sesame paste?
sesame paste
The one made with sesame paste
moon cake moon cake
And it was before
It should be what you go to
It seems like last time I said it was going to this place
This “ruyi” design is to go to the Forbidden City
There are many others
And because it has a lot of “jade” things
You take a picture of it
Let’s copy it down
Why did you think of this?
Why do you want to do this after going to the Forbidden City?
please teach me
Only the Forbidden City has these things you can’t think of
Many unexpected things
Just look at where they are hanging
Just write it down
Go back and paint
Then you finish painting and then
You need to make the mold yourself
Oh, I need to open a mold
To open the mold
What happened to the story of the little sheep?
It’s just that he was born and had a birthday, and he was born in the Year of the Sheep.
So at that time I made him a lamb
How old was he then?
He took it out 20 years later
He didn’t eat it
He put it in the refrigerator
Many refrigerators have been replaced
But the lamb didn’t change
He brought it to me to see
It’s not that I’m just…
He said he didn’t mean it, I just said it
I really have it
He really brought it
In the refrigerator for 20 years
Isn’t it touching?
Ha ha ha ha

It’s so cool that you don’t even know how many refrigerators you have to replace when you buy one.

There is a rooster
She is about 3 or 4 years old
Her mother made her a chick
Of course she has eaten the chicken now
But the photo was taken by her and now she wants it again
Now she is in her 30s
It’s her who is celebrating her birthday with her and her mother
They were all chickens, so I made three chickens that day.
After I finished it, I realized I was wrong
There are three hens
I made three cocks

What kind of powerful people were invited?
to design this logo
Then put this flag cake
this this
Make this LOGO
I’m actually very curious about who designed it.
This is my idea, my design, what I want
But please help me draw it
Well, what were your thoughts at that time?
I like red white and blue
Because you are Citi
Citi is America
Because there were very few people when we were in America
There are many Cantonese people there
He rarely talks about America
He all said Citibank Citibank Citibank
So I said use Citigroup
That Citigroup flag is red, white and blue
Then use use stars

Tang Qi, whose age is invisible
82 years old this year
Confused and simple personality
Always have a girl’s heart
Artistic innovation is at the forefront of the times
Tang Qi said, “Life is short
We have to do what we like
And I only do two things in my life
Acting and making cakes”
This is her concise and lively portrait of life scenery
Reported by Dad Zhou from Taipei

The article is in Chinese

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