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A female tutor was accused of corporally punishing a 9-year-old girl by squeezing, slapping and beating her with a stick – Local – Lion City 23 Events


Posted: 4:33pm 18/11/2023

The mother showed the injury to the girl’s arm. (Taken from Shin Min Daily News)

(Singapore News on the 18th) Parents complained that when their 9-year-old daughter came to Singapore to attend a private cram school to prepare for exams, the teacher pinched her breasts, slapped her, spanked her buttocks, and even hit her face with an “iron rod”. The police intervened to investigate.

The victim, Zhou Min (39 years old), accompanied her 9-year-old daughter in an interview with Shin Min Daily News and revealed that she and her husband came to Singapore from China this year to work in a traditional Chinese medicine clinic. Go to elementary school.

After being introduced by a friend, the couple arranged for their daughter to stay with a privateTuition teacherI take classes at home and prepare to apply for school.

After taking the course for more than a month, the girl’s mother found multiple bruises on her body after taking a shower on the night of November 3. After questioning, she learned that she had been punished by the teacher.

It is reported that the person involved is a 60-year-old female private tutor. The 9-year-old girl goes to her apartment in Ang Mo Kio every Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am to pm to take classes at home to learn English and mathematics.

According to the girl, during class, the teacher would attack her because she was not good at learning English words. In addition to slapping her, the teacher also pinched her arms, chest, legs, etc. with her fingernails, and hit her buttocks with a clothes hanger.

The girl also said: “Once, the teacher hit me in the face with a metal rod more than one meter long, which hurt my teeth.”

Zhou Min said that after hearing her daughter’s account of the incident, she took her to the police station to call the police and undergo a physical examination. In addition, starting from November 4, my daughter no longer attends classes at the teacher’s home.

When questioned, the police confirmed that they had received a report and were currently investigating.

There are many bruises all over the body and I have nightmares and don’t want to go to class.

I have many bruises all over my body, I don’t want to go to class, and I have nightmares about being chased at night.

According to photos taken by her parents, the girl had multiple injuries on her body, including around her arms, abdomen and chest. As for the area where the metal rod hit the face, there were no obvious injuries. However, Zhou Min said that the doctor recommended seeing a dentist for a check-up.

(Issued) Rou: Two or three incidents in the Lion City: A female tutor was accused of corporally punishing a 9-year-old girl by squeezing, slapping, and beating her with a stick
The girl also had injuries on her front body. (Taken from Shin Min Daily News)

The girl revealed that the beating left a shadow and she would have nightmares in the middle of the night. She dreamed of someone chasing her with a knife, which woke her up.

Zhou Min said that she will enroll her daughter in a formal learning center next.

My parents thought it was just a minorcorporal punishment

The parents thought it was just mild corporal punishment. According to the chat records between the girl’s parents and the teacher involved, the teacher said to the parents more than once: “I was beaten again today,” “I was beaten once every 5 minutes, and twice today,” and “I was beaten this morning, and again. Treat her to Hainanese chicken rice” and so on.

The parents told reporters that they had always thought it was only mild corporal punishment, such as spanking the palms and buttocks.

“When we saw the injuries, we were stunned.”

It is understood that the girl did not mention the beating to her parents for a long time, and even thought that the teacher was old and did not want to call the police. However, the parents believed that the situation was serious and did not want other children to suffer, so they decided to call the police.

(Issued) Rou: Two or three incidents in the Lion City: A female tutor was accused of corporally punishing a 9-year-old girl by squeezing, slapping, and beating her with a stick
The girl said the teacher would hit her on the buttocks with a clothes hanger. (Taken from Shin Min Daily News)

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