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TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award Yuanta Financial Holdings wins 11th award | Financial News | Industrial Economics


As a trusted brand that accompanies customers’ growth,Yuanta Financial Holdings(2885) pays attention to domestic and international sustainability trends, fully promotes the group’s “sustainable development strategic blueprint”, and adjusts various sustainability performance indicators on a rolling basis. It has been highly praised by domestic and foreign professional institutions. Yuanta Financial Holdings and its subsidiary Yuanta The bank, Yuanta Investment Trust, and Yuanta Futures won 11 awards at the 16th TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards 2023 this year, setting a model for sustainability.

Yuanta Financial Holdings has long-term promotion of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is developing forward and has proposed three sustainability commitments: “Net Zero Carbon Emissions”, “Sustainable Finance” and “Talent Cultivation”. It has not only won the “Taiwan’s Top 100 Sustainability Model Enterprises Award”, “Financial and Insurance Industry Sustainability Report” The company was recognized with two awards including the “Book Platinum Award”, and its initiatives such as focusing on human rights, supporting gender equality, and creating a friendly and healthy workplace also won the “Workplace Welfare Leadership Award”.

While deeply engaged in financial business development and profit creation, Yuanta Financial Holdings, from board members to employees, is sincerely committed to sustainable behavior and actively aligns with international standards, including being ranked in the “Leadership Level” of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for five consecutive years. ”, passed the Science-based Carbon Reduction Target (SBT) verification, ranked in the top 5% of the stock exchange’s corporate governance evaluation, etc., and was invited by the Financial Supervisory Commission to serve as a founding member of the “Sustainable Finance Pioneer Alliance” and has been selected for 4 consecutive years. Constituent stocks of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index are on both lists.

Yuanta Bank uses scientific and systematic methods to reduce its own carbon emissions while providing customers with low-carbon financial products. For example, the Yuanta Mobile Banking APP has passed carbon neutrality dual verification and is the country’s first digital financial zero-carbon APP. The “Jintanji” personal carbon account converts abstract grams of carbon reduction into actual carbon reduction benefits. As of the end of September this year, a total of 190 million A4 sheets of paper have been saved. The stacking height is equivalent to about 528 Taipei 101 buildings, a total reduction of about 4,068 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to protecting 400,000 trees for the earth, and won the “Climate Leadership Award” and “Creative Communication Leadership Award”.

From investing in ESG products to moving towards ESG investment, and then promoting companies and investors to pay attention to and implement ESG issues, Yuanta Investment Trust uses its investment influence to promote the sustainable development of companies. In 2019, it launched the Yuanta Taiwan ESG Sustainability ETF (00850). Covering the three major ESG aspects, it also breaks the traditional form of consultation and adopts the method of due diligence governance meeting among three parties including investment credit companies, invested companies and index companies to reduce ESG investment risks and create a win-win situation for investors, companies, asset management companies and society. Won the “Innovative Growth Leadership Award”, “Talent Communication Leadership Award” and “Creative Communication Leadership Award”.

In the turbulent international economic environment, Yuanta Futures (6023) has strengthened various operating management indicators and expanded business growth momentum with a prudent and pragmatic operating attitude. At the same time, it firmly believes that gender equality is the key to long-term corporate success and social progress, and actively promotes gender equality. Equality and diversity leadership, the male-to-female ratio of colleagues is close to one to one, and it has ranked in the top 5% of corporate governance evaluations conducted by the stock exchange for nine consecutive years, and won the “Sustainability Report Silver Award” and “Talent Development Leader” Award” and “Gender Equality Leadership Award” have been recognized by the three awards. In the future, we will continue to implement the sustainable management goals.

The TCSA Taiwan Business Sustainability Award has entered its 16th year. Including industry, government and academia, a total of 526 companies have applied for the award this year, an increase of 24% from last year, showing that the enthusiasm for sustainability has not diminished; Yuanta Financial Holdings Group has gone from initiative to Practice, strive to lead the industry and society towards sustainability, create a green financial ecosystem, work with all stakeholders to create sustainable impact value, and move towards the goal of becoming an “international sustainability benchmark enterprise”.

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Yuanta Financial Holdings wins 11th TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award

As a trusted brand that accompanies customers’ growth, Yuanta Financial Holdings (2885) pays attention to domestic and international sustainability trends, fully promotes the group’s “Sustainable Development Strategic Blueprint”, and adjusts various sustainable…

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