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This time, the Chinese men’s football team played against the Asian powerhouse Oman, showing something different from the score difference. As for the Chinese men’s football team, which is preparing for the next home match, I see great hope from their away performance. Regarding these three goals conceded, the first two were conceded points on set pieces, and the third goal was conceded as a result of Oman catching a gap before the end of the game. I think it’s hard to say who will win against Oman again. I’m looking forward to defeating our opponent when we return to home against Oman!

In this game, especially in the first 10 minutes, the team that took the initiative was our representative team. An Yien and You Yaoxing established good gaps and passing routes for the team, buying a lot of time in the frontcourt. Especially An Yin, his excellent skills and the intensity of direct confrontation with his opponents spread the Chinese team’s offense. On the other hand, the quality of the ball passed by No. 8 midfielder Wu Yanshu, who was coached by my friend Lao Niu, coach Liang Runong, is as precise as precision machinery. It is really good. It makes me want to call it “TSMC on the court.” This player.

File photo of Wu Yanshu (photo by Peng Shanhao)

More importantly, congratulations to our U20 Ye Jingjun, who made his adult representative team debut in this away game! A very powerful thing! There are still many good players in the U20, and I hope that in the near future, they will all come to the adult team stage and perform.

Gao Guanyu (left) and Ye Jingjun (right) both high school students made their adult team debutsGao Guanyu (left) and Ye Jingjun (right) both high school students made their adult team debuts
Gao Guanyu (left) and Ye Jingjun (right) both high school students made their adult team debuts

I think it’s a pity that despite having good performance and play, there is no way to win the game. In the 12th minute of the first half, after the central defender made an accidental mistake, we gradually became a passive side.

The goal conceded in the 16th minute due to the opponent’s free kick tactics was really a pity. It was a bit of a waste of the momentum and situation that the Chinese team worked hard to create.

The occurrence of this conceded goal was related to three simultaneous errors.

The first is that the person responsible for staring at the far post of the goal was got rid of by the opponent. Secondly, there was also a situation of missing people in the middle area in front of the goal, which eventually caused the goalkeeper and the opponent to overlap. When you encounter an opponent with a relatively high competitive level, you will be beaten hard by the opponent. I think that when it comes to defending free kicks and corner kicks, unless we encounter an opponent whose physical condition is obviously better than ours, it may be better to try to use “man-to-man” as the defensive execution principle.

If this is not done, it may happen that gaps are created due to unclear responsibilities on the field, allowing opponents to take advantage of them.

The second corner kick was conceded in a similar situation, but what was different this time was that even though our players did accurate marking, the goalkeeper’s position still overlapped with the opponent’s at the moment the opponent took the corner kick. I think as long as we continue to make corrections in the future, the players can keep a clean sheet. There is no need to blame the goalkeeper. He made many wonderful saves in this game and prevented Taiwan from losing many points. As long as he improves his defense of high-altitude balls, Pan Wenjie will definitely become a stronger goalkeeper.

Pan WenjiePan Wenjie
Pan Wenjie

I think this is a game where you can feel the improvement in the strength of the men’s adult representative team.


About the author Shi Wei (Shi Guosi)

He is currently the chairman of Orbis Investments in Japan and the coach of the U-20 Chinese representative training team.
Born in Taipei, he moved to Japan when he was 1 year old and has lived in Japan ever since.

Football player career:
J-League FC Machida ZELVIA Club Youth Team (Japan)
FC.Enfield (English)
Hong Kong Wanderers Football Association (Hong Kong)
F-League Bardral Urayasu (Japan)

In 2004, he joined Goldman Sachs Securities Co., Ltd. (Strategic Investment Department), known as the world’s most powerful investment bank, and worked at Bain Capital (Goldman Sachs Strategic Investment Department in three countries). In 2012, he received the world’s highest MBA degree from the same university as President Tsai Ing-wen, London Business School. MBA from the Institute (London Business School), Business School Scholar Award.
In 2012, he joined Orbis Investments in the UK. After working in the Hong Kong company, he has held his current position (Japanese Chairman) since 2016.
While studying and working in the financial field abroad, he was active as a football and futsal player in national teams and other countries.
From 1999 to 2000, Shi Wei was selected for the U-19 Chinese national team and served as captain to participate in the FIFA World Youth Championship Asian Qualifiers.
From 2015 to 2016, Shi Wei represented the Chinese futsal team in the World Cup Asian Finals qualifiers.
Participated in international A-level competitions a total of 10 times.

Translator & Editor: Peng Shanhao

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