More than 40 anti-communist activists were beaten and two were injured in San Francisco | APEC | Protest

More than 40 anti-communist activists were beaten and two were injured in San Francisco | APEC | Protest
More than 40 anti-communist activists were beaten and two were injured in San Francisco | APEC | Protest

On the afternoon of the 17th local time, three anti-communist activists were attacked on their way out of a protest in San Francisco. Two were injured, one of whom was seriously injured. (Zheng CunzhuX account)

[The Epoch Times, November 18, 2023](Epoch Times reporters Ning Haizhong, Yi Ru, and Luo Ya reported) During the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in San Francisco, conflicts broke out many times between those protesting and welcoming the leader of the Communist Party of China. The latest news is that three anti-communist activists were attacked on their way out of the protest site. Two were injured, one of whom was seriously injured. Insiders said that at least 40 anti-communist protesters were beaten in the past three days. In addition, China Democracy Party member Jie Lijian, who was previously arrested by the police, has not yet been released on bail.

Anti-communist protesters were beaten one after another in San Francisco. Pro-democracy activists: incredible

According to information reported by multiple people familiar with the matter: At about 1 or 2 pm on the 17th local time, three people participating in the anti-communist protest left the protest site at the San Francisco Airport early for something to do. They were followed and arrested by more than a dozen young people suspected of being pro-communist. attack. The three of them are Zhang Kaiyu and Li Delong from mainland China and Zhou Bo from Hong Kong. Zhang Kaiyu was in his fifties and Uncle Zhou was seventy-four years old. The two of them were beaten. Zhang Kaiyu was seriously injured and was sent to the emergency room. He left the hospital at about 7 p.m.

Zhou Bo, an anti-communist protester who was beaten, told The Epoch Times about the situation at the time on the 18th. The three of them left the airport protest site early and were attacked on the road.

“Walking a while, I found a group of young people in front of me. He was fine at first, so he walked forward. Then he stood and looked at us. I knew there were people behind us, and it might be the people behind who called them to inform them. We were very careful. We passed him, but he kept following us and provoking us with words, and then when we got to the Costco gas station, they beat us.”

One of the three anti-communist protesters was not beaten because he had been injured the day before and had his head wrapped.

Uncle Zhou said that he was not seriously injured but had some pain in his waist, but Kaiyu was seriously injured. “The eyes were very swollen and his head was full of blood. It looked like he had been hit with a hard object, not with fists, but it was very chaotic at the time. I can’t see very clearly.”

Chen Chuangchuang, executive director of the National Committee of the China Democratic Party, was also shot with pepper spray and suffered an eye injury. He told The Epoch Times on the 17th about the attack on the above three people, saying that because the leader of the Chinese Communist Party was leaving San Francisco, they protested in the protest area outside the airport. The three friends left beforehand to pick up their car from a parking lot near the airport, but they were followed and beaten by those pinks.

Chen Chuangchuang said that as far as he knows, pro-communists have beaten at least 40 anti-communist protesters belonging to different groups in the past three days, but no pro-communists have been arrested by the San Francisco police.

“These pro-communist elements wantonly beat peaceful protestors in San Francisco without any consequences and without any cost.”

Zheng Cunzhu, the head of the China Democratic Party in Los Angeles, told The Epoch Times on the 18th that the dozen young people who beat people this time were wearing black clothes, had tattoos on their bodies, and had their hair dyed. He believed that the Chinese Consulate was behind the incident.

“Definitely, if you think about it, in mainland China, they use unscrupulous violence against Chinese people. Later, during the anti-extradition movement in Hong Kong in 2019, we saw that the Hong Kong police also used gangster methods. Beating up protesters. But we didn’t expect that they would use this gangster method to the United States. This kind of thing has been happening constantly in the past two or three years, whether it is when there are confrontations in the streets, or like this, there are mafia organizations Members of the group followed them at the scene, and then the majority besieged the minority, which is completely the consistent method of the Communist Party.”

Zheng Cunzhu said that it was incredible that such an incident happened in the free United States.

The pro-democracy activists arrested in Jie Li’s anti-communist movement plan to sue the government and police

During the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, anti-communist voices arose in San Francisco. All protest groups expressed their demands for “an end to the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.” They kept shouting slogans of “Down with the Communist Party” and “Down with Xi Jinping” outside the summit venue and the hotel where the leader of the Chinese Communist Party stayed. .

Facing the massive protest crowd, the CCP hired a large number of thugs to attack the protesters and try to disperse the protest groups. Fierce conflicts broke out between the two sides, and many protesters were injured.

On the 16th, Jie Lijian, CEO of the Youth Department of China Democracy Party, was taken away by the San Francisco police while defending himself on the street.

Zheng Cunzhu introduced the situation of Jie Lijian, the head of the youth department of China Democracy Party, who was arrested by the police. It is reported that Jie Lijian has not yet been scheduled to go to court. They will have lawyers come forward to strive for early bail.

Zheng Cunzhu said that in fact Jie Lijian had been under surveillance before and had been put under special precautions.

“(The Chinese Communist Party) took the form of false accusations and told the relevant US departments to prepare weapons and so on. But in fact they went to search a day in advance and there was no such thing. As a result, when we fought back, the police He was arrested afterwards.”

Chen Chuangchuang also revealed that the police even asked Jie Lijian if he had any plans to assassinate Xi Jinping and wanted to search Jie Lijian’s residence. “This is completely ridiculous.”

Chen Chuangchuang said that the China Democrats will sue the San Francisco City Government and the San Francisco Police Department in the San Francisco Federal Court. “The San Francisco California authorities completely compromised with the CCP, protected the communist bandits, condoned the communist bandits, shielded the communist bandits, and committed crimes wantonly. It left us with a really bad impression.”

Zheng Cunzhu said that now their first step is to go through judicial procedures and get Jie Lijian released as soon as possible. Relevant evidence is also being collected to provide the police with evidence of pro-communist personnel harassing and beating protesters.

“We believe that police enforcement is a form of discrimination based on political views, and they clearly did not adopt a fair and impartial manner in the enforcement process. We do not rule out filing a civil lawsuit against the police in San Francisco to safeguard the most basic rights stipulated in our constitution. “He said.

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