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Attacks by pro-communists escalate. Lawyer Chen Chuangchuang was sprayed with pepper spray on both eyes | San Francisco | New York

Attacks by pro-communists escalate. Lawyer Chen Chuangchuang was sprayed with pepper spray on both eyes | San Francisco | New York
Attacks by pro-communists escalate. Lawyer Chen Chuangchuang was sprayed with pepper spray on both eyes | San Francisco | New York

Lawyer Chen Chuangchuang told police he was attacked and had pepper spray sprayed in his eyes. His eyes could not be opened and his expression was painful. (provided by readers)

[The Epoch Times, November 17, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Lin Dan reported in New York) On November 16 (Thursday), outside the APEC venue in San Francisco, attacks and attacks on anti-communist people by pro-communist people escalated. At noon in San Francisco, Chen Chuangchuang, CEO of the National Committee of the China Democracy Party and a practicing lawyer in New York and Los Angeles, had pepper spray (pepper water) sprayed into his eyes on the street near the hotel where Xi Jinping was staying. He had just been there the day before. After his glasses were broken by protesters and his eyes were sprayed with pepper spray the next day, he suspected he was being specifically targeted.

Many people accused the man of spraying pepper spray on lawyer Chen Chuangchuang. (Provided by Chen Chuangchuang)

Chen Chuangchuang told this reporter that he was at the protest site on Third Street at the time. He heard that anti-communists were beaten and their flags were robbed at the protest site on Fourth Street, so he walked over to support them. On the way, he met Li Huahong, a pro-communist from New York, “Actually, I lost my glasses yesterday, so I couldn’t recognize her clearly. She took the initiative to come to me and said: Why don’t you say hello? When I saw it, it was Li Huahong, and I said something back to her. Because we If the person is not here, I don’t want to talk to her and leave quickly.” Chen Chuangchuang said, “During the march, Zhu Dongdong and I were walking in front, and (suddenly) a Communist person rushed over from the side. This person wore a Wearing a mask, he took out chili pepper spray and sprayed it first on me, then on Zhu Dongdong, and another person dodged away – he wiped his own eyes afterwards and was as injured.”

Chen Chuangchuang said that they must not have reacted at the first time, but later found out who the murderer was. “He did not run far from the scene. When we tried to catch this person, we were beaten.”

Chen Chuangchuang could not open his eyes, his expression was very painful, and he needed help to walk. There were police on the street at the time, and Chen Chuangchuang also reported to the police that he had been attacked, but the police did not arrest the attacker. Chen Chuangchuang believes that “the San Francisco police did not do a good job this time” and he is dissatisfied with this. The police later took Chen Chuangchuang to the ambulance and used salt water to clean his eyes.

Chen Chuangchuang said that his glasses were caught and trampled on the day before. “My glasses were destroyed by them yesterday. I have reason to suspect that they are targeting me. If I were wearing glasses, I would You won’t be directly attacked by so much pepper spray, this is the second step (plan).”

The police later recorded Chen Chuangchuang, and he reported the crime to the FBI and provided photos of the attacker. Chen Chuangchuang said that this person was carrying pepper spray, indicating that he came prepared and was ready to attack anti-communists at any time. Chen Chuangchuang has published a photo of this person on the X platform – this person is in his 60s and has gray hair. He hopes that those with knowledge can provide clues such as the person’s name, identity, background, etc.

Chen Chuangchuang said that pro-communist people inserted themselves into the ranks of the protesters and deliberately interfered and provoked them. “Local people in San Francisco said that everyone who goes there will be given 400 yuan a day, and those who dare to beat others will be given 800 yuan a day. It is very likely that .” Chen Chuangchuang said that the thugs were unscrupulous, “Yesterday and today, dozens of Chinese dissidents, democrats, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Falun Gong people were attacked, but the San Francisco police did not arrest the thugs. Inadequate protection.” He said that according to statistics, the pro-democracy camp has collected the names of at least 13 people who were beaten, and they are studying whether to file lawsuits against the San Francisco city government and the police.

Chen Liqun, vice chairman of the National Committee of the China Democratic Party, was interviewed and angrily said: “These attackers should not think they can get away with it. Everything they did was captured on video and photos. In fact, the FBI and the US National Security Department are monitoring their every move. With monitoring and recording, they can escape for a while but not for a long time.”

Chen Liqun also said: “This time the pro-communists have a new strategy. They hold red flags and directly enter the anti-communist ranks. They carry microphones, shout opposite slogans or play red songs, and pretend to be fake. From the performance of these pro-communist Chinese, we can see that Although overseas police stations have been destroyed, these people are still there. They are still thugs of the CCP. Therefore, we call on and remind the US government that those Chinese who help the CCP do dirty things must be driven out and brought to justice! “

Editor in charge: Chen Minqi

The article is in Chinese

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