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2023 Los Angeles Auto Show: Can Venza really be replaced, or do Americans not pay attention to quality? Toyota CROWN Signia real car detailed explanation


In terms of appearance, CROWN Signia is a replica of CROWN Estate SUV. The front of the car draws on the slender LED daytime running lights and independent headlights of the CROWN Sedan, but its taller front bumper and the introduction of hollow carvings are more similar to the bZ4X, thus creating an appearance similar to a “hammerhead shark”. As for the side of the car, it maintains a tone similar to that of a station wagon, but the height of the car is much higher than that of the traditional Estate; the rear of the car, in addition to continuing the CROWN family’s through-type LED taillights, is thinner, has wider lateral vision, and the rear bumper The double-layered and double-color design further adds a sense of layering and thickness.





In terms of body size, the CROWN Signia has a body length of 4,930mm, a vehicle width of 1,880mm, a vehicle height of 1,620mm, and a wheelbase of 2,850mm. Compared with the Venza, it is 190mm longer, 25mm wider, and the wheelbase is also 160mm longer. Only the vehicle height is lowered by 40mm, so the overall appearance will be more powerful than the Venza.


The interior layout is not distinctive, because the three CROWN family models all have the same design. However, in terms of color matching, CROWN Signia adopts a larger two-color treatment and adds three-dimensional “carvings” to provide a different visual experience. The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and 12.3-inch multimedia information display screen remain unchanged and can be upgraded through OTA. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard configurations. There are 3 USB ports on the front, and of course the physical buttons include independent air conditioning. The display system has been retained. Other features such as 11-speaker JBL brand audio, steering wheel heating, wireless charging and seat heating are all vaguely present.









Just comparing the interior texture of Venza, I think Venza has a lot of soft plastics and synthetic leather covering the center console and four doors. The overall texture is indeed better than CROWN Signia, plus some detailed buttons The workmanship of the Venza can be said to be its own exclusive design. Although it is understandable from the perspective of the general environment that Toyota shared the interior materials of four CROWN models in order to save costs, resulting in a worse quality than the Venza, but in fact I think it is more because Americans don’t care about high-quality interiors at all, so at CROWN Signia they have “slightly” lowered their standards.


What’s special is that after the rear seat backs are folded down, the trunk can form a flat space. Originally, everyone thought that CROWN Signia would have a 5+2 configuration, but it seems that it was not introduced in order to differentiate it from the Highlander. The original manufacturer has not announced the cargo space capacity of its luggage compartment, but based on this, it seems that its space capacity should be more generous and larger than that of Venza, and the backrests of the second row seats can also be tilted forward, creating a The cargo space length is 1,981mm long.


In terms of active safety systems, Camry also has Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, including PCS pre-collision system that can monitor vehicles and pedestrians, ACC active cruise, LKA/LTA lane departure assist/centering, automatic high and low beams, BSM blind spot monitoring and RCTA rear warning wait. The XLE and XSE versions will additionally bring TJA traffic jam assist, LCA lane change assist, 360 panoramic imaging, active braking and other functions.


For the power system, CROWN Signia uses an AWD HYBRID system consisting of a 2.5 Dynamic Force Engine plus three motors and PHEV specifications. The dual motors have one more motor in the front half and one in the rear half. The total power is 243hp, which is higher than the similar setup of Venza. Out 24hp. Also because all-wheel drive is standard, coupled with the enhanced e-CVT, the CROWN Signia can tow up to 2,700 pounds, which is a useful improvement for the Venza. According to the information provided by the original manufacturer, the CROWN Signia’s comprehensive fuel consumption data is 15.3km/L (or 6.5L/100km). It has three different driving modes such as Normal, Eco and Sport.


In summary, although Venza and CROWN Signia are in the same SUV class, the former is planned to be a mid-sized SUV with Lexus soul/texture in the Japanese market, so it naturally has better interior materials and equipment (such as The plasma-changing panoramic sunroof is missing on the CROWN Signia), and the advantages of the CROWN Signia lie in the interior space, practicality and power performance, which are the three most important things for North American consumers, so you would say that Toyota has surpassed the Venza Is discontinuing production the wrong decision? I think it is just the “best solution” under the general environment. But whether Harrier will go into history with the launch of CROWN Estate will probably not be known until it is sold in the Japanese market in the spring of 2024.


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