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Interpreting Ke Wenzhe’s tears… You Yinglong: He seriously miscalculated and already understands today’s results | 2024 General Election Outpost | Important News


blue and whiteWhether it is Hou Ke Pei or Ke Hou Pei, the result will be announced today.People’s Party presidential candidateKe WenzheAfter agreeing to cooperate with Blue and White, he choked up in tears during an internal meeting. Regarding this, the chairman of the Taiwan Public Opinion FoundationYou YinglongSaid that Ke Wenzhe tried to gain understanding and encourage people, and once choked up and cried. All this shows that everyone already understands what the outcome will be on November 18. The situation is over, but they just cannot swallow the resentment in their hearts.

You Yinglong published an article “Ke Wenzhe’s Tears” on his personal Facebook. He said that Ko Wenzhe signed the “bipartisan consensus” on the 15th. The news came and shook the whole Taiwan, like a 7-magnitude earthquake. So far, aftershocks have continued; it has severely damaged the morale of the Baiying army. Morale, Ke Wenzhe’s halo was completely lost, all the staff were sad and shed tears, and their mood fell into a bottomless abyss.

You Yinglong said, why did things develop like this? Of course the person involved knew it, but he didn’t want to say it and couldn’t say it. Except for die-hard supporters who refuse to retreat until death, who would believe Ke Wenzhe’s explanations and explanations afterwards? Such as “I hate the DPP more than I hate the Kuomintang” and so on. How did this two-party agreement, which is like a contract of betrayal, come about? More and more credible clues are emerging, but strictly speaking, it remains a mystery. There will be no satisfactory answers anytime soon.

You Yinglong said that Huang Weihan, a senior media person, bluntly said that “Ke Wenzhe betrayed himself, his staff and supporters.” The words were very serious, like drums in the evening and bells in the morning, but they were based on their principles and were not excessive. They fully demonstrated the true character of an excellent media worker.

“Politics is a noble cause, but it cannot be separated from calculations.” You Yinglong said, however, people’s calculations are often not as good as God’s calculations. As far as this two-party deal is concerned, the Ke camp calculates that it is worthwhile to give up the presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential and legislative elections in exchange for the position of vice president, several ministerial heads, and more than eight legislators. This kind of calculation is actually a kind of “small luck” mentality, not big-picture thinking. Politically, it is definitely not worth the gain, because the complexity of politics often exceeds the imagination of ordinary politicians.

“Ke Wenzhe obviously made a serious miscalculation this time.” You Yinglong said that after November 18, Ke Wenzhe will soon lose his autonomy, his campaign team will be incorporated, his political credibility will be on the verge of bankruptcy, his supporters will be lost in large numbers, his relatives and staff will be sad and in tears, etc. If Hou Kepei wins, it’s okay; if he loses, the end will be very miserable and ironic.

You Yinglong said, why did Ke Wenzhe make such a shocking move at the most exciting moment of the 2024 election, when public support was about the same as Lai Qingde’s? If the parties involved do not speak out, rumors will spread throughout the society and discussions will continue indefinitely.

Popular Party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe choked up in tears at an internal meeting after agreeing to join Blue and White.Picture/taken from Ke Wenzhe’s Facebook

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