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Japan Travel “Super Guide” Off-season Matching with Taiwan Holidays!She revealed: She must go there during February next year | Personal Finance | Industrial Economics


JapanSuper travel guide, introducing Taiwan during the off-season in JapanContinuous leavelet yousave moneyAnd save time off.

Low season in Japan: early February

In January, due to the Japanese New Year and winter holidays, most Japanese locals go out for travel. After January, it becomes the off-season, and there will be price cuts.

Most Japanese tourism operators hold annual settlements in March and hold discounts in February to increase annual sales.

However, Taiwan’s Spring Festival falls in February, and even though it’s off-season in Japan, you still need to plan ahead!

Low season in Japan: late February

Japan’s February discounts will be extended until Marchis a good opportunity to save money!

February 2024 has 29 more daysjust 4 days is enough; take 9 consecutive days off (2/24-3/3), a rare opportunity to save time off!

Low season in Japan: mid-May to late June

Japan in early Maygolden weekIt is the peak of tourism in Japan.

After the Golden Week, local tourists dropped significantly.

After Golden Week and before summer vacation, the weather will not be too hot and prices will drop.suitable for saving money during travel!

Low season in Japan: October to November

Taiwan is celebrating the National Day holiday, and there are no holidays in Japan. It won’t be too cold in autumn, and you can avoid the crowds of locals.

According to surveys, November is the month with the fewest tourists in Japan, so hotel prices are on the low side.

Welcome to refer to my “Sharing of Japan’s Secret Places”. There are maple viewing spots that I actually visited for your reference!

◎The content of this article has been authorized by financial management classmate Yua, and the original text is here; any reproduction without permission is prohibited.

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Japan Travel “Super Guide” Off-season Matching with Taiwan Holidays!She revealed: I absolutely must go there during February next year

A super guide for traveling in Japan, which introduces you to take consecutive vacations in Taiwan during Japan’s off-season, allowing you to save money and vacations.

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