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[Jiang Huiyun’s Little Schoolbag]Zeng Shen killed someone | Zeng Zi | Rumors | The truth

[Jiang Huiyun’s Little Schoolbag]Zeng Shen killed someone | Zeng Zi | Rumors | The truth
[Jiang Huiyun’s Little Schoolbag]Zeng Shen killed someone | Zeng Zi | Rumors | The truth

This is a story about truth and rumors, as well as a thinking and discussion about how people should deal with bad news when they hear it.

Open the small schoolbag. Today, what we took out of the small schoolbag is a story about truth and rumors.

Children, we all don’t like to be lied to, right? But now, when you turn on your computer and mobile phone, you will see a lot of messages every day. Which of these messages are true? Which ones are false and rumors? Sometimes, it really confuses us.

During the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2,000 years ago, Zengzi’s mother also encountered difficulties regarding the truth.

Zengzi’s real name was Zeng Shen, and he was a favorite disciple of Confucius. Not only is he well-educated and of good character, he is also a well-known filial son.

One day, Zengzi went out. Zengzi’s mother weaved cloth at home. At this time, “Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang!” Someone knocked on Zeng’s door quickly and fiercely. Zeng’s mother said, “Here, who is it?” She stood up and opened the door. But before the door was even opened, the person outside said out of breath: “Old lady, I am your neighbor Zhang San. I just heard outside that your son Zeng Shen killed someone!” “

kill? This is too terrible!

Have you ever heard bad news out of the blue? For example, someone suddenly tells you that your best friend is talking bad about you behind your back. How would you react at this time?

What about great mother? She suddenly heard such bad news that her son had killed someone. She should be frightened, right? Not at all, Zeng Zi’s mother was very calm. How is this going? Give you a clue, you guess.

Zeng Zi’s mother said to her neighbor: “My son will never kill someone.” Then Zeng Zi’s mother calmly continued to weave.

Do you understand it? It turns out that Zengzi’s mother thought to herself: “My son is a virtuous and virtuous man, how could he kill someone? I don’t believe it.”

Zeng’s mother judged based on Zeng Zi’s character, and it was impossible for her son to kill someone. If it were you, would you think the same thing: My good friend is very upright, and we both speak out when we have something to say, so how could he say bad things about me behind my back?

Great-mother was like this, so she didn’t worry at all and went back to weaving. But before her chair was even warm, someone else came. This man anxiously stood outside the window and shouted to his mother-in-law: “Old lady, I’m Li Si! Have you heard? Your son is killing someone outside!”

While Zeng’s mother was weaving, she replied to the neighbor: “I told you that my son will not kill anyone.” After saying that, Zeng’s mother began to wonder: “What happened today? Why do everyone say this?”

Although you believe that good friends will not speak ill of you, what would you do if two people came to tell you the same thing at the same time? Do you feel strange in your heart and your confidence is a little shaken? Zengzi’s mother is like this now.

Unexpectedly, the third neighbor came again. The man looked nervous. As soon as he entered the door, he lowered his voice and said to Zeng’s mother: “The news has spread. Everyone says that Zeng Shen did kill someone.”

This time, Zengzi’s mother’s weaving hand stopped.

Great-mother’s heart began to beat wildly, and she thought: “Killing… this is a matter of life and death, and relatives must be implicated. What if I am also taken away, what will happen… “The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became, and she couldn’t care about anything else. She dropped the weaving shuttle, packed a few things, and ran away from the alley.

I heard that when people are in extreme panic, their minds will go blank, or they may turn around and run away like my great mother. Great-mother would panic because she already believed her virtuous son committed murder, right? , if three people in a row came to tell you that your good friend said bad things about you behind your back, would you also believe that your good friend must have said bad things about you? Maybe.

So, did Zeng Shen kill someone? Yes, but it was another Zeng Shen with the same name who committed the murder, not this filial and moral Zeng Shen.

Alas, it turns out that I got the wrong person, with the same name and surname.

There is an idiom called “Public mouths make gold”, which means that if a false thing is told by many people, it will be easily regarded as true. Zeng Zi’s mother originally judged from Zeng Zi’s character that her son could not commit murder. But when three neighbors came to tell her, she believed that her son had really committed murder. In other words, everyone says and thinks this, but it may not necessarily be true.

So, when many classmates say that your good friends are talking bad about you behind your back, what should we do?

Is there no answer to this question for a while? It doesn’t matter, let’s think about it from another angle. If one day, we are accused by our classmates of saying bad things about our good friends behind their backs, what would we want our good friends to do?

If you think about it this way, it might be easier to figure out what to do, right?

If it were me, I might confirm with a good friend directly. Did she say this? Even if my good friend really said it, I still want to understand why she said it. Maybe I really did something wrong? Maybe I did something wrong? This is my idea, what about you, what would you do? @*

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