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It’s very windy today and the weather will be fine in Hangzhou next week. The Leonid meteor shower will be huge tomorrow – Hangzhou Image – Hangzhou Net

It’s very windy today and the weather will be fine in Hangzhou next week. The Leonid meteor shower will be huge tomorrow – Hangzhou Image – Hangzhou Net
It’s very windy today and the weather will be fine in Hangzhou next week. The Leonid meteor shower will be huge tomorrow – Hangzhou Image – Hangzhou Net

It’s very windy today. The weather will be fine in Hangzhou next week. The Leonid meteor shower will be huge tomorrow.

Photo by reporter Xia Yang

Many people have this feeling: they are not afraid of the cold in Hangzhou, but they are afraid of “dampness” and “coldness”.

Yesterday’s minimum temperature was 9.4℃, which was more than 3℃ higher than the 6.1℃ the day before yesterday. However, due to the rain from the night before yesterday to the morning of yesterday, it still felt cold when I went out. Fortunately, the rain lasted for a short time. Around 10 o’clock yesterday morning, the sun began to appear, the temperature gradually rose, and there was still some warmth in the places where the sun shone.

The weather improved very quickly, and it will be sunny to cloudy today and tomorrow. However, the influence of cold air is still there. Today in Hangzhou, there are northerly winds of magnitude 5-6 and gusts of magnitude 7-8. Today and tomorrow, the minimum temperature will be 6-7℃ and the maximum temperature will be 15-16℃. Subsequently, Hangzhou entered a warming mode, with the temperature rising day by day, with the highest temperature rising to 22°C on the 22nd.

It will be colder today and tomorrow

Starting to heat up on Sunday

According to data from the Zhejiang Provincial Meteorological Observatory, yesterday’s maximum temperature was not as high as the day before yesterday. The maximum temperature in most of the province was 13-15℃, and in coastal areas it was 16-20℃. Only Cangnan, Wenzhou, reached the “2 prefix”, with the maximum temperature 20.0℃.

The cold air not only brought rainfall, but also brought strong winds to our province. As of 15:30 yesterday, 48 regions in the province had issued yellow warnings for strong winds. There have been extremely strong winds in the past 6 hours, with gusts reaching level 10 in some areas along the coast. Affected by the wind chill effect, it feels even colder. In such weather, you should be more careful when walking on the road and pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of strong winds on agricultural facilities, temporary structures, etc.

As the cold air moves south quickly, the temperature in our province will also drop. The temperature has dropped by 3-4℃ in many places. The lowest temperature is expected to be only 0-2℃ in the mountainous areas of western Zhejiang this morning, with frost. Temperatures in various places will drop to phased lows around the 17th, and temperatures will be lower in the mornings from the 18th to the 19th.

After the impact of this cold air, the weather will clear up and the temperature will start to rise. Starting from the daytime on Sunday (19th), the temperature in Zhejiang Province will rise rapidly. The maximum temperature is expected to return to 20℃ early next week, and there will be another It’s time for a warm and bright autumn day.

The same is true for Hangzhou. The weather will be sunny to cloudy in the next week. Today and tomorrow will be relatively cold. After that, the temperature will start to rise, and the maximum temperature will reach around 20℃ or even higher. I would like to remind everyone that at this time of year, the temperature difference between day and night is very large. It is very warm during the day when there is sunshine, but it is cooler in the morning and evening. Everyone should add clothes in time to prevent colds.

The Leonid meteor shower will hit its peak tomorrow

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Leonid meteor shower, known as the “King of Meteor Showers”, has always been one of the protagonists of the “Celestial Theater” in November. According to astronomical science experts, this year’s meteor shower will reach its peak on the 18th, with an hourly zenith meteor rate of 10 to 15. That is, under ideal conditions, the hourly zenith flow rate will be 10 to 15 when the meteor shower reaches its maximum.

Meteor showers are generally produced by comets. The parent comet of the Leonid meteor shower is the Temple-Tuttle comet discovered in 1866. Every time the comet flies close to the sun, the strong sunlight on the iceberg core will directly sublimate the ice material on the surface of the iceberg, ejecting a large amount of gas, and at the same time continuously entraining many small fragments, Fine particles and dust materials, when these fragments, particles and dust meet the earth, they will rush into the earth’s atmosphere at high speed, creating a pleasing Leonid meteor shower.

It orbits the sun every 33 years. The last time it flew close to the sun was in 1998, and the next time it will appear is in 2031. It is theoretically speculated that in the next ten years or so, the number of Leonid meteor showers witnessed by the public around the world will increase year by year.

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