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Beiqing once deep | Death of a person under residential surveillance: The co-defendant suffered rib fractures and said he was tortured to extract a confession


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title:Death of Resident Under Surveillance: Co-defendant suffered broken ribs and said he was tortured to extract a confession
author:Ji Jiawen
Publication date:2023.11.16
source:Beiqing once deep
Topic classification:Residential surveillance at a designated location
CDS Collection:Character Museum
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In October 2023, Bao Jiye and his eldest son came to the Xinle Hotel where they were “accused” again, and found that the “little dark room” originally had windows,**The soundproof foam pad on the wall has been removed**

On July 20, 2022, 34-year-old Bao Qinrui passed away while being executed in a designated surveillance residence.

Thirteen days before the incident, he was taken from Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, to Xinle Hotel, Xinle City, and placed under residential surveillance at a designated location. Eight people including his father, uncle, and villagers from the same village were also taken away on the same day. They were accused of participating in activities such as beating migrant workers, illegal detention, and loan sharking. They were later found not to be held criminally responsible.

Eight people told Shenzhen reporters that while they were under residential surveillance, they were tortured to varying degrees, including beatings, electric shocks, and intimidation to extract confessions. On the night of Bao Qinrui’s death, more than one person heard the screams that lasted for half an hour.

Bao Qinrui’s third uncle’s injuries were assessed as minor injuries of the second degree. His hospitalization records during his period of residential surveillance showed that he had two broken ribs.

More than a year later, the family still has not figured out the cause of Bao Qinrui’s death. After being released on bail pending trial in June this year, Bao Jiye and his family members reported to the prosecutors the situation of being tortured to extract confessions, hoping to investigate the investigators.

Xinle Hotel is about 100 kilometers away from Gaoyi County where the nine persons under residential surveillance are located.

“Zhiju” died 13 days later

At noon on July 20, 2022, after Bao Qinrui’s body was taken out, blood flowed from his ears and nostrils. According to the memories of several family members who were present, there were many bruises on the body and suspected needle marks on his toes. A piece of flesh the size of a soybean is missing from the sole of the foot.

34-year-old Bao Qinrui died on the 13th day after being placed under residential surveillance at a designated location.

Bao Qinrui is a staff member of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Gaoyi County, Shijiazhuang City. In the early morning of July 7, he was taken away by public security officers from his home in Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City. His family later received the Xinle City Public Security Bureau’s executive designated residence The residential surveillance notice stated that the reason was “suspected of provoking quarrels and provoking trouble.” Also taken away on the same day were his father Bao Jiye, brother Bao Shaorui, second uncle Bao Jizhong and his son Bao Zhuorui, third uncle Bao Jitao, as well as Bao Xiaolong, Bao Shifeng and Bao Shifeng from the same village. Bao Yanqiang.

The nine people are all from Gaoyi County and have houses in Yuhua District and Gaoyi County respectively, but their designated residence is Xinle Hotel in Xinle City, about 100 kilometers away from Gaoyi County.

There was no light in the “little dark room” of the Xinle Hotel. Several people who were placed under residential surveillance with Bao Qinrui recalled that they were handcuffed on iron training chairs, with blindfolds on their heads, and the air conditioner was turned on. At 16 degrees Celsius, the cold wind blew against my head. According to several people’s recollections, during the period of residential surveillance, each meal consisted of a steamed bun with pickles and about 100 milliliters of water. Whether they could eat it or not depended on the mood of the security guard on duty. You have to report when you go to the toilet. You have 30 seconds to urinate and 60 seconds to defecate. If you don’t finish using the toilet, you will be forcibly removed.

On the evening of July 19, Bao Qinrui was sent from the hotel to Xinle City Hospital for rescue. A few days later, Bao Jiye, who was still under residential surveillance, was informed that his youngest son Bao Qinrui passed away on July 20.

The cause of his son’s death is still a mystery that cannot be clarified. As a father, Bao Jiye can only try to restore the hours before his death from the rescue records.

Rescue records show that the hospital received a call at 21:38 pm on the 19th. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, Bao Qinrui was in poor spirits and had difficulty breathing. He was unconscious after going to the hospital for emergency treatment. According to the account of the accompanying public security officer in the record, Bao Qinrui suffered a transient syncope during activity, which lasted for about 1 minute. , complained of low back pain after regaining consciousness. The initial emergency diagnosis was cardiorespiratory arrest and supraventricular tachycardia.

At 22:12, Bao Qinrui was pushed into the emergency room. Three minutes later, his electrocardiogram showed a straight line. The rescue lasted for more than three hours, but ultimately failed to save his life.

According to Bao Qinrui’s relatives, on the day of Bao Qinrui’s death, the procuratorate had inspected the body, took photos and documented it, and intervened in the investigation. It was not until the end of March this year that the Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Procuratorate arranged for an autopsy on his body. Bao Jiye and his eldest son were present. It was the first time they saw the body eight months after their younger son left.

Bao Jiye said that on June 19 this year, the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate showed him the autopsy report issued by the Forensic Identification Center of Shanxi Medical University. One of the conclusions is that “it excludes death caused by mechanical injury, excludes death caused by poisoning, and does not exclude death caused by cardiac electrical activity disorder and cardiac arrest caused by sinus node disease.”

Bao Jiye could not accept such a conclusion and refused to sign it. He believed that the cause of his son’s death was related to being tortured to extract a confession.

Accused of being tortured to extract confessions

The criminal case involving the nine people was named the “5·25” project, and a three-party task force composed of the Yuhua Branch of the Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau, the Xinle City Public Security Bureau and the Gaoyi County Public Security Bureau jointly handled the case.

Shenzhen reporters learned that around April 2022, Sun Yong and several workers reported to the police, claiming that they were beaten when they went to Yuzhu Ceramics Factory to ask for wages in 2014. Previously, Sun Yong did have a project payment dispute with Yuzhu Factory, and Bao Jiye was the chairman and shareholder of the factory.

Bao Jiye recalled that on July 7, 2022, they were first put on hoods, handcuffs and footcuffs and taken to the case handling center of the Gaoyi County Public Security Bureau. A “little crew chief” took out an interrogation record and asked him to sign it, which read He illegally detained, loan sharked, gathered people to gamble, and beat Sun Yong and other migrant workers in 2014. “I have never done any of the things above.” He was slapped for refusing to apply. Other people who were taken away on the same day were also asked whether they had participated in the above-mentioned criminal acts, and several people denied it.

On the same day, they were taken to Xinle Hotel and placed in two rooms respectively. During this period, they wore instruments and blindfolds and sat on iron chairs. They were not allowed to sleep at night. They were also tortured to varying degrees, including slaps, electric shocks, beatings with sticks, and intimidation to extract confessions. The investigators repeatedly asked them to admit that they participated in beating migrant workers under the instruction of Bao Jiye and Bao Jizhong.

The reporter checked the judgment documents online and found that in 2014, one of the nine people was serving a sentence in prison, and there was no chance of beating Sun Yong and others. Several other people also said that they had never done those things, and they had never even met Sun Yong and other workers.

According to the accounts of several people, the focus of torture and confessions was on Bao Jiye’s family.

Bao Qinrui’s third uncle, Bao Jitao, said that in addition to beatings and electric shocks, the investigators also pricked him with needles, smashed his nails, and beat him with a belt to make him confess. His beard was also lit with matches.

On July 21, Bao Jitao was sent to the hospital. The hospitalization records showed that when he was admitted, the 6th and 7th ribs on his left side were fractured, his left calf was slightly swollen, the skin damage on his left knee was scabbed, and there were red rashes on both calves. .

The two sons became investigators’ bargaining chip to get Bao Jiye to plead guilty. Bao Jiye recalled that one time, he was taken upstairs, and screams kept coming from the room next to him, “Old Bao, do you think it’s Bao Shaorui or Bao Qinrui?” Bao Jiye felt that there was something he had never done. , after pleading guilty, he could no longer explain it clearly, but the development of the situation still exceeded his expectations.

On July 19, the father and son were in the same room. Bao Jiye said that in the afternoon, he heard a security guard say that No. 37 would be dealt with in the evening (37 is Bao Qinrui’s code name).

In the evening, Bao Qinrui reported that he wanted to change positions but was not allowed. After that, Bao Qinrui moved or made a sound. Through the gap in his blindfold, Bao Jiye saw the security guard beating his youngest son, “Who told you to move on your own!” Not long after, several investigators took Bao Qinrui out of the room.

The screams then started and disappeared after about half an hour. Then, Bao Jiye heard the security guard inside the house whisper, “It’s over, it’s electric fault (dialect, transliteration).” Nephew Ba Zhuorui said that he also heard this sentence at that time.

That night, the younger son was not taken back to his room. Bao Jiye thought that “the electricity was defective” meant that the electricity was too severe. He comforted himself that it would be better if his son was taken to another room, otherwise he would feel distressed watching him.

At night, the handcuffs and shackles of the remaining eight people were removed, and the iron chairs were also removed. After that, they were not tortured to extract confessions again.

The news of the death of the youngest son came around the 23rd (because the date was allegedly unclear during the residence, Bao Jiye speculated). Bao Jiye could not accept the theory that his youngest son died of illness. Bao Qinrui had been a soldier and had always been in good health. He had a physical examination on the second day of being placed under residential surveillance. According to the investigators, there was nothing wrong with him at all.

Notice of Residential Surveillance at Designated Residence

Reports fabricated for “retaliation”

In September 2022, when public security officers once again found the whistleblower Sun Yong for investigation, he overturned his previous confession that “he went to Yuzhu Factory to ask for wages with the workers and was beaten.”

Sun Yong told Shenyi reporters that he was instigated by “black boy” Bao Mouqiang to report Bao Jiye’s family. Bao Mouqiang, Bao Jiye and others from the same village had conflicts with Bao Jizhong and the family members of Bao Yanqiang, Bao Shifeng and Bao Xiaolong, and they once threatened to take revenge. According to several surrounding villagers, “Black Boy” is a well-known “village bully” in the county.

Based on the opinions of several parties involved, from 2013 to 2015, when the Yuzhu Factory was still undergoing infrastructure construction, Bao Jizhong was the person in charge, and Sun Yong, as the foreman, contracted the factory’s ground hardening project, and the project payment was paid in installments. In 2016, the infrastructure work was completed, Bao Jizhong left, and Bao Jiye later became the chairman and shareholder.

In 2020, Sun Yong discovered that the total project volume recorded by the two parties was inconsistent, which was related to the final payment of 200,000. For this reason, he went to the factory to find Bao Jiye, but because the employee who was responsible for recording the project quantities had resigned, he could not explain clearly the unaccounted project quantities in person. Both parties discuss it and recheck it together later. At that time, Sun Yong was still worried about this, “I wonder if he doesn’t want to give me money anymore?”

Sun Yong said that in April 2022, the “black boy” came to him and said that he could help him get the project money back, but the condition was that he find a few workers who had worked together, saying that they went to the factory in 2014 to ask for the project money and were arrested. After the fight is completed, each worker can get 200,000, and he can get more.

Sun Yong questioned that the two did not know each other before, so why did the other party help him? The “black boy” said that he and the village party branch secretary Bao Jizhong “didn’t deal with each other”. Before the village was building roads and cleaning up the streets, Bao Jizhong led people to clear away the things he had piled on the streets. The report was for “rectification” Remember the two loyal brothers.

Regarding this conflict, Bao Jizhong said that road construction is an arrangement of the county. The behavior of “black boys” occupying roads has not happened for a year or two. In 2020, the village will clean up the debris behind the houses and trees of “black boys”. The other party went to the village committee and his home many times to demand compensation, saying, “We’ll see.”

On the same day, Sun Yong contacted several workers who had worked in Yuzhu. At the home of one of the workers, they took a report video according to the “black boy”‘s statement and identified the violent man to the public security officers.

A worker told Shenzhen reporters that he thought it was a pie-in-the-sky good thing, and he could get 200,000 yuan just by saying a few words. Another worker said that he never thought that his behavior would violate the law. “I just thought that if someone gave me money, I would cooperate.”

In fact, the workers had only met Bao Jizhong and did not know other members of the Bao family. Several people recalled that that day, they identified a total of seven or eight “beaters” in front of the photos. When they couldn’t name them, “the police opened the photos and their names were written underneath, so I read them out.” When recording the confession. , “Black Boy” stood aside and added.

They had no contact with “Black Boy” for several months. Two workers said they have yet to receive the money promised by the other party.

In September last year, when news came that nine people including Bao Jiye had been “abducted”, Sun Yong realized that what he was doing was wrong. After that, public security officers came to him twice to investigate the matter, and he finally told the truth.

The reporter found that the video “reporting on the underworld gang headed by Bao Jiye Bao Ji Zhong” is still circulating on the Internet, and the release date was April this year. The whistleblower was Zhang Shuke, who had contracted projects in Yuzhu. He said that in 2014, Yuzhu Ceramics Factory maliciously defaulted on 600,000 yuan in project payment through fraudulent means. When he went to ask for the account, he was beaten and insulted.

Similar to Sun Yong’s statement, Zhang Shuke also claimed that the video was posted online by a “black boy”. In his later apology video, he claimed that it was the “black boy” who said that he and Bao Jiye and Bao Jizhong were “not on eye” and that he had found someone “higher up” and that as long as he did as he said, Zhang Shuke’s death could be eliminated. Want the money back.

Bao Jiye said that he and Zhang Shuke had never met before the report was made, and the other party never mentioned the delay in project payment. In May this year, after verification by both parties, it was found that there was no arrears in project payment.

Bao Shifeng, Bao Yanqiang and Bao Xiaolong from the same village as the Bao family revealed that the “Black Boy” and their families also had grudges and had threatened revenge before.

Blackboy denies these claims. He told Shenyi reporters that he, Sun Yong and Zhang Shuke had known each other before and knew that Yuzhu defaulted on their project payment, but he did not instruct others to report Bao Jiye and others. It was Bao Jiye and others who used “coercion” after being released on bail. The method of inducement and inducement made Sun Yong and others change their statement. In the words of the “black boy”, the two brothers Bao Jiye and Bao Jizhong were domineering and overbearing on weekdays because they had “backgrounds”. In addition to defaulting on project payments, they also did many evil things.


Photos of Bao Qinrui before his death

Prosecutors agree to second autopsy by family members

On September 1, 2022, Bao Jiye and his eldest son were released on bail pending trial. On the 28th, the remaining six people were also released on bail. On June 19, 2023, eight people were released on bail pending trial. The Xinle City Public Security Bureau lifted the decision to release on bail pending trial. The book shows that criminal liability should not be pursued.

For Bao Jiye’s family, the pain caused by this “unexpected disaster” cannot be healed. Bao Qinrui’s brother said that after the accident, he often dreamed about his brother and woke up crying in the middle of the night. During the conversation, when his brother was mentioned, he couldn’t control his emotions and burst into tears without warning.

He has some habits that always remind him of the existence of that “nightmare”: He will be inexplicably nervous when he hears the sound of the door “squeaking” – the door leading to the “little dark room” in the lobby of Xinle Hotel will open and close. Make this sound.

On October 13, 2023, Bao Jiye and his son led Shenzhen reporters to revisit the Xinle Hotel. They walked into the hotel lobby. To the right are the front desk and guest room elevators. At the left rear of the lobby, several “small dark rooms” are hidden behind it. , it is difficult to notice the existence of these small doors if you are not looking for them deliberately.

When the father and son pushed open the door again, they discovered that the “little dark room” had a window. Through the window, they could see the gym opposite. Bao Jiye stood in the empty room and looked around again. The walls The soundproof foam padding on the floor was removed, and pieces of wall covering were torn off.

More than a year ago, after learning of Bao Qinrui’s death, Bao Jiye proposed to find out the responsibilities of the investigators involved. He said that after July 20, 2022, personnel from the Xinle City Public Security Bureau and the Yuhua Branch of the Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau worked with him many times to persuade him to plead guilty and admit that the violent death of Qinrui was a normal death.

From the cover of a video shot by public security officers that day, it can be seen that there were large bruises and swelling on Bao Qinrui’s body. Several relatives at the funeral home that day said that the corpse had obvious injuries on its scalp, hands, feet, thighs and other parts, and there was blood in the mouth, nose and ears.

Regarding the death of Bao Qinrui, Bao Jiye obtained the statement that the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate intervened in the investigation on the day of the incident.

The “Regulations on the People’s Procuratorate’s Supervision of Residential Surveillance at Designated Residences” mentions that the People’s Procuratorate can review relevant legal documents and materials such as the person under residential surveillance, interviews, communications, outings, and physical health examination records; and communicate with the person under residential surveillance, Enforcement officers, case handlers or other relevant personnel shall supervise the implementation of residential surveillance at designated residences by interviewing, investigating and understanding relevant situations, including whether the legal rights of persons under residential surveillance are protected; whether interrogation and corporal punishment are carried out in designated residences Abuse of persons under residential surveillance and other illegal activities.

After Bao Qinrui passed away, the remaining eight people could eat on time and were not beaten again. The security guard also applied medicine to them to recuperate. However, before leaving the Xinle Hotel, several people were not asked whether they had been tortured to extract confessions.

Bao Xiaolong recalled that after completing the bail release procedures on September 28 last year, they were sent to the Xinle City Procuratorate to cooperate with the investigation. Public security officers once warned that when asked about the situation of residential surveillance when arriving at the Xinle City Procuratorate, they should say, “Eat well, sleep well, and have not been tortured to extract a confession.” Several people who were released on bail on the same day also confirmed Bao Xiaolong’s statement to reporters and said that for the above reasons, they denied being tortured to extract confessions at the procuratorate.

After being released on bail pending trial in June this year, Bao Jiye and his family repeatedly reported the extortion of confessions by torture to the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate and the Hebei Provincial Procuratorate, hoping to investigate the investigators involved.

The above regulations also mention that if a person under residential surveillance dies while under residential surveillance in a designated residence, the matter shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the prosecution procedures for the death of a person under supervision in a supervision place. The latter stipulates that the People’s Procuratorate, which is responsible for review and investigation tasks, shall provide necessary conditions for the appraiser to conduct an appraisal, introduce the situation to the appraiser, clearly raise the issues that require the appraisal to be resolved, and provide basic information about the deceased detainee, and a physical examination upon entry into prison (institution). original materials such as situation and medical records; and other related materials.

The family believes that the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate did not arrange an autopsy until eight months after the accident, missing the best opportunity to find out the cause of death. It also did not provide the appraisal agency with relevant materials about Bao Qinrui’s stay there. The appraisal agency was unable to understand the specific background. The identification opinion made under the circumstances may lack objectivity, so a second autopsy was requested.

Xue Yongkui, a lawyer at Beijing Zhoutai Law Firm, said that the Criminal Procedure Law stipulates that places under residential surveillance should have normal living and rest conditions; be convenient for surveillance and management; and be able to ensure the safety of case handling. If there is torture to extract a confession, it is obviously a violation of the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law. Moreover, Bao Qinrui and others have residences in Yuhua District and Gaoyi County, and priority should be given to residential surveillance at their residences.

In October this year, staff from the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate questioned Bao Jiye and other eight people about the situation during the residence, and made an assessment of Bao Jitao’s injuries. The reporter learned that the result of the injury assessment was minor injury level two. On November 3, the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate asked Bao Jitao to identify those involved in torture to extract confessions.

At present, the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate has agreed to have the family designate a third-party agency to conduct a second autopsy.

(At the request of the interviewee, Sun Yong is a pseudonym in this article)

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