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Xie Tian: Why the West is Accused of Cowardice and Unscrupulousness | Chinese Communist Regime | Genocide | Religious Beliefs

Xie Tian: Why the West is Accused of Cowardice and Unscrupulousness | Chinese Communist Regime | Genocide | Religious Beliefs
Xie Tian: Why the West is Accused of Cowardice and Unscrupulousness | Chinese Communist Regime | Genocide | Religious Beliefs

Why is the West accused of being cowardly and unscrupulous? This is related to the fact that our world has deviated from sincerity, kindness and tolerance, and is full of hypocrisy, arrogance and explosive violence. The picture shows the new Speaker of the U.S. Congress, Mike Johnson, and members commemorating one month since Hamas attacked Israel on Capitol Hill on November 7. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, November 17, 2023]Many people are not aware of the dangers our world faces. If people carefully observe the Russia-Ukraine war and the driving force behind it, observe the latest developments and future trends of the Arab-Israeli war, and add to the potential crises in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea, we can definitely say that the sharp sword of world war and nuclear war is at high altitude. Although the crisis is over, people are still ignorant and do not know that the disaster is coming. At the same time, the mainstream Western world has been despised and challenged by the Chinese Communist regime, rogue regimes, and authoritarian regimes, and has been accused of being cowardly and unscrupulous. why is it like this? This has a lot to do with the fact that our world has deviated from sincerity, kindness, and tolerance, and is full of hypocrisy, arrogance, and explosive violence. In troubled times, looking at the world with a cold eye, it is not difficult for people to find that the existing international political order, economic order, religious beliefs, and social models cannot lead people out of this evil obstacle. Human society urgently needs the guidance of the universal values ​​of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. , to solve the human crisis.

The speech delivered by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a member of the Western camp and a member of NATO, at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara a few days ago was loudly applauded by the parliamentarians. Erdogan said, “Hey Israel, you have atomic bombs, you have hydrogen bombs, you are threatening us, we know it. But your end is coming soon! You can have as many nuclear weapons as you want, you can have whatever you want, But you are almost finished!” The United States has NATO troops stationed in Turkey and has nuclear weapons deployed at military bases in Turkey. Under such naked clamor for nuclear weapons, isn’t our world facing great danger?

Looking at the two sides confronting each other in the Arab-Israeli war, people can see that many sober-minded people, regardless of their ethnic origins and beliefs, can clearly see problems from a historical perspective and a humanistic perspective, rather than falling into simple A vicious cycle of vendetta, revenge, vendetta, and revenge again. One Jewish Holocaust survivor said: “I’m not going to support genocide, right? I don’t think it started on October 7, it started in 1948.” Many traditional Jews (Haredi Jews), although Israeli citizens, do not support the Israeli government’s war strategy against Gaza, but want to live in peace with the Palestinians and Arabs, as they have done for fifteen hundred years, and as they have in The Old City of Jerusalem is where people of four ethnic groups and faiths coexist peacefully.

The two sides confronting each other in the Arab-Israeli war often cited the argument that this land was promised to us by “God”; or it was our “god”. “We are told to kill people who have different beliefs and beliefs from ours, to kill infidels. But that may be the problem! The beliefs of orthodox religions and the beliefs of good religions all ask you to cultivate your mind and restrain yourself, but they do not ask you to kill people or obtain material benefits from your beliefs! No matter whether these interests are land, population, or money.

There is a documentary called “Why the Israelis Steal Palestinian Land”. The Israelis’ answers are thought-provoking. During street interviews, reporters asked Israeli Jews: “Why did you steal Palestinian land?” 80% of the Jews responded readily, “This is not stealing. This is the promised land given to us by God in the Bible. Before it was lost, But now we have it back. The Palestinians should be grateful to us for allowing them to live here for so long. Instead of being grateful, they want to kill us.” This is using God’s teachings to seek their own interests.

Another interviewee replied, “This is not stealing, this is conquest, just like other countries conquer each other. If the Palestinians have a way to fight, I have nothing to say… No one wants to give the house back, right? Although I I don’t like war either, but I don’t want to give my home back to the Palestinians, so I think this war can only go on.” This one is a social Darwinist.

Another interviewee replied, “We steal… You can’t say that. Maybe God wants to steal?… If the Palestinians are unhappy, they can only accept the reality, just like the United States and the Indians. I can accept this situation.” To actually say that God wants to steal is simply slandering and blaspheming God.

Good religion and good faith allow people to restrain themselves, correct themselves, improve themselves, and reduce karma in their earthly experiences. Only after the elimination of karma is completed and people become clean and pure, will people get what God has promised to people from their heavenly home, not worldly benefits. If everyone in our world looks for material benefits to themselves from their own beliefs, and uses God’s words, God’s will, and God’s teachings to seek land, money, and material wealth for themselves and their own ethnic groups, Then this religious belief will become evil, and it will become a tool for people to kill each other, and it will not be able to play a role in saving the world.

Dr. Deepak Chopra is the founder of the Chopra Foundation and Chopra International. He was once a senior scientist at the polling company Gallup. He is also a professor of medicine and health sciences at the University of California, San Diego. In an article titled “Why don’t people and countries do the right thing?” on the professional social media LinkedIn, he pointed out that among the two wars that shocked human society, the Russo-Ukrainian war and the Arab-Israeli war, war There are tragic examples on both sides, with a large number of innocent civilians being killed, and conflicts of religion and belief. In these conflicts, Dr. Chao Pra pointed out that because what is right and what is wrong is very complicated, people need to restrain themselves from making quick thinking and judgments. This is because people are often willing to prove others wrong, willing to win arguments at all costs, willing to protect their own self-esteem, willing to blame others and look outside, willing to please others sometimes, and willing to regard stubbornness and stubbornness as strengths , or a willingness to succumb to certain social pressures. In Dr. Chaopula’s view, because of these flaws, individuals and nations, ethnic groups, tribes, and countries will often do wrong things. Only when people realize these human flaws can they more easily cultivate their own “kindness” and “forbearance” and do the right things.

Among the major religions in the world today, Christianity, Islam, Orthodox Christianity, and Judaism are the most widely spread. Their billions of believers and believers, as well as the societies and countries that are the main religions, are all involved in today’s world. The Russo-Ukrainian war, the Arab-Israeli war, and the very likely Palestinian-Israeli war. Even within these religions, there are opposing views and positions on the Russian-Ukrainian and Arab-Israeli wars. The clergy and ordinary believers of the church each adopt different positions. Coupled with the fanning of religious extremists and politicians who have ulterior motives for exploiting religion, the killings are going on crazily and the world is in dire straits. This is why the author believes that Falun Dafa’s belief in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is the beacon of salvation for our world that transcends all religions and beliefs. It is the only way out in today’s very critical and troubled times. Because only when people truly uphold the belief of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and truly speak, do things, and measure everything according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, will people let go of their differences and start from being kind and not killing, to sincerity and abandoning lies. , and then to true world peace.

Adam Roberts, an editor for the digital version of the British magazine The Economist, pointed out in a recent article that support for Israel in Western countries is beginning to waver. Roberts pointed out that the large-scale protests and demonstrations in European capitals over the past few weekends have shown the growing uneasiness of the Western world over Israel’s long-term bombing of civilians in the Gaza Strip. French President Emmanuel Macron demanded that Israel stop attacking and killing Palestinian civilians. , leaders of the United States and other countries also called on Israel to agree to a “humanitarian ceasefire.” At the same time, people are angry about rising antisemitism. According to data from the French Ministry of the Interior, more than 1,000 anti-Semitic incidents occurred in France within a month of the outbreak of the Israeli-Kazakhstan conflict alone, more than three times the number in the whole of last year. Subsequently, more than 100,000 people across France participated in peaceful marches to protest against the recent sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents in France.

At a summit of Arab and Muslim world leaders in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked for confirmation whether Israel possesses nuclear weapons. Erdogan said, “The attitude of the Western world is cowardly and unscrupulous.” “The Western world treats Israel as a naughty child.” The word “unscrupulous” in English means willful, determined, The meaning of wanton and unscrupulous means also means “corrupt”, “crooked”, “dodgy”, “devious”, and “deceitful”. Have the United States and the West become so unbearable? Is this still the America that people know, the lighthouse on the mountaintop? The government of a democratic country is based on the Christian faith. The citizens have God’s teachings guiding people’s words and deeds. There is a mechanism of separation of powers to ensure mutual checks and balances. There is a belief in God that confirms that there is a bottom line in doing things. How can it be possible to “have its own way?” What about willfulness, cunning, deceit, and unscrupulousness”?

In the face of these criticisms of the West, it is really difficult for Western countries to argue with the current situation of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Arab-Israeli war, election fraud, moral decline, and the promotion of a progressive agenda that violates natural principles, from the government to the elites and the general public. Basically, Is speechless. The only explanation for the criticism is that the entire Western society has deviated from the founding of the United States, deviated from the guidance of orthodox faith and orthodoxy, and indulged communists, socialists, deep state conspirators, and globalists who seek to secretly control the world. People with sexual variations and perversions are completely controlling and manipulating our world. The prophetic warning prophecy that the devil is ruling our world is being confirmed and revealed step by step!

Douglas Macgregor is a retired U.S. Army colonel and former government official, as well as an author, consultant, and television commentator. During the Gulf War, he took the lead in leading the early tank battles and was the top planner of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. His incisive analysis of the Russo-Ukrainian war and the Arab-Israeli war is mind-blowing. He called for an immediate ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine war and for Ukraine to accept negotiations; he emphasized that the last thing the United States wants as a country is a war in the Middle East. If the war continues, McGregor predicts, Iran and Turkey will close the Strait of Hormuz, Egypt will close the Suez Canal, and the American people will have to prepare to pay $200 a barrel for oil.

Western religions are also increasingly showing their inability to face the end of the world. Archbishop Joseph Edward Strickland of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler in east Texas is the senior bishop of the Catholic Church in the United States and has served as Bishop of Tyler since 2012 until his appointment in 2023. Pope Francis deposed him. Why was Strickland removed from office by the Vatican? Because of his different stances on homosexuality, Pope Francis wants to accept homosexuals. Former Pope Benedict once said that Satan’s smoke screen already exists in the church. How can the sects of the last days blatantly violate God’s teachings and save people?

At the beginning of November, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quoted the Bible as saying: “Now go and strike at the Amalekites and destroy everything they have; you will not spare them; you will take away men and women, children, sucklings, and All cattle, sheep, camels, and donkeys will be killed.” This kind of discussion is really terrible. If politicians use sacred classics as the theoretical basis for earthly political struggles and wars, this will really be a limitation of people’s wisdom and will Leading the international community into a state of irreversibility.

Nicholas Joseph Fuentes (Nicholas Joseph Fuentes) is considered a far-right, white supremacist political commentator in the United States. His video has been permanently blocked by YouTube. He is considered anti-Semitic and a well-known figure who refuses to acknowledge the Holocaust. . On the far right of the American political spectrum, he analyzes the feud between black conservative activist Candace Owens and her boss Ben Shapiro, noting that the core conflict between them is, “This is a worship The country of Jesus, but led by elites who reject Jesus.” The author here does not intend to support or oppose Nick Fuentes’s position and views, but only wants to point out the current political reality in American society: in American politics, law, finance Jewish Americans, who have an overwhelming majority in the world, are indeed in the leadership position of the United States. Their stance and their connection with Israel also determine the major policy directions of the United States, and they are also closely related to the main American people’s belief in Jesus Christ. Faith is out of place.

In the Russo-Ukrainian war and the Arab-Israeli war, the hatred of antagonism has reached such a serious level that people have seen many Palestinians and Muslims in the Arab world calling for the killing of all Israelis and Jews, advocating Islamic jihad, from the earth Erase Israel; people also see Zionist lawyers in New York going to kill all the Palestinians, saying “We’re going to kill all of you” and “Go to Gaza so they can rape you.” Both sides People who claim to have faith all believe in their own gods, but they hate each other, curse each other, kill each other, and want to destroy each other.

In contrast, President Trump said in an interview with Spanish-language Mexican television station Televisa Univision that he condemned acts of hatred by both Arab and Israeli sides. Trump said, “Nothing hates Israel as much as the Palestinians hate the Jews, and vice versa, which may not be so obvious, but it is what it is.” “What happened in Gaza is unbelievable, it’s horrible, it’s horrible on both sides. It could have never happened.”

As many onlookers have said, some Christians forward videos of Muslims stoning women to prove the barbarity of Islam, but there are also many civil law provisions in the Old Testament that can also be used to stone people. The purpose of the classics is to enlighten morality and educate the world. In the contemporary cultural context and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, believers cannot abandon this revelation and find excuses for killing by self-selection. If people really believe that humans were created by God, being obsessed with religion and turning religion into secular, profit-oriented, and self-interested religions is not the original intention of God when he inspired people to create religion. People need to stick to their true faith in God, but they need to get rid of the impulse to use religion to achieve secular goals, return to their true faith in God, and use the requirements in the doctrine to restrain themselves instead of restraining and restricting others. This is the right way in the world.

As the author has stated in previous articles, I support Jews and Palestinians who are sincere, kind, tolerant, peaceful and hard-working, compassionate but unwilling to kill; I oppose lies and deception, violence and cruelty, and no humility. Jews and Palestinians who are cunning, vicious and murderous. In other words, I support and approve of kind and good people, whether they are Jews or Palestinians; I oppose and disapprove of bad people, whether they are Jews or Palestinians. If people looked at ethnic groups and countries in terms of good and evil, good and evil, true and false, good and bad, instead of judging right and wrong based on race, belief, culture, skin color, etc., our world would be much better. If people can behave and act according to the universal laws of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, our humanity will stay away from war and mutual harm and move towards a better future.

In fact, both sides of the two wars currently underway are actually one family. Russians and Ukrainians both belong to the East Slavic system. Most people believe in the Orthodox Church, and there is not that big a gap between Russian and Ukrainian. According to a genetic study published in 2000, the Jews, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese who are fighting life and death are actually from the same origin. The study found that Jews are genetic brothers to Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese, who all share a common genetic lineage stretching back thousands of years. For over 4,000 years, all have retained their Middle Eastern genetic roots.

Many good people find it difficult to choose which side to take in the current Arab-Israeli war, knowing the history of the “land flowing with milk and honey.” exactly. Of course the Jews long to return to the Promised Land, but people have no right to abuse God’s promises, and God will not allow them to drive away or kill all the people currently living in the Promised Land. Palestinians and Arabs may also be blinded by generations of narrow-mindedness and bigotry and are unable to move towards modern civilization. Both parties are suffering from the other party, and they continue to create new suffering for the other party; both parties are suffering from the other party’s karma, and they continue to create new sinful karma for the other party. If you endure suffering and create suffering for others, endure karma and continue to create power, it will be difficult to escape the punishment of karma and the curse of blood and fire. There must be financial backers behind Hamas’s raid on Israel, but both the Palestinian moderate Fatah and the violent Hamas misjudged the situation and brought disaster to themselves. Israel ignores the feelings of the international community and goes all out to eliminate Hamas. However, it is foreseeable that the forces supporting the elimination of Israel will regroup and a new Hamas will make a comeback.

Musk sent three tweets in a row after Hamas raided Israel. He was sorry to see what is happening in Israel and hopes that peace can be achieved one day. Then he asked: “How can we eliminate hatred?” It is said that after thinking about it for five hours, he himself replied: “Only if you are stronger than those who hate you, so strong that they cannot destroy you, then you will do it.” Forgive them.” Musk’s conclusion is very reasonable, and for those who are not in the Tao, it is very valuable that he can think of it. But Musk’s answer isn’t over yet. How can people be “so powerful that they can’t destroy you?” Is it more powerful in terms of force? Is it possible to physically destroy the earth and humanity? of course not. In fact, what is more powerful than hatred is the power of good. Yes, it is the power of good. Only compassion and pure kindness are the real power to eliminate hatred and evil.

Why is the West criticized by its opponents and even its own allies as cowardly, hypocritical, and unscrupulous? Without it, it is because the entire society has deviated from the true belief in God and has become a hotbed of communism and socialism. It has allowed atheism and evolutionism to arise while neglecting moral construction. In order to maintain religion instead of respecting God from the heart, it has contributed to politics. It is correct and consistent with sexual perversion, sexual variation, promiscuity and same-sex incest. All life cannot be regarded as the creation and gift of God and should be treated equally. It is because of bias and differences in culture and belief. The embodiment of justice, the symbol of advanced civilization, the beacon on the top of the mountain, and the model of democracy, have also been ridiculed wantonly by people.

In the final analysis, to put it in one sentence, the reason is that we have deviated from God, deviated from the characteristics of the universe of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and indulged in the spread of atheism and communism, which has caused the moral decline of Western society, plummeting, and is almost unstoppable; it has allowed the evil CCP and The enemies of the free world are watching our jokes, and they are coveting and looking for opportunities to extinguish the beacon on the mountaintop of America!

As mentioned before, the democratic and liberal systems of the mainstream Western world are currently being extremely despised and challenged by the Chinese Communist regime, rogue regimes, and dictatorial regimes large and small. They are even accused of being cowardly and unscrupulous and unable to defend themselves. There is no other reason than that our world has deviated from sincerity, kindness, and tolerance, and is full of hypocrisy, arrogance, and explosive hostility. Looking at the world with a cold eye, it is not difficult for people to find that in troubled times, the existing international political order, economic order, religious beliefs, and social models are all collapsing, and none of them can lead people out of this whirlpool and devilish obstacle. How to do it? There may be only one answer, that is, human society urgently needs the guidance of the universal values ​​of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in order to solve mankind’s crisis!

(Dr. Xie Tian is Professor of Marketing and John Olin Palm Chair Professor at the Aiken School of Business at the University of South Carolina)

Editor in charge: Zhu Ying

The article is in Chinese

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