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Taiwan boutique pavilion debuts at Dubai Water Resources and Environmental Protection Exhibition | Industrial Economics | Central News Agency CNA

Taiwan boutique pavilion debuts at Dubai Water Resources and Environmental Protection Exhibition | Industrial Economics | Central News Agency CNA
Taiwan boutique pavilion debuts at Dubai Water Resources and Environmental Protection Exhibition | Industrial Economics | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Shi Wanqing, Cairo, 16th) The 25th Dubai “International Water Resources and Environmental Protection Exhibition” (WETEX 2023) entered its second day today. More than 20 manufacturers from Taiwan organized groups to participate in the exhibition, and for the first time, a Taiwan boutique pavilion was built in the exhibition. , using the theme of the product launch conference to build awareness of Taiwan’s premium brands.

WETEX 2023 opened at the Dubai World Trade Center on the 15th and will run until the 17th. There are more than 20 Taiwanese manufacturers participating in the exhibition. Among them, 10 Taiwan Excellence Award winners and the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan Foreign Trade Association) jointly built a Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at the exhibition venue. On the first day of the exhibition, a press conference was held to discuss water resources in the Middle East. shortage and green transformation issues, and communicate with visitors about innovative technologies and solutions provided by Taiwan’s top companies.

With the theme of Shaping the ESG Future (shaping a sustainable future), the Taiwan boutique pavilion displays a total of 18 Taiwan boutiques, including comprehensive cloud water level monitoring, laboratory vacuum filtration inspection equipment, comprehensive water resources solutions, energy Management and weather monitoring solutions, as well as innovative products such as designer air purification equipment, covering water treatment, energy management, environmental engineering, air purification and other fields.

Taiwanese companies specializing in water treatment, energy management and air purification will showcase their latest technologies and equipment at the conference. Chai Jiexiu, deputy director of the Taipei Commercial Office in Dubai, and Wei Futai, director of the Dubai Taiwan Trade Center of the Foreign Trade Association, both attended and listened.

The Taiwan Trade Center in Dubai stated that this press conference attracted the attention of ESG Mena, a well-known green industry media in the Middle East, Dubai Daily News, Al Bayan, and Gulf Today, an important local media in Dubai, on the first day; Wabra Water, a large-scale wastewater treatment and optical fiber project contractor in the Middle East Work, as well as the SABCO LLC Group of the Kingdom of Oman, which owns the national mineral water company SAOG, all came to learn from the experience and discuss cooperation opportunities.

Chai Jiexiu said at the meeting that the fields of water resources and energy technology have always been highly valued by countries in the Middle East. In particular, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made sustainable development a national policy development goal in recent years and actively promotes energy, environmental protection, air pollution control and water resources. Industrial transformation such as resource management. This year coincides with the United Arab Emirates hosting the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP28), and the United Arab Emirates has designated this year as the “Year of Sustainable Development.”

Chai Jiexiu said that Taiwanese manufacturers have combined artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and big data technologies to develop cutting-edge products that lead the world in the fields of solar energy, water quality testing, wastewater treatment, air purification and other fields, which meet the needs of the United Arab Emirates.

Wei Futai also believes that the Middle East is actively promoting green transformation, and the advanced technology and innovative energy of Taiwanese companies will provide effective solutions to the Middle East, allowing Taiwanese companies to flourish in the Middle East market.

WETEX is the largest and most famous water treatment and environmental protection exhibition in the Middle East, and is now the third largest water treatment exhibition in the world. WETEX 2023 is hosted by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). A total of 62 countries and more than 2,500 companies participate in the exhibition, spanning professional fields such as water resources, energy technology, electric vehicles, environmental protection, and innovation around the world. Last year, the WETEX exhibition had more than 47,000 visitors. (Editor: Feng Zhao) 1121116


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