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Kiss from the wall to the bed! “Little Yang Youning” Huang Chengbang and Chen Xuanyu were so shy during the intimate scene that the liberation process was exposed


The main actors of “Reserved Seats” Huang Chengbang, Chen Xuanyu, Huang Hongxuan, Zhang Zhewei, today(16day)Attending the premiere, Huang Chengbang, known as “Little Yang Youning”, grew a mustache in the play and performed beyond his age. Since the plot is a more “adult-style love”, one of the intimate scenes involved kissing from the wall to the bed, which was a marathon. The half-hour kiss was so embarrassing. The two of them went from being like a wooden board to being liberated, and the whole process was exposed.

Speaking of the filming behind-the-scenes, Chen Xuanyu revealed: “Originally, the two of them were like wooden boards, or even stiffened into a column!” Seeing that this was not possible, the director asked Huang Chengbang and Chen Xuanyu to have a heart-to-heart talk. Huang Chengbang told Chen Xuanyu that he was responsible for nudity and could touch it anywhere, so just follow him! The two just unlocked and let go. Chen Xuanyu said that he loved touching the back of Huang Chengbang’s head the most, and even took the initiative to hug Huang Chengbang and kiss him when their faces were close to each other.

▲ “Little Yang Youning” Huang Chengbang and Chen Xuanyu filmed an intimate scene, and they were so shy that the whole liberation process was exposed. (Photo/Sanli)

Huang Chengbang has been the favorite of commercials recently, especially the supermarket chain commercials that were broadcast strongly during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which attracted even more attention.DcardSomeone posted a message asking who is this handsome guy?If there are netizensPOHuang Chengbang’sIGthe number of fans suddenly increased a lot, and some fans came from the south to participate in his activities for him. Male fans directly messaged Huang Chengbang privately, “Boyfriend, how are you doing today?”, and female fans also confessed more directly, “Husband, I am very happy. Miss you.”

He said that when he met overly enthusiastic fans, he still didn’t dare to answer. He just sent a heart message and was dubbed “Little Yang Youning” by the outside world. He laughed and said that of course he was happy. Maybe they were similar in some aspects, and he had appreciated it for a long time. Yang Youning, once saw Yang Youning himself in the distance at a finals banquet, he was very excited. He laughed and said that his eyes were completely attracted.

▲ Huang Chengbang was happy to be called the little Yang Youning, and Chen Xuanyu was moved to tears by the drastic change of BL’s protagonist. (Photo/Sanli)

Chen Xuanyu’s filming this timeBLHe plays the leading role in the drama, and Lai Yayan, who had previously worked with him on “The Three Little Pigs’ Counterattack,” gave him a lot of advice. He mentioned that because of the previous epidemic, many people had lost their way. Lai Yayan was his spiritual mentor and asked him to hold on.He said: “Once after chatting in Lai Yayan’s car, I burst into tears for a long time.” Chen Xuanyu is grateful for being the leading role this time. He feels thatBLThe show has given many actors the opportunity to play important roles. For example, he has been in the entertainment industry for four or five years. He used to sit at the side when being interviewed, but now he finally sat in the middle and said, “I was finally seen!”, which made me feel emotional. And shed tears.

As for Huang Hongxuan’s supporting role in the drama this time, he was asked if he dared to film it.BLHe said of course without thinking about it, and directly stated that he was very ambitious, as long as he had a “baby egg”, because he had nudity experience before. He also laughed and said that he actually wanted to try the role played by Chen Xuanyu, because it was similar to his own. The personalities themselves are different. Zhang Zhewei is Bai Yueguang in the play. Chen Xuanyu has liked him for a long time but didn’t know it. He laughed and said that he is actually a person who realizes things later. When he finds out later, it will be too late to regret. In the end, he will only be annoyed.

▲ Huang Hongxuan plays an assist role in the play, and Zhang Zhewei plays Bai Yueguang in the play. (Photo/Sanli)

“Reserve a Seat” describes Huang Chengbang, the owner of a beef noodle shop. When he opens the shop, there is always a boy who appears in the corner of the noodle shop, typing away. This boy is Liu Li, a silly and cute novelist.(Played by Chen Xuanyu)after being emotionally hurt in a noodle shop, Huang Chengbang, the boss, decided to take Chen Xuanyu on a date. It is a “Slow Fire” about a boss who uses cooking to capture the stomach and endurance to win the heart. The boss is cold-faced and warm-hearted. The process of hunting a little white rabbit.

▲ Sanli VBL series launches the third part “Reserved Seat”. (Photo/Sanli)

SanliVBLThe first part of the series “Immune Shield” and the second part “Absolute Occupation” continue to explodeVBLCharming, the essence and highlights of the play are all thereTikTok,YoutubeViewed more than one million times,ikBThe number of tracks has reached as high as1.5Wan, there are also short videos200More than 10,000 views!Moreover, the entire series of “Immune Shield” and “Absolute Occupation” have also been released in South Korea.HeavenlyOn the shelves, Taiwanese content was successfully exported overseas and received international recognition.Last week, “Absolute Occupation” finally returned on the day it airedRakuten TVWon the overall ranking championship, and the third “Reserved Seat” will also be released.Taiwan’s premiere platform isVBl Series Youtube,KKTVthe overseas platform isRakutenTV,Video Market,Viki,GagaOOlala,HongkongMyTV Superand ThailandViuand iQiyi.

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