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im.B fraud case trial begins, Zeng Guowei “cannot explain clearly” and the judge is angry


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im.B fraud case, suspected of illegally attracting up to 9 billion yuan, was heard in the Taipei District Court. The main suspect Zeng Guowei admitted to fraud and organized crime, but did not admit to money laundering. He partially confessed but could not explain clearly. The judge once became angry and warned him that he would not Because he simply pleaded guilty, it was believed that he had a good attitude after committing the crime. A group of im.B victims also came to the court to observe. At the same time, they also appealed to the Beijing Prosecutor’s Office to strengthen investigation efforts and recover the illegal money flow.

Wearing a green coat, Zeng Guowei, the main suspect in the im.B fraud case, had a crew cut and was handcuffed. He and other detained defendants came to the North Court to appear in court. He was suspected of illegally attracting as much as 9 billion in money. Zeng Guowei in the court was relieved. He confessed to some of his crimes. He first admitted to the judge that he had committed fraud, caused the salesperson to make false statements, and organized crime. However, when the judge asked him who provided the borrower’s funds, he argued that the funds were mine at first, but later it turned out that the funds were mine. The creditor’s funds existed. Before he could finish his explanation, the judge angrily warned Zeng Guowei that he simply admitted the crime but did not explain clearly that he would not be considered to have a “good attitude after committing the crime.” Zeng Guowei also wanted to explain that the original creditor’s right did have a mortgage setting. The judge couldn’t stand the idea of ​​using people’s heads for fake debts. If he questioned his previous testimony, it would be different from today’s. As for his purchase of foreign alcoholic beverages, Zeng Guowei confessed that he had repented, but he had not laundered money. He confessed to half of the crime, which made many victims unable to listen.

Zeng Guowei, who is in custody, wore a green coat and took a prison van to the North Court to appear in court (Photo/FTV News)

Im.B self-help association spokesman Lin Jiahui said, “Eric Tsang (Tsang Kwok-wei) and Zhang Shufen usually wear tens of millions and millions of luxury watches, with a total value of more than 25 million, but they are not in the seizure list. We We call on the prosecutors to conduct further investigations, and also ask Zeng Yaofeng and Zhang Shufen to take the initiative to explain the flow of these luxury watches and luxury goods.” Members of the im.B Self-Rescue Association attended the scene and also appealed to the Beijing Prosecutor’s Office to strengthen their case handling capacity instead of leaking information. It was revealed that former legislator Huang Guochang, who accompanied the event, even shouted loudly that he should stop sleeping in Beijing. Former legislator Huang Guochang said, “After being defrauded of so much money and having difficulties in their livelihood, these victims must have to follow this court and beg and beg the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, which has the power. , can you please stop sleeping?”

im.B fraud case trial begins. Zeng Guoweiim.B fraud case trial begins. Zeng Guowei
Members of the Self-Rescue Association and former legislator Huang Guochang went to the North Campus to observe (Photo/FTV News)

Zeng Guowei appeared in court, but only partially confessed, denying money laundering, and never fully explained the cash flow. It is probably unknown when the victims will be able to recover their defrauded hard-earned money.

“FTV News” reminds you: “Everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law.”

Original source: Zeng Guowei “semi-confessed” in the im.B fraud case and angered the judge because of this incident

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