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Who is the PD Zheng Zhongyuan of Netflix’s “The Devil’s Gambit”? The best producer and must-see variety show introduction – ohsowow


Speaking of the dark horse Korean drama at the end of 2023, it is “The Devil’s Gambit”. This Korean drama is produced by PD Zheng Zhongyuan, who is known as the “most expensive PD”. The production cost of each episode of “The Devil’s Gambit” is about 100 million won to 2 50 million won, not to mention the previous productions of “The Genius”, “The Great Escape”, “High School Girls Mystery Class”, etc., each of which is a very generous production. Come and get to know this super genius today. PD who knows how to spend money!

Born in South Korea’s “SKY” three major higher education institutions

Zheng Zhongyuan was born in 1976. He is 47 years old this year. He graduated from Korea University, one of the three top universities in South Korea “SKY”, majoring in history. When he was young, Zheng Zhongyuan was confused about his future, and studying history also made him confused. He just chose according to his own thoughts.

Enter CJ ENM Entertainment

After graduating from college, Zheng Zhongyuan immediately entered the entertainment department of CJ ENM and officially started his career as a PD. In 2005, he produced his first work “The Return of Yuri’s Dangerous Cohabitation Girl” and later directed “Sex Education Website” , “21C Artist”, “Korea’s Got Talent”, “Society Game”, “The Great Escape”, “High School Girl Mystery Class” and the recent brain-burning puzzle variety show “The Devil’s Strategy”. On April 29, 2022, Zheng Zhongyuan left CJ ENM Entertainment, where he had been for 20 years, and joined TEO Universe, the production company of well-known PD Kim Taeho.

Known as the PD who spends the most money

Each of Zheng Zhongyuan’s variety shows is produced freely without any budget considerations. Especially when producing the variety show “The Great Escape”, each secret room was built with movie specifications. The budget at that time was 150 100 million Korean won (approximately NT$400 million). When hearing this figure, even the team members Jiang Haodong and Shindong exclaimed: “Has Zheng Zhongyuan finally gone crazy? He built a city for us!”. Zheng Zhongyuan and Na Yingxi used to be tvN’s most capable generals. One could make money and the other dared to spend money. Whenever he heard about Zheng PD’s production funds, Luo PD would inadvertently sigh: “Where did your money come from? ?” PD Zheng replied humorously: “Because PD Luo will make money back!”

It’s a PD that even Netflix can trust

Image source: yna

PD Jung once revealed the production budget of “The Devil’s Gambit” in an interview with Joongang. The initial budget given by Netflix ranged from 100 million won to 250 million won per episode. But Netflix told PD Zheng: “As long as there is a reasonable reason, you can spend as much as you want, even if it is just to “look cool”!” And PD Zheng said with satisfaction: “I like Netflix because you can spend money if you have a reasonable reason.” That’s why Netflix and PD Zheng jointly created such a perfect variety show “The Devil’s Gambit”, This led to a second season.

Involved in the “Room N” incident

In 2020, South Korea was in an uproar due to the “Room N Incident”. At that time, some netizens discovered that there was an account with the same name as Zheng Zhongyuan’s Twitter account in the member group, so everyone speculated that this person was Zheng Zhongyuan himself, but Zheng Zhongyuan discovered The statement stated that “Malicious content without a source is not true, and those who spread rumors will be pursued through legal means.”

PD Zheng Zhongyuan’s must-see variety show 1. “High School Girl Mystery Class”

Image source: Tving

“High School Girl Mystery Class” launched in 2021 is an adventure variety show. According to statistics, “High School Girl Mystery Class” has increased user usage for TVING by 120%. The program members include: Park Ji-yoon, Jang Do-ryun, Choi Ye-na, JaeJae, and BIBI. The main theme of the variety show is that five female high school students enter the high school’s reasoning club and must use reasoning to find out every mysterious incident that happened in the school. The program team is even more dedicated to this. Transform the abandoned school into a real school, giving the audience a full sense of atmosphere when watching the variety show.

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PD Zheng Zhongyuan’s must-see variety show 2. “The Devil’s Strategy”

The recently highly discussed Korean variety show “The Devil’s Gambit” invited 12 contestants from different fields to compete for the highest prize of 500 million won through a 7-day and 6-night puzzle game competition! Every puzzle game played by Zheng PD makes the contestants rack their brains, and this variety show not only tests the contestants’ intelligence, but also their adaptability to unfamiliar environments, interpersonal interactions, etc., it is indeed a The PD who is best at making brain-burning variety shows!

PD Zheng Zhongyuan’s must-see variety show 3. “The Great Escape”

When it comes to PD Jung Jung-yeon’s must-see variety shows, “The Great Escape”, which was produced with a cost of 15 billion won, has four seasons and stars Kang Ho-dong, Kim Jong-min, Kim Dong-hyun, Shindong, Ryu Byung-jae, and PO. “The Great Escape” is a large-scale escape room variety show. Each episode has a different escape theme. The members escape from the secret room step by step through reasoning, observation, and puzzle solving. Every scene inside is like watching a movie. Including: abandoned hospital, private casino, future university, wizard Tian Haiming’s villa, endless prison, mental hospital, etc., very exciting!

This can be said to be the most expensive variety show produced by Zheng Zhongyuan. The program team even sent a letter with the words “Zheng Zhongyuan who spends money, Na Lixi who makes money“The T-shirt was given to PD Zheng as a gift. PD Zheng must have found it funny and angry.

After reading the above, I can only say that having money means being willful! But it is precisely because he is not restricted by the budget that PD Zheng Zhongyuan can freely and boldly create variety shows, and it also allows the audience to have an extraordinary visual feast when watching these variety shows produced by PD Zheng. Let’s go together next Looking forward to the second season of “The Devil’s Gambit”!

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