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Olympic champion and ace e-sports team Gao Ran launched multiple honors at the 2023 Weibo Competition Night announced_TOM Sports


On November 14, the 2023 Weibo Competition Night ended successfully in Beijing. More than a hundred sports e-sports stars such as Sun Yingsha, Liu Shiwen, Wang Meng, Sun Yang, Yinuo, Jiuwei, YSKM, JackeyLove, Uzi, and partners such as Migu and China Sports have appeared one after another. More than 100 million people on the entire network have witnessed it through the live broadcast. The birth of 19 competitive honors.

The competition track is bright with stars, and many competition honors have been released

The eye-catching combination of “sports + e-sports” has its own youthful and high-volume traffic attributes.

In the intense competition, the audience paid attention to the heart-touching moments of every competitive event through Weibo, and were conquered by the charm of the players. In addition to their achievements at the top of the world, they were also impressed by their perseverance in not giving up on their dreams. These athletes have used sweat and hard work to make the trophy meaningful. The 2023 Weibo Competition Night awarded the table tennis Olympic champion Sun Yingsha the title of “Outstanding Athlete of the Year”. Liu Shiwen, Chairman of the ITTF Athletes Committee, and Wang Shiyue, the Asian figure skating champion Won the title of “Favorite Athlete of the Year”, Chinese track and field athlete Wu Yanni, Chinese swimmer and Olympic champion Sun Yang, and former men’s basketball national player, CBA and NBA double champion Sun Yue were awarded the title of “Competition Attention Figure of the Year”.

At this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, Chinese e-sports players participated in a total of 6 events and achieved 4 gold medals and 1 bronze. The five-star red flag flew high over the venue, which not only demonstrated China’s e-sports strength, but also further promoted The development of e-sports in the world. Weibo Competition Night specially awarded the “Annual E-Sports Industry Contribution” honor to the Hangzhou Asian Games champion team Honor of Kings Champion Team, Peace Elite Champion Team, and DOTA2 Champion Team in recognition of their competitive spirit of bringing glory to the country and inspiring the industry. ;Those outstanding e-sports players actively lead the audience to appreciate the charm of e-sports and help the industry flourish. To this end, Weibo invited David Yong, the former director of the Information Center of the State Sports General Administration, to present the “Annual Honor of Kings” award to the 19th Asian Games Honor of Kings project champion, AG Super Play Club Honor of Kings project player Yi Nuo, and Wolves E-Sports Club Honor of Kings project player Fly. “Competition Player” honor.

Olympic champion and ace e-sports team Gao Ran launched the 2023 Weibo Competition Night to announce multiple honors

With the in-depth cooperation between Weibo and many competitions, the Weibo platform not only actively disseminates competitive events, but also presents a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive display of various events in a multi-dimensional, diversified and multi-field manner, allowing the audience to appreciate the different competitive events. charm. This 2023 Weibo Competition Night awarded the title of “Influential Event of the Year” to the NBA, KPL Honor of Kings Professional League, WTT, League of Legends events, and ChinaOpen.

In addition, Ao Ziyi and Zhang Yanqi were awarded the “Competition Support Stars of the Year”, while Bai Jugang and Jike Junyi were awarded the “Charming Stars of the Year”.

Focus on the power of social communication and strive to enhance social impact

According to statistics, 90% of the current Chinese national team athletes blog on Weibo, 150,000 media organizations and 620,000 certified users actively participate in interactions, 165 million sports tag interest groups and 420 million pan-sports users participate in communication, relying on event hot spots + Social advantages, Weibo sports focus on the entire network. In addition, Weibo is also committed to building the first social discussion center for e-sports, with 100% participation in popular events, 300 million ACG general interest users, more than 100,000 active super calls, and a total Weibo fan base of e-sports teams, players, commentators and hosts. The volume reached 750 million.

Under the influence of Weibo’s hot spot effect and the “amplifier” of social media, many hot events and topics have pushed the attention of the sports and e-sports industries to new highs, completing the progressive communication effect from building momentum to breaking the circle. Weibo is taking advantage of the situation to amplify the multiplier effect, deeply integrate the sports e-sports industry with business models, and continuously enhance its social influence and commercial value.

On the Weibo platform, there are cross-border athletes and countless competitive Internet celebrities who play the role of KOL and spread the charm of competition. For example, 1966Zzr, Gemini Guo Jiayi, Han Yu, Shen Haoze, Tian Jun, Wang Xiang, Xu Zhuoyuan, Yang Kai, Zhang Jing, Zhou Lifeng, Zhou Wenshan, etc. who won the “Annual Competition Celebrity” are all those who have created miracles on the Weibo platform. “Dream Weaver”. These professional Vs who are active on Weibo use their social influence to convey the competitive spirit and ignite the dreams of more ordinary users.

Pay attention to industry-industry integration and amplifyIPmarketing value

As the country elevates sports power to a strategic level, Weibo has also made early in-depth deployment in the vertical fields of sports and e-sports ecology, becoming an important display and interactive window for competitive venues and national image. In 2023, the scale of China’s sports e-sports industry will grow rapidly and show a vigorous development trend. It has become a new field and new track for the development of the cultural industry. Based on its own attribute advantages, Weibo has created a real-time display of competitive dynamics and fan communication. A new social front, committed to bringing more exciting events, sports stars and competitive culture to the general public.

Weibo Competition Night explores the hidden value of the e-sports and sports industries, strengthens IP operations, and applies the rich IP operation experience of Weibo Night, Weibo Reds Festival, etc., relying on Weibo’s hundreds of millions of high-end Value user groups, massive content output and high platform cohesion advantages provide brands with rich marketing scenarios, create business value for customers, and stimulate brand growth potential.

At a new starting point for the integrated development of e-sports and sports, in the future Weibo Jing Ran Night will play the role of a linker in promoting industry integration, focusing on cultivating a more positive Jing Ran culture, a higher quality social content ecology, and creating a good industry Positive IP fully empowers industrial development.


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