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After Lanbai reached consensus, Cai Biru went to the market to canvass votes for Ko Wenzhe’s poll | 2024 Legislative Battle | Important News


blue and whiteAfter reaching a consensus yesterday,popular partyCandidate for Legislative Committee of Taichung City’s First DistrictCai BiruI went to Qingshui No. 1 Market today to sweep the streets and ask for votes. Many people held her hand and shouted “frozen garlic” and said they were happy that Blue and White were finally integrated. Cai Biru told her supporters that in addition to supporting her, everyone would also like to join her in the past few days. I check the phone at home, and when I receive a poll call, I remember to say, “The only one I support isKe Wenzhe”.

“I think Chairman Ke Wenzhe has shown a high degree of statesmanship!” Cai Biru said that there were many voices when the Blue and White teamed up. Some people thought that Ke Wenzhe gave in too much or gave up. She said that these are things that are not true. To integrate the future of the Republic of China, politicians with high standards should think about how to respond to the idea that 60% hope for the rotation of political parties.

Cai Biru emphasized, is it “Hou Kepei“Not necessarily. Everyone generally has more confidence in Ke Wenzhe. She said, “Ke Houpei! I have confidence in Ke Wenzhe. “

Cai Biru said that having different voices within a political party is a manifestation of multiculturalism. Even if many people feel that Ke Wenzhe has been wronged, most people look forward to the rotation of political parties, and different voices within the party still need to communicate more. “The high-speed rail is ready to launch. We will move towards victory together.”

Tsai Bi-ru said that before the president decided on the integration of Blue and White, Taichung was already in the process of Blue-White integration. She has always emphasized that Blue-White integration is a win for both the People’s Party and the Kuomintang. “The adults have set the rules of the game. It will be announced on Saturday who will be in charge and who is deputy. There is no need for some outsiders to think that Blue and White is very Machiavellian. This matter is very simple. Ke Wenzhe has shown the height of a politician for the sake of the country. The interests of the country are greater than the interests of the party. interests and personal interests. We must fight for Taiwan without hesitation and return the country to you.”

When asked whether Taichung City was blocked by the central budget of the DPP and deliberately refused to subsidize it, Cai Biru said that when legislators fight for budgets, they should fight for major budgets, instead of deliberately blocking major budgets, and go around claiming that they have won those budgets to deceive. voter. She cited the MRT Blue Line controversy as an example. It is a fact that the Executive Yuan has not approved it for more than ten years. She asked: “Who is sleeping?”

Cai Bi, the People’s Party’s legislative candidate for Taichung City’s first district, went to Qingshui First Market today to sweep the streets and pray for votes.Picture/Provided by Cai Biru’s team

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After Lanbai reached consensus, Cai Biru went to the market to canvass votes for Ke Wenzhe in the polls

After the Blue and White coalition reached a consensus yesterday, Cai Bi, the People’s Party’s candidate for Legislative Council of the First District of Taichung City, went to Qingshui First Market today to sweep the streets to pray for votes. Many people clasped her hands and shouted “frozen garlic,” saying they were right for Blue and White. ..

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