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Taiwan’s charity rice is sent to southeastern Turkey to help vulnerable victims obtain food | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

Taiwan’s charity rice is sent to southeastern Turkey to help vulnerable victims obtain food | Politics | Central News Agency CNA
Taiwan’s charity rice is sent to southeastern Turkey to help vulnerable victims obtain food | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency, Taipei, 16th) Huang Zhiyang, representative office in Turkey, visited Sahinbe City, Gaziantep Province on the 14th to participate in the donation ceremony of 40 tons of edible rice from Taiwan to Turkey, and cooperated with Mayor Tamazioglu to support the local area Vulnerable communities, especially families facing hardship due to the earthquake in Turkey.

Attendees of the donation ceremony included Rishana Haniffa, general representative of the Turkish branch of Care International, and others. More than 50 representatives of recipient households from disadvantaged groups in Turkey also attended to express their gratitude to the Taiwanese people for their love.

Huang Zhiyang emphasized in his speech that Taiwan has been committed to cooperating with the local government of Turkey in providing humanitarian assistance in recent years, and the rice assistance program has been in operation for many years. This aid program has helped many refugees and vulnerable people from Syria, Afghanistan and other places.

He added that Turkey was hit hard by a major earthquake in February this year, and victims in many areas in the southeast are still facing great living difficulties. Therefore, the Love from Taiwan edible rice donated this time is a substantial support and hopes to help vulnerable disaster areas. The people had enough to eat and gathered strength to face life’s challenges.

Huang Zhiyang also explained to the people attending the meeting the love and concern of the Taiwanese people for the earthquake disaster in Turkey. The Taiwan government sent a large search and rescue team of 130 people to provide disaster relief and donated a large amount of relief supplies. In addition, in order to express gratitude for Turkey’s rescue and friendship in the September 21 earthquake, Taiwanese people also actively initiated fund-raising, with donations amounting to US$41 million to help Turkey’s post-disaster reconstruction, demonstrating Taiwan’s friendship with the Turkish people.

In his speech, the mayor of Şahinbey, Mehmet İhsan Tahmazoğlu, said that the city has been a refuge for many Syrian refugees and has assisted in accepting refugees since 2011, with more than 300,000 refugees so far; and now The major earthquake that hit Turkey at the beginning of the year caused more victims to flow in, increasing the burden on the city. Taiwan’s aid is extremely immediate and important support for them.

Tamazioglu sincerely thanked the Taiwanese government and people for their enthusiastic help. The Turks were very touched by this goodwill, and he will personally remember this friendship from afar.

The donation ceremony was held at the local municipal government charity market activity center. When the victims took photos with Huang Zhiyang, they repeatedly expressed their gratitude for the loving donations from Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Agricultural and Food Administration provides rice to countries in need every year to show Taiwan’s love. Among them, the aid program to Turkey started in 2020 and has so far assisted more than tens of thousands of refugees and vulnerable people in southeastern Turkey. These people lost their homes due to war or natural disasters and other factors, and their lives were in trouble. Taiwan’s continued assistance allowed them to obtain a stable source of food and temporarily tide over the difficulties. (Editor: Zhou Yongjie) 1121116


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