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Check Point joins hands with Beijing University of Science and Technology to deepen the cultivation of local information security talents in Taiwan


Cyber ​​security company Check Point signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) with the National Taipei University of Technology (NTT) today (16th), hoping to jointly cultivate cross-industry information security talents through industry-university cooperation. At the same time, the two parties will also cooperate to introduce international-level resources. Check Point Secure Academy, Ann’s education training program, concretely demonstrates the determination of both parties to work together to cultivate local talents.

Check Point joins hands with Taipei University of Technology to educate talents. (Photo/Provided by Check Point)

According to a study by Check Point Research, the threat intelligence department of Check Point, in the first three quarters of this year, organizations in Taiwan suffered an average of 1,509 attacks per week, ranking highest in the world. It is clear that enterprises face severe security protection challenges; in addition to the introduction of relevant information security technologies, information security Professional talents are also needed by enterprises.

In order to cultivate cross-industry information security talents, Beijing University of Science and Technology encourages the integration of relevant knowledge and skills in industrial control, communications, finance and other courses on campus to comprehensively improve students’ cyber security literacy. Beijing University of Science and Technology first plans to introduce the materials related to “Industrial Control Information Security Technology”, “Industrial Control Database System and Information Security” and “Network Attack and Defense” in Check Point Secure Academy into the courses for senior students and graduate students in the Department of Information Engineering. Grade 1 students are provided with more in-depth applied science knowledge and practical exercises.

At the same time, as part of this cooperation, Check Point will use financial subsidies to encourage students participating in the above courses to obtain international information security certificates, laying the foundation for connecting industries and assisting students’ employment development. In addition, BUST also plans to introduce Check Point Secure Academy’s game-like experience teaching materials into extracurricular clubs in the future, such as simulating attack and defense in real hacker attack scenarios, to provide students from non-related majors with opportunities to gain exposure to security knowledge.

It is reported that Check Point SecureAcademy, the information security education training program, has cooperated with more than 170 higher education institutions and non-profit organizations from more than 60 countries around the world to provide professional teaching materials to more than 45,000 students free of charge, covering network security, cloud Security, automation security and other diverse fields to prepare for the future

Liu Jizhang, general manager of Check Point Software Taiwan, pointed out that according to Check Point research, the number of cyber attacks per week in Taiwan (1,509) in the first three quarters of this year was higher than the global average (1,200). Check Point believes that talent is also an important line of defense, so it actively cooperates with Taiwan Cooperation between higher education institutions fundamentally enhances talent training capabilities from thinking to implementation.

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