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Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award Peach Machine Company wins 5 awards | Life | Central News Agency CNA

Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award Peach Machine Company wins 5 awards | Life | Central News Agency CNA
Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award Peach Machine Company wins 5 awards | Life | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Wu Ruiqi, Taoyuan Airport, 16th) Taoyuan International Airport Corporation said today that it was awarded the Gold Award for Sustainability Reporting in the “2023 16th TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” hosted by the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation. The company has won 5 honors including recognition of its performance in promoting sustainable development and ESG.

The Airport Company issued a press release in the afternoon stating that the Airport Company has won awards for four consecutive years. This year, it was awarded the Gold Award for Sustainability Reporting, the Taiwan Sustainability Enterprise Award, the Innovation and Growth Leadership Award, the Workplace Welfare Leadership Award, and the Gender Equality Leadership Award, a total of 5 sustainability awards. .

The airport company stated that Peach Machinery has long been paying attention to sustainable development and ESG (environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance) issues. In response to climate change, post-epidemic recovery, global economic slowdown and other factors, airport operations face many challenges and create Sustainable airports require the cooperation of major airport service alliances. As an airport operator, we will integrate airline operators, public departments, airport commercial facilities, suppliers and station manufacturers to promote aviation sustainability to create a 2050 sustainable airport ecosystem. for the highest goal.

The airport company also follows the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and launches a series of ESG projects. From an environmental perspective, in line with the policies of Airports Council International (ACI) and the Financial Supervisory Board, it introduces climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD) to help control climate change. In order to plan in advance the risks and opportunities that may pose to corporate operations, the Airport Company has obtained a verification statement from the BSI British Standards Institute for the third time. In response to climate change laws and the rise of low-carbon travel, the Airport Company will continue to cooperate with major alliance partners to implement various A carbon reduction project.

The Airport Company said that from a social perspective, being awarded the “Workplace Wellbeing Leadership Award” and the “Gender Equality Leadership Award” this time shows that the Airport Company is a happy company with a safe, healthy and gender-equal working environment to ensure that all employees can work in a safe and healthy environment. We work under a culture of safety and security to serve passengers in the best possible way.

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In terms of governance, the airport company has grasped the global digitalization and intelligence trends, drafted a 10-year smart airport blueprint, provided the airport as a test site for various solutions, implemented smart product or service prototype verification plans, and integrated smart products into Or service application in various services, not only achieved fruitful results, but also won the “Innovation Growth Leadership Award” for the second time.

The airport company pointed out that the service alliance includes 240 private units, 38,000 working partners, and operates 24 hours a day, all year round. The airport company will continue to work with its alliance partners to plan short, medium and long-term sustainable development goals. Taking into account stable operations and providing quality services to passengers. (Editor: Zhang Mingkun) 1121116


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