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Angry! Several owners in a Shanghai community had their tires punctured! The culprit is this “four-cornered sharp weapon”! Hand welded! Already called! – Nong Hao Shanghai –


Dear driving friends, have you ever encountered a “nail assassin” in your community?

Some may be nails accidentally dropped by decoration workers when taking out the trash, while others may be done intentionally.(For example, because parking spaces are tight,Conflicts between owners, etc.)

Recently, the Zhenxin Xincun Police Station of Jiading Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau received a report from resident Ms. Sun:

In the morning, when she was preparing to drive to work in the community, she discovered that there was an inexplicable screw between the wheel and the ground.

Ms. Sun had the same experience as Mr. Liu, a resident of the community.Parking location for two peopleAll located in the same place.

By reviewing public videos, the police found the suspicious man, a community resident named Yang.

After Yang arrived at the case, he truthfully explained the reason: He often couldn’t find a suitable parking space when he returned home in the middle of the night.I “opened up” a new parking space myself.

But he never thought that after Yang returned home several times, he found that the parking space he had finally “found” was occupied by someone else.Unwilling to be reconciled, he left his homeThe stored screws are buried under the opponent’s wheels,I want to use this as a “reminder” to the other party.


At present, the illegal person Yang has been administratively detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law for the illegal act of picking quarrels and provoking trouble.

Fortunately, both car owners did a careful inspection before getting in the car and avoided puncturing the tires!

However, several owners of another community in Shanghai were not so lucky.

Recently, Ms. Li, a resident of Nedland Garden Phase II on Zhangyang North Road, Pudong, reported to the media:

At 12 noon on November 12 (last Sunday), when she was about to drive out, she found that the tire of her car was punctured, and the nail that penetrated the tire was not ordinary, especially like a “hidden weapon” in a martial arts movie.


 Nails that look almost the same

  stuck in almost the same place

At the 4S store, Ms. Li met another car owner who came to repair a tire.

Coincidentally, the two lived in the same community and the nails they were stuck in were exactly the same.


There must be something fishy about this matter, Yuanfang, what do you think?




On the day of the incident, Ms. Li sent the incident and pictures of the tire puncture to the community group. Unexpectedly, many “victims” of similar experiences jumped out.


Ms. Zhang, the owner, told reporters that someone in the group was saying that in the past few days, several owners’ cars had been hit by nails and their tires had been hit by nails on the four corners. After a while, the tires were flat, so they had to call the property management company.


The property manager of Nederland Garden Phase II said that from last Sunday afternoon to this Monday, the property received four reports of punctured tires. In one case, the owner went to Gaoqiao Police Station to call the police.


After checking the property, we found that the four-corner nails were hand-welded and had sharp corners with obvious polishing marks. They were not available online.


In addition, during the patrol, the property management team also discovered that nails were mainly placed in front of the row of buildings from Nos. 26 to 35.


Who put the nails in?

  What is the purpose?

Some residents speculated that it may be related to the developer’s plan to sell underground garage parking spaces.


But the property manager denied it.

He said that 880 households have actually entered the community to consult, and the number of people interested in buying parking spaces is between 600 and 700. Currently, there are 400 parking spaces in the basement of the community. Basically, two owners are competing for one parking space. If there is no parking space, it cannot be sold. out phenomenon.

So there is absolutely no reason to do this.


Some residents speculated that these owners were occupying the parking spaces of other owners, and some people were out for revenge.

In this regard, the property manager said that under normal circumstances, the property management will guide car owners to park on one side of the road so as not to affect the fire escape.


The police are currently involved in the investigation and hope to catch the real culprit as soon as possible!


 Is it a crime to puncture a tire intentionally?

  Throw nails, puncture tires

  It may involve “punishment”!

Lawyer Liu Minghao, senior partner of Beijing Haotian (Shanghai) Law Firm, said that throwing two nails and puncturing two tires may not seem like a big deal, but if it reaches a certain level, criminal liability may be required.

The lawyer also said: It cannot be proven that such infringement occurred due to poor property management in the community, and the property owner generally does not need to bear liability for compensation. If the public security is unable to investigate the infringer due to community monitoring failure, etc., the community property management company will be liable for compensation as appropriate.





These two things also remind car owners: before driving, it is best to check the ground conditions around the vehicle to see if there are any “hidden weapons” and foreign objects on the ground.

In addition, try to choose roads with good road conditions. If you encounter construction sites or roads with a lot of gravel, try to take a detour~

Please share this news with your driving friends so that more people can take it seriously~

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