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AFC Champions League/Front manager Gu Lin Ruiyang blocked the opponent’s attack and named Liu Jihong


Sports Center/Reported by Guo Jiarou

The Asian Professional Baseball Championship (AFC Champions League) will kick off at 11 noon today (16th). Australia will play South Korea in the first game, and Taiwan will face off against Japan at 6 p.m. On the 14th, the Taiwan team arrived in Japan and practiced at the Tokyo Dome yesterday (15th) afternoon to warm up in preparation for today’s event. After the training, Chen Jinfeng, who served as the head coach this time, revealed in an interview that he had been preparing for this AFC Champions League for a long time and the players were in good condition and spirit. He hoped that everyone would go all out. In addition, he also mentioned Ku Lin Rui Yang, the starting pitcher in the first game, and Liu Jihong, who had a brilliant performance in the Taiwan competition.

The AFC Champions League starts today (16th) at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. This time, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia sent strong players to participate in the event. Yesterday (15th), the Taiwan team was warming up and preparing for the game at the Tokyo Dome. After practice, Chen Jinfeng also revealed at the press conference, “Everyone has been preparing for the AFC Champions League for a long time, and the condition and spirit are good.” As for Taiwan, In the team’s first game, they will face the strong enemy Japan. Chen Jinfeng also said, “The Japanese team is quite strong, with complete pitchers and hitters. Let’s see how we win this game.” In addition, today’s starting pitcher is Gu Lin Rui Yang. Chen Jinfeng also said that he is very optimistic about him and has great expectations for him, “Among pitchers of his age in Taiwan, he is the best, so he was sent to play against the Japanese team. “Chen Jinfeng also hopes that he can block the Japanese team’s attacks as much as possible, so that the Chinese team has a chance to win, and the game process will be smoother. At the same time, he also hopes that the players can reduce mistakes, try their best, find ways to win, and grab the ball with all their strength. victory.

In an interview, Gu Lin Ruiyang said that he considered himself in good condition and hoped to win the victory with the team. When talking about the combat strategy for the first anti-Japanese game, Gu Lin Ruiyang revealed,He mainly attacks the batter’s strike zone, allowing the Japanese team’s batters to attack, and then leaves it to his teammates to defend and get outs. At the same time, he also hopes that he can reduce the number of walks.“Of course the game is not just about the pitcher, the team has to win the game together, and I will also show my best side and enjoy the game.”

As for the key players to arrange the attack, Chen Jinfeng mentioned Liu Jihong, who had a brilliant performance in the Taiwan competition, “Because he is playing his fourth bat and his first time playing in an international competition, I hope he will perform well in this competition.” Chen Jinfeng also mentioned that Liu Jihong is an all-round hitter, “His long hitting ability is also good. He is the best at this age. This is the first time for him to face Japanese pitchers. He may have a different pitch. I hope he has better performance”. In addition, Chen Jinfeng also hopes that other players can perform equally well, “Young players will enjoy the game and learn some experience. After all, it is their first time to play in an international competition. I hope they can relax and play as hard as they can. Young players Players can gain experience through this AFC Champions League.”

Original source: AFC Champions League/Taiwan-Japan war begins tonight!The striker hopes that Gu Lin Ruiyang will block the opponent’s attack and call out Liu Jihong.

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