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Popularize science in the community and listen to what science popularization volunteers have to say


On the morning of the 14th, Songming Community in Tongda Street, Harbin City was very lively. Residents came to the scene early to participate in the large-scale science popularization and public welfare event “Creating a Better Life Together-Science Popularization” co-sponsored by the Heilongjiang Science and Technology Association and Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group. Entering the Community” is held here.

“How to use the newly replaced four-piece gas set?” “What to do if the washing machine leaks?” “How to treat headaches in traditional Chinese medicine?” “What should the elderly pay attention to when taking medicine?”… The science popularization volunteers talked about it one by one. The residents listened very carefully to the topics closely related to people’s daily lives.

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, strengthen the construction of science popularization capabilities, create a social trend of loving and advocating science in the whole society, vigorously promote the spirit of scientists, and tell the stories of Longjiang scientists, the Provincial Science and Technology Association and Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group Jointly carry out science popularization activities in the community with the theme of improving the scientific literacy of the people and promoting self-reliance and self-reliance in science and technology.

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This event invited science popularization volunteers from Harbin Zhongqing Gas Company, State Grid Li Qingchang Communist Party Member Service Team, and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Shiyitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Center to discuss gas safety knowledge, fire emergency common sense, and electricity and gas safety that community residents are concerned about. , common sense on safe medication use for the elderly, traditional Chinese medicine classification and syndrome differentiation and treatment, etc., and carried out on-site explanations of scientific knowledge, interactive Q&A with residents and other activities.

Rich and colorful popular science content

“The gas alarm device’s cut-off valve is connected to a gas meter. If there is no gas but no payment due, we try to restart the gas meter. How to restart the gas meter? Please take a look.”

The gas safety knowledge explained by Li Tao, director of the Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Office of Harbin Zhongqing Gas Company, attracted the attention of many community residents. Recently, every household has replaced the four-piece gas set. How to use the four-piece gas set is what residents need to know most.

After listening to Li Tao’s explanation, residents expressed that they had a deeper understanding of the operating procedures and precautions for safe gas use, and enhanced their knowledge and skills for safe gas use.

Explanation of gas safety knowledge

“If there is a leakage in the washing machine at home, and the electricity is directed to the earth through the casing of the washing machine, the air switch will trip. Today we are going to talk about how we should deal with the leakage if it occurs.” Li Qingchang, Communist Party Member Service Team of the State Grid Deputy captain Yu Weiren said.


Electricity knowledge explanation

“Everyone should remember this acupoint. If a person faints or convulses and pinches this acupoint, he can wake up in a short time.” At the scene, Yang Guoxian, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor at the Shiyitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Center of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, introduced to the residents how to use traditional Chinese acupoint massage in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Demonstrate to residents.


Yang Guoxian, a Chinese medicine practitioner, is explaining

The residents listened attentively. From time to time, some people took out their mobile phones to record and record what the volunteers said. “The explanation was very clear, and it was very useful to us. This knowledge is very important for us elderly people, so we have written it down.” 60-year-old Uncle Li listened very carefully and used the video function of his mobile phone to record the contents explained by the science popularization volunteers. Come down.

Answer questions and resolve doubts

After the science popularization volunteers finished their explanations, residents lined up at the publicity booth to consult the science popularization volunteers.

The 76-year-old Uncle Wang most wanted to know how to pay the gas bill by mobile phone. He lined up early and asked the staff of Harbin Zhongqing Gas Company: “My girl told me that I can pay the gas bill by mobile phone now. I will get it today.” Now that I have a mobile phone, can you teach me how to pay the bill and how long it will take to resume gas use after payment?”


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“How should I take this antihypertensive medicine?” Many residents gathered around the promotional booth of Zhu Weidong, a pharmaceutical engineer of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group and a practicing Western pharmacist. Zhu Weidong is the youngest among today’s science popularization volunteers. Many elderly people whose children are no longer around are willing to communicate with young people. Zhu Weidong also patiently provided guidance and answered questions for the elderly.


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“Is your heart feeling uncomfortable? How long have these symptoms lasted?” Residents lined up in front of the consultation table of Yang Guoxian, a Chinese medicine practitioner at Harbin Pharmaceutical Group’s Shiyitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, and free clinic activities were carried out in an orderly manner. At the scene, Chinese medicine practitioner Yang Guoxian conducted pulse checks on residents one by one, conducted preliminary screening and diagnosis, put forward practical health guidance and treatment suggestions, and patiently answered residents’ questions.


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“I came to participate in the activity today. I learned a lot of knowledge. The Chinese medicine teacher also helped me take my pulse. I also know how to maintain health and take care of myself.” said 70-year-old Uncle Ma.

“I usually don’t want to go to the hospital, but today I can get free pulse check at home. It’s great.” 58-year-old Aunt Wang has been feeling flustered recently. A few days ago, community staff informed her that there would be a free expert clinic today, so she got up early in the morning Just came to the scene.

The volunteers and people made this worthwhile trip

The activity received enthusiastic participation from the residents and achieved the expected results. It used topics closely related to the residents to create a social trend of loving and advocating science. The science popularization volunteers also felt that their trip was worthwhile.

“The residents who came today are very concerned about the use of gas NB meters, also called smart meters. Today’s event allows us gas companies to have close contact with users, explain gas safety knowledge, and let residents also understand emergency response methods. This time The event is very meaningful, and I hope everyone will pay attention to safety and know how to deal with emergencies.” said Li Tao, director of the Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Office of Harbin Zhongqing Gas Company.

“Science popularization activities in the community are really meaningful. By explaining fire safety knowledge to community residents, we can improve the fire safety awareness and emergency self-rescue and escape capabilities of the whole people.” said Guan Guoqin, deputy security captain and fire volunteer of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group.


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“Today’s activity not only allows our residents to improve their scientific literacy, but also allows residents to learn a lot of daily knowledge at home. Thank you very much.” Liu Liwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Songming Community, Tongda Street, Nangang District, Harbin, told reporters that the activity After the event, the residents praised this activity one after another. Through today’s activities, they learned a lot about gas, fire protection, electricity safety, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., which was more helpful to their daily lives.

“My friends and I have gained a lot from participating in today’s event. We also hope that such events will be held more often in the future. We are very welcome!” residents of Songming Community expressed.

At the scene, volunteers distributed popular science leaflets to the residents, and also presented Sanjing Shuanghuanglian soap provided by the Harbin Pharmaceutical Charity Foundation to the residents.

Trainee reporter: Yang Huixuan; Photographer: Su Qiang; Video: Yang Ningshu

The article is in Chinese

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