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Looking at Lai Qingde of Blue and White: In politics, there are no negatives but positives | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

Looking at Lai Qingde of Blue and White: In politics, there are no negatives but positives | Politics | Central News Agency CNA
Looking at Lai Qingde of Blue and White: In politics, there are no negatives but positives | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Wu Ruiqi, Taoyuan, 16th) Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde said today that Blue and White just make do with each other and blatantly share power. Not only does it have no democratic spirit, but it also does not take the people into consideration. He said 2 It doesn’t matter who is the right person or the wrong person. In politics, there is no such thing as being right or wrong.

In the morning, Lai Qingde attended the launch and unveiling ceremony of the Ministry of Education’s plan to build a regional industrial talent and technology training base, the “High-speed Transmission Interface Electronic Assembly Design and Testing Talent and Technology Training Base” held at Longhua University of Science and Technology, and accepted a joint interview with the media before the meeting .

Lai Qingde said that just when domestic and foreign media are reporting extensively on China’s intervention in Taiwan’s election in an attempt to support a pro-China regime, yesterday we saw that Blue and White just got together and blatantly shared power. Not only does it lack the spirit of democracy, but it also He doesn’t care about the people either.

Lai Qingde emphasized that neither blue nor white is the mainstream of public opinion in Taiwan. The candidates proposed are not only unable to protect national security, but also unable to propose a complete blueprint for national politics.

Lai Qingde said, “Neither of them are qualified national leaders.” After two wrong people get together, no matter who is the leader or deputy, they can become a right team and there will be no responsibility in politics. The right thing is that his campaign headquarters has set up a one-on-one battle mode and is confident of winning the election. “We will definitely win this election. I will lead Taiwan to continue to grow and advance on the road of democracy and enter the international community.” , facing the future, we will never allow the pro-China regime to drag Taiwan back.”

The reporter asked what he thought of Taiwan People’s Party presidential candidate Ko Wen-je. It was revealed in an exclusive interview that the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) called Blue and White to ask if China was involved. Lai Qingde pointed out that the United States would not question Ke Wenzhe if there was no evidence. It is relatively rare that Ke Wenzhe said it publicly on TV, which violated international diplomatic practices. The diplomatic practice between two countries is that they cannot speak out without the consent of the other party. This also shows that Ke Wenzhe lacks diplomatic training and does not abide by diplomatic conventions.

The reporter also asked what he thought of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, which said that Lai Qingde’s appointment of Xiao Meiqin, the representative in the United States, was “independence plus independence.” Lai Ching-te pointed out that China’s public criticism of his election was a blatant interference in Taiwan’s election. “China’s loud criticism also proves that we did the right thing. Our group is the one best able to protect Taiwan’s national security and protect the interests of the Republic of China.” “If Xi Jinping really asks the US government not to continue arming Taiwan, it would be better to give up the use of force to attack Taiwan first.

Lai Ching-te said that the United States is abiding by the six guarantees on Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act and purely wants to help the Taiwanese people resist China’s aggression, safeguard Taiwan’s democracy, and protect the Taiwanese people. This is what should be done. He hopes that Xi Jinping can review himself before asking the United States to do so. Based on the well-being of the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, as well as the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific and the future development of the world, we should give up armed attacks on Taiwan and respect the free will of the Taiwanese people so that the Taiwanese people can decide the next president based on their free will.

The reporter asked what he thought of NATO’s statement that it would prevent China from changing the status quo in Taiwan. US President Biden also made it clear that China should not interfere in Taiwan’s elections. Lai Qingde said that this means that if we are not alone, we must have neighbors. Over the past decades, the people of Taiwan have worked together. Not only has the international community recognized the importance of Taiwan and recognized Taiwan’s performance, it has also put Taiwan on the shelves.

Lai Ching-te pointed out that under this situation, he hopes that all Chinese people will have confidence and “keep their hearts firmly in mind”. They should not let China’s civil and military attacks affect the path they should take. They should use their sacred votes and the power of democracy to protect Taiwan. , and promote Taiwan to continue to grow on the road to democracy.

The reporter asked how he viewed the noise within the party after the proposed non-district list. Lai Ching-te said that this election is related to the future of Taiwan and the happiness of future generations. The continuation of democratic constitutionalism also affects the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific. Therefore, he upholds the spirit of the democratic alliance in nominating regional and non-district legislators, cross-party and cross-party. Generations and cross-fields, we only ask about talents without considering parties and factions.

Lai Qingde said that there are many talents and it is inevitable that there will be some regrets. He also thanked the society for its support and recommended good candidates during the process. After the list was announced, it also won recognition from the society. “We really proposed good talents” and hoped to do our best for the country. . (Editor: Fang Peiqing) 1121116


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